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Is Vantel Pearls a pyramid scheme? You may be looking for a business opportunity for Vantel Pearls, but you want to know all the details before you dive into it. I accept this to you only because jumping into something before research is a safe way to lose a shirt. (We consumed, did it.)

We’ll check out what this company is all about, how much it costs to get started, and you’ll also take a look at the positive reviews and complaints.

And finally discovering whether Vantel Pearls is a pyramid scheme or a legitimate business opportunity.

You better get right into it!

What is Vantel Pearls?

According to them Eye The site, the idea for Vantel Pearls, was born in 1985 when Joan Hartel Cabral, the company’s CEO, returned the oysters from Hawaii to give to her niece. Inside was a beautiful pearl.

Vantel Pearls has been accredited by the BBB since 2001 (We recently returned to the BBB a little later to discuss their rating and customer reviews and complaints.)

How Vantel Pearls works

You’re probably familiar with the way Vantel Pearls work, but in this case it’s new to you, they have a unique way of running a business.

You contact the distributor and order a set of jewelry from their website. Then you watch their Facebook “pearl party” live. The distributor has a bucket of oysters.

Anxious worry. They ate dead.

They showed you the oysters they have (numbered), and you chose it.

Oysters that need a click.

They came live to throw an oyster and she discovered a pearl. That pearl will be returned to Vantel Pearls and they will put it in the set you ordered and they will give it back to you.

Vantel Pearl products

So take a look at some of the Vantel Pearl products and their costs. Their main jewelry categories include:

  • Necklaces
  • bracelets
  • rings
  • earring
  • magic
  • chains

Vantel Pearls products

In addition to what you see in the picture, here are the costs of some of their other jewelry:

  • Necklaces range from $ 69 to $ 109
  • Bracelets range from $ 49 to $ 74
  • The rings range from $ 74 to $ 109
  • Earrings range from $ 39 to $ 84
  • The charm ranges from $ 55 to $ 65

Are Vantel Pearls real pearls?

According to Web page, “Vantel pearls are true pearl cultures of freshwater cultures.” and “Real pearls get their beautiful shades from nature and subtle enhancements that reveal their unique beauty.”

Are these beautiful pearls and jewelry expensive?

Well, there have been customer complaints and even class lawsuits over jewelry quality. But I started with that a little later.

For now, we’ve learned the details of how to be a Vantel Pearls advisor.

How much does it cost to join Vantel Pearls?

There appear to be two options for the starter kit:

Vantel Pearls Starter Sets

At the time of writing, the Starter Kit costs $ 49, but it looks like the image above, which is usually $ 99.

The Pro Kit is $ 149.

Here’s an idea of ​​what you would get in your Starter Kit:

Most MLMs have monthly or semi-monthly sales quotas, and Vantel Pearls is no different. You should have $ 500 TSV (total sales) over a two-month period.

However, with Vantel Pearls, it doesn’t look like your personal sales would go towards that amount, which is kind of refreshing because it means you won’t have to spend a bunch of money on products you don’t actually need. to qualify for sales and commissions.

With that in mind, you will need to secure this through retail sales.

It is possible that there are other optional costs due to the distribution of Vantel Pearls. Some party hosts have a variety of little things and games to make the parties more fun. Some may share prizes.

Vantel Pearls compensation plan

A Vantel Pearls fee is available here it is for your viewing pleasure. There are eight lines:

  1. New recruit
  2. Consultant
  3. Star Advisor
  4. Leader
  5. Star leader
  6. Director
  7. Executive Director
  8. Old CEO

I realized my understanding of the compensation plans. I think they are deliberately confusing. The one for Vantel Pearls looks too complicated, but it goes straight towards you Behind MLM which does a great job of breaking requests.

Vantel Pearls revenue disclosure

Vantel Pearls has no revenue disclosure that I could find. It suffered matter, because every revelation of income seemed to reveal the same thing.

It is almost impossible to make money on MLM.

My friend Mike conducted his own study, researching 167 MLM companies and found that 92.3% of members lose money. His research can be found here.

AND this study posted on the FTC website shows that over 99% of distributors lose money in MLM.

The odds are not in your favor.

Complaints and compliments Vantel Pearls

Rather start in BBBAs mentioned above, Vantel Pearls is accredited by the BBB and receives an A-rating from them. Rating means they return well to clients who have complaints and solve their problems.

Vantel Pearls BBB rating

Looking at the reviews, some of the positive reviewers said the following things:

  • This was the most beautiful pearl purchase ever made
  • I have pieces I’ve had for years, and I’ve always had no problems
  • I sent over 40 orders and never had a problem
  • Vantel Pearls Rocks!
  • Finally, a direct selling company that is both legal and fun

Now we looked at what Vantel Pearls is all about. They said things like:

  • A complete scam for customers and advisors
  • I spent close to $ 400 on jewelry, but I never got it and eventually got my money back
  • A complete waste of money, not worth the hundreds I spent
  • After three months, my jewelry was badly streaked
  • My credit card was charged, but my jewelry never arrived

I think this application sums it all up nicely:

Appeal Vantel Pearls

Now I just wanted to direct you to This is a great website where you can see what types of metal companies are getting into.

