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3D photography and e-commerce go together like strawberries and cream, Jack and Jill or freedom and whiskey as Burns once said.

Some may dispute this claim and may be right. The addition of moving or interactive photos, whether 3d or 360 photos for online products, is already here, but it’s not very widespread. The question is, will the two grow together and become synonymous or will they win thinking with more product ideas?

As technology advances, public appetite for more sophisticated and interactive website content is growing. 37 million people are currently shopping online in the UK, increasing by 16% annually, despite the recession (IMRG). Clearly, they want great content and better accessibility. Essentially an online mirror image of what shoppers expect to find on the street and when online retail is growing 6x faster than high street sales (Digital Technology Consultancy, April 2011), its vital online marketers understand it correctly.

In these recessionary times where power-consuming people become a hit, the online purchase of a pair of shoes or new leather bags will more often be a carefully considered decision. Almost 10% of all retail shopping is currently done online (Digital Strategy Consultancy, August 2011) and websites that provide clear and accurate information, attractive design and great images at the right price will inevitably attract discerning online shoppers. Research shows that those websites that offer these features will continue to thrive by attracting new customers and retaining those they already have.

The Arcadia fashion group (Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge and Top Shop) recently announced a 38 percent drop in profits. Sir Philip Green, the owner of the group, announced the possible closure of outlets with more attention online. Reason; 27% annual increase in internet sales.

3D photography can only enrich the recipe and make a significant contribution to improved levels of satisfaction and improved user experience. Let’s look at some areas of online shopping that could benefit from adding a 3D photo.


Being able to look at shoes from any angle, look at the top, sole, design and sewing should enhance the customer experience and increase the chance of online sales. This will be true for fashion shoes, designer boots and walkers and will be attractive to both men and women.


If you can’t have that drill or coffee machine in your hands, what better way to make an informed decision online than to play with it and navigate it on your home computer, laptop, smartphone or iPhone via 3D photography. You can choose the features, feel the quality and generally have fun shopping. Sales of electrical goods online are up 13% year over year (IMRG).

CLOTHES (Fashion & Sports)

3D photography could be the key to increasing your online shopping for clothing, especially for women who are very clear that they will buy more clothing online if the experience is more interactive and accessible. Clothing sales are up 32% year over year (IMRG).


Would looking at various food and beverage items in 3D photography make things easier when you make this type of home purchase? Is it capricious or is it more than that. Maybe a change that will come naturally and inevitably to all of us who use the internet for our consumer needs. Alcohol sales are up 23% year over year (IMRG).

Other areas for consideration; toys and appliances, artifacts, antiques, sports equipment, do-it-yourself, parts and machinery / engineering, the list goes on and on. In fact, the natural conclusion is that this is directly applicable.

With excellent 3D photography and the 360 ​​services available, we should all enjoy enhanced website photography in the very near future.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


by Simon John




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