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Rather, get it out of the way right away. Is the passport passport system valid? Of course, if you want to get into debt and lose thousands of dollars. But I think you really want to do that.

This is one of those programs where very few people will earn any type of income. Basically, using one of those endless loop systems where all you do is send people to the system to try to sell the system.

There are different revenue streams (five, to be more precise), but the main idea is to send people back to the system, get them to sign up for as many as five programs (that is, when you make money), and then get them to send people back to the system

If you’ve separated revenue streams from streams, a few of them would be decent because they provide pay-per-performance and affiliate sales. However, there is one pyramid scheme of giving money. The other is Bitcoin MLM which, in my opinion, also looks like a pyramid scheme.

The total amount that should be at the highest level of all revenue sources is a striking amount. The sympathizers will tell you about it later. And that includes even buying traffic, which you’ll also have to do.


Is the passport passport system valid? Honestly, you can get a nice car instead.

You went to see.

Rather dig into this.

What is a passport benefit system?

Maybe you saw a site like that when you were familiar with the profit passport system? This is a webinar where they try to tell you all the benefits of joining this system.

I want to go through this with you a little bit, because I want you to understand why it’s bad to join in and why you’re likely to lose a lot of money in the process.

Check out this a little more here.

Simple, turnkey

Right on the webinar, David Dekel (creator of this flow system) says you can get cash payments of $ 2,000 directly into your mailbox and up to $ 16,500 in additional commissions.

And he does the work for you.

Well, does that sound realistic?

He always clings to those things all the time …

According to David, here’s how it works:

How the profit passport system works

You have a source of traffic (you buy this traffic) and send them to your homepage. The home page is this page:

Is the passport passport system valid?

Once you fill out your name and email address, they find a statement page and then you should come to the webinar page. The one arguing right now.

In other words…

You have started promoting the same system you currently want to join.

Poor one of those endless things.

Do you see all those little envelopes in the screenshot above? David says his system is working on you.

And I tell you, they will definitely follow!

I already have tons of emails …

I currently have 62 emails from my mail in mail from David Dekel since I signed up a week ago.

Sixty creepy two.

Passport system - e-mails

When David says his system will do the following:

And you will be followed.

A lots of.

Electricity revenues

Instead of signing up for a profit passport system (but really, please stick to it), you could sign up for up to five income stream options.

They are:

  1. Easy1Up – Earn up to $ 2000 in one hundred percent cash commissions
  2. X Advanced Feature – Earn $ 1 for each qualified potential you send and earn commissions for packages people buy through your affiliate link (appears to be linked to X ROI funnel X, it is another funnel system by David Dekel.)
  3. ROI Panel Advanced – Join sales in this click tracking system (similar to ClickMagick)
  4. Traffic Commissions – Make commissions on traffic packages from agriculture
  5. OPM Wealth – Bitcoin Commissions (you need to schedule a call to continue and explain why below)

They speak ill of the cost of each program.

How much does accessing the passport system cost?

Five different incomes were mentioned. Each has its own costs. Are you ready for that attractive amount that should be at the top of all your systems?


You bastard!

Rather, look at the different programs and their prices.


There are several different levels you can purchase for Easy1Up. They are:

  1. Altitude = 25 USD
  2. Elevation elevation = 100 USD
  3. Vertex = 250 USD
  4. Vertex Elite = $ 500
  5. Vertex Pro = 1000 USD
  6. Vertex Live = 2000 USD

Each of these levels also has an additional administration fee. You can only earn on a level to buy something. For example, if you buy something at the $ 25 level and someone buys it from you, and they get the $ 2,000 level, they only earn $ 25. The rest will go to everyone who is the first qualified person in your line.

This is a great way to buy at a higher level. FORM. (Fear of disappearance.) You wanted to deposit that big money.

(But you really know. Because you have a very, very likely chance of losing money in this scheme.)

Fragment X in advance

There are three different levels of membership in Funnel X Advance:

  1. Builder level = $ 200
  2. Super Affiliate Level = 597 USD
  3. Leader level = 1997 USD

As mentioned above, you can earn $ 1 per lead for stream X in advance through the profit passport system or you can earn commissions on selling the same products.

ROI board

There are three different levels you can buy:

  1. Beginner = 197 USD
  2. Advanced = 597 USD
  3. Main = 1497 USD

This is David’s version of ClickMagic.


With language, you earn commissions on affiliate services on traffic packages that people buy through your affiliate connection. As far as I can tell, the cost is to be an affiliate of the affiliate, however, if you buy packages, you will get a reseller license, which will allow you to earn 50% of the sales on any package you sell.

Related costs are somewhere between 397 – 3494 USD + monthly fees.

And you’ll also have your own ad fees for your own marketing campaigns, which can range from $ 100 to $ 1,000 per campaign.

OPM wealth

OPM = Other people’s money. This is a high ticket system that only pays in cryptocurrencies. They teach you how to get rich using someone else’s money.

Or so they claim. (Here is a great unfolding of what is being done BehindMLM.)

According to the video about the webinar, if you sign up for this one, you can only watch 3 videos and then you have to call the company.


Why am I so worried about that?

Well, like Easy1Up, OPM Wealth has different levels you can get into. The level at which you come is the level at which you earn.

So during this call I can almost guarantee that you will try to put pressure on you to grab the highest level you can.

Still worried.

They have funding available.

(Please. I’m sarcastic. Don’t fund it !!)

Here’s why you need funding. The highest level is $ 27,500!


I believe they convince people to do it, but they are. Through sales under high pressure, which are sometimes called “coaching call”.

They hired you coaches right out of hard-earned money.

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Is the passport system for profit fraud or a pyramid scheme?

The profit passport system is a flow, and in itself is not a scam or a pyramid scheme. However, there are scams and pyramid schemes within different incomes. Easy1Up and OPM Wealth are two that stand out for me.

They are pyramid pay schemes to play.

Pyramid schemes are designed so that people at the top make money from people at the bottom. If you join, guess where to be? I have a whole series MLMs because, in my mind, they are too preeeettty many pyramidal schemes.


  • Stream marketing systems are a legitimate way to promote a program or product
  • Some sources of income in the profit passport system are legal
  • Just look like you join all sources of income (although you may feel pressured not to miss out on income)


  • Several revenue streams in the profit passport system are pyramid payment schemes
  • Some revenue streams are extremely expensive
  • OPM Wealