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If you need tax breaks, you can work with the IRS yourself (more on that below this review). But if you need professional help, you can work with a tax company like Jackson Hewitt’s Tax Debt Service.

You may know Jackson Hewitt’s name when it comes to tax training, but the company also has a tax credit that can help you with tax issues.

Our take

The essence

Jackson Hewitt has CPAs or EAs to deal with various tax issues for a competitive fee.

$ 1,800 on average per company.

Pros Cons

  • Some fees are lower than competitors.

  • A dedicated case manager who is also enrolled as an agent.

  • Not available in Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio and Washington.

  • In Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Wyoming, state tax assistance is lacking.

Compare with similar suppliers

Full review

Jackson Hewitt provides a wide range of tax services that can help people manage back problems.

The intelligence work runs at $ 299 and covers research into both your IP and government tax issues. The company says it will also create a financial profile and check your position with federal and state tax authorities.

The work on the permit costs much more and depends on the specific tax issue, but the company claims that its fee for setting up installment agreements, applying for an offer to compromise or applying at the moment, which is not a collector’s item, averages about $ 1,800. The actual fee depends on the amount you have to borrow (which can create extra work), how many tax returns you still need to file or correct and what tax clearance you are looking for.

As a competing firm, Jackson Hewitt will connect you with a case manager who is your main contact in the company. Unlike some competitors, this chapter is likely to be a credited agent. The second person, the decision manager, performs the bulk of the work that represents you to the IRS.

One important nuance of Jackson Hewitt’s tax service is that it’s not available in every state – sorry, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio and Washington. In some other states (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Wyoming) the service will only help with your federal tax pad, not government issues.

Jackson Hewitt’s tax debt service is best suited for:

  • People who want to work with a national brand.

  • People who want their case manager to have a professional designation as well as a decision manager.

Jackson Hewitt’s Tax Debt Resolution Service at a Glance

Offer in compromise applications

There are currently no collectible status apps

Refund of fees if the IRS rejects requests

Available but somewhat limited.

By phone, email, chat and mail.

Jackson Hewitt of the Taxation Service

Tariffs: If you just want to see what it is, Jackson Hewitt offers a free consultation. Continuing brings a $ 299 fee for identifying and diagnosing all of your IRS and government tax issues. If you decide to seek a settlement with Jackson Hewitt, there are many ways to go down, and the final bill depends on the size of your tax problem and the route you take. But the company says the average for this job is about $ 1,800.

Who works: Jackson Hewitt appoints a case manager who stays with you throughout the process. However, the whole thing is in a virtual experience; you meet in person with your supervisor. The permit dispatcher is the one who represents you before the IRS. Both attorneys and company permit managers are required to keep CPA or EA designations.

Refund: You can return $ 299 to the opening phase until you buy unreacted for 30 days or more, and you will be asked for a refund before signing up for any work on the permit. If he is not satisfied with the more expensive work in the field of resolution, the company declares that it is “working to achieve another satisfactory result for the client”, but stops saying that it will return the money.

What you need to know about companies for tax benefits

Before you decide to hire a company for tax breaks, here are a few things you need to know.


Working with a tax credit company usually involves two steps:

  1. Opening workswhich involves giving the company legal access to tax information and information to find out how much you owe and understand what the problem is. Companies with tax breaks usually charge a fee for this.

  2. The resolution workswhich includes tax breaks working with the IRS on your behalf to transfer you in installments, apply for an offer to compromise on a payment less than you should, apply for non-collector status, or find out something the other. Companies with tax breaks usually also charge a fee for this.

You didn’t have to hire anyone

If you want to hire a company with tax breaks because you don’t have the time and energy to deal with the tax issue, fine. But know that ends are not required. There are many things you can contact directly with the IRS to get back without paying a third party. Some of these things:

You still remain responsible

  1. Your tax slip becomes a tax deduction, your tax invoice The IRS will continue to look for answers (and money) even if a company with tax breaks loses your paperwork, doesn’t miss a deadline, or screws up something.

  2. A company with tax breaks may ask your IRP for a break on your behalf, but that means you want to get it. For example, the IRS denies more than half of all bids for an offer to compromise. You may have to pay a tax company that is tax other than your tax bill, even if the IRS rejects the request or gives you only a short break.

  3. Take a moment and get into math. Compare the amount, hoping to save on the amount you may need to pay the company tax benefits. For example, if you pay $ 2,000 in tax breaks to reduce your IRS bill by $ 2,000, you’ve saved money.

Is Jackson Hewitt right for you?

Jackson Hewitt’s tax service can handle many common needs for tax breaks and at a better price than competitors. However, it is not available in every state, and if the attorney you want to handle your case, you may need to look elsewhere.


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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