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Importance of research

If you are going to run any campaign, research is crucial to its success. This implies that you need to know how to research your audience and your keywords, and you also have a clear idea of ​​what your niche is. Only then will you experience more success and efficiency in your niche business.

Let writing find a niche

Still, the advice for giving infants is not to worry too much about the niche. Instead, when you start writing your pages to create your website, simply empty your head and simply write. Your niche will no doubt show through the way a shiny diamond shines.

This is because as you continue to write, two things will come up. First is what you are really passionate about, and secondly it is up to you to decide if you can muster the courage to tackle this “passionate but seemingly daunting task” in the long run.

Difficulties you may face

Even a few things will test your courage. For example, you might be faced with how to find something good with the use of a keyword.

Say, if you’re searching for a long-tail keyword like “How to make money online from home,” and the Google Keyword Tool shows you that there are a number of good monthly searches and not many competing sites, then it’s good to use, isn’t it ?

Also, when you start writing your content, do you have to use the whole phrase “How to make money online from home” or can you simply use single words in a phrase? For example, if you were to use money on your own within another phrase, how do you know money is a keyword?

Possible answers

Certainly, if the Google tool shows a good number of searches for your term and less competitive websites, then you have a gold mine.

In fact, when you search for a single word keyword or a long tail keyword (a keyword phrase or one that contains more than one word), the Keyword Tool will return results for the exact word or words you entered. search for. As the phrase “how to make money online from home” is a keyword phrase, the Keyword Tool will look for all the exact matches for that particular phrase. If you decide to write an article on How to Make Money Online From Home, you must use all the words exactly as you typed them, that is, in the order of the words, so that search engines can rank your article. term.

What is more important? Website name or domain name?

Another thing you might worry about is what is more considered a keyword, your website title, or your domain name?

Both your website title and your domain name should be keyword-based. You want to be in both so you can easily find them, right?

The other side of the question is, would you like to write an article called “How to Make Money Online From Home” and if you could include individual keywords like “money” in addition to that phrase? It might be a related question, are you looking for individual keywords by entering them as unique keywords? You may also be concerned that research, and especially the use of individual keywords, may not always deliver the result you hope for. So how do you search?

It is true that the keyword “how to make money online from home” contains several keywords. There are “How to”, “Make Money”, “Money”, “Make Money Online”, “Make Money Online From Home” and even the long tail keyword “How To Make Money Online From Home”.

So SEO wise, you could literally be ranked six times for that one keyword phrase, because of the combination of all the keywords in that one phrase.

But for every keyword in that phrase to serve your SEO purposes, you have to search for it.

First, you could search for your long tail keyword and copy matches that will generate good traffic but have little competition at the same time. I go for short tail and singular phrases with keywords. You will end up with a certain number of conversion keywords for your article.

But a word of caution is needed here. Do not fill the article with keywords or clumsy ones. Google will judge you on this. Your keywords must fit perfectly with the overall flow of your article. Know that you end up writing for a human reader, not a search engine robot.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


by Akoli Penoukou




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