In 2017, TINA reviewed every company in the DSA database and found that 97% file unequivocal income claims. Vantel Pearls is no different. You can see a list of receivables Here it is.

Here’s a specific Facebook post they point to that you can reach here it is:

Unfounded income claims on Facebook

You’ve probably seen things like that before. Distributors say things like “I LOVE financial freedom.” You really said that if you can’t support it.

As already discussed, at least 92% of consultants LOSE money, so this claim will be very difficult to support.

I also wanted to talk about marketing tactics in this really quick post because I see this a lot with distributors.

“I am so close to achieving one of my goals of free vacation. I just need two people to join my team. ”

What marketing strategy is being prayed for? This is a terrible tactic, because people who join MLMs (or any other business) want to join to make it happen. you Succesfull. No one cares about your vacation goal, Susan!

And you can see that the post got 1 like, so it proves my point.

Lawsuits by Vantel Pearls

When I started researching Vantel Pearls, I typed into Google “Is Vantel Pearls real” and the first thing that came up was this:

Is Vantel Pearls real?

Uh oh.

Bad never good when a class action lawsuit comes up in a quest like this.

According to

“Dozens of consumers have complained to Vantel Pearls, including delayed shipments and poor jewelry quality. In light of these complaints, attorneys working with have begun an investigation into whether the company can file a lawsuit. “

What is interesting and sad is that they decided to close the investigation due to:

“Lawyers have reason to believe that Vantel is financially unstable and will not be able to compensate all class members in a successful lawsuit.”


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Is Vantel Pearls a pyramid scheme?

Now we answer the big question. Is Vantel Pearls a pyramid scheme? In fact, they are not a pyramid scheme. And to be honest, since they focus a lot on retail sales, they are smaller pyramid schemes (a word I just coined) than many other MLMs reviewed.

Does that mean you should join them?

Bad choice, but my recommendation is no. Discuss the discussion after I share with you some of the pros and cons.


  • Pretty cheap to join
  • Pearl parties are fun


  • It is extremely difficult to make money in MLM, including Vantel Pearls
  • There were a lot of complaints (and even lawsuits) about the quality of jewelry and pearls
  • Jewelry is extremely overpriced
  • You have to throw away dead oysters (not just ewww, but it looks wasteful and not environmentally friendly)
  • Their customer service seems to be a top notch thing
  • There were many customer complaints that they paid for the order and received it
  • Vantel Pearls is financially unstable, according to a lawsuit against the class filed against them

MLMs are never a good idea if you really want to make money. If you just want to do something in your spare time, and you want to organize pearl parties for fun, keep going. But hoping for a big income. Or any income.

Here’s a great video of The Recovering Hunbot related to Vantel Pearls if you need even more convincing.

I think Vantel Pearls is especially intimidating due to the fact that he seems to have money. At least according to that class lawsuit.

They also look really disorganized when it comes to customer service issues. Always never a great way to make your customers happy.

An alternative to Vantel Pearls

Vantel Pearls jewelry is extremely overpriced, especially considering that they have received a lot of complaints due to the poor quality of the sets.

But the good news began. There are alternatives.

Of course, you can always find better jewelry in any reputable store. I’m really really guiding you in this because you’re not an expert. I just wear my engagement belt, wedding ring and a few things here and there that my husband gave me.

Gathered, so not imaginative!

If you like the idea of ​​opening dead oysters to discover a pearl inside, there are options for that as well.

Amazon has it all. Dead oysters with pearls inside are no exception.

Vantel Pearls alternative

You can also jump on Etsy, And they have them.

If you want an alternative way of earning, then there are opportunities for that.

My favorite way to do this is through blogging and affiliate marketing.

You just started on my blog. And if you click on that picture of oysters with pearls from the Amazon, he posted a link.

Said said you ordered a set of those oysters or anything from the Amazon. I would earn a commission.

Briefly associated affiliate marketing.

Of course, you need to promote oysters. Affiliate marketing is great because you can promote anything you want.

Actually, let me show you the difference between affiliate marketing and MLMYou can see for yourself why I choose affiliate marketing. (And I have experience on both sides.)

It does not compare.


Is Vantel Pearls a pyramid scheme? I hope I helped you answer that question. They didn’t have a pyramid scheme, but I would still advise you to stay away from this one because:

  1. It is extremely difficult to make money in any MLM
  2. Vantel Pearls jewelry has a bad reputation due to its low quality
  3. In the end, they had a lot of money and could close at any time

Instead, if you want to learn how to make an income, be a real “boss babe,” actually working on your own business in your time, then I encourage you to engage in affiliate marketing. Not bad for recruiting, no lines, interference, contacting friends, family or strangers.

Let me show you my favorite workout that teaches me how to do everything step by step.

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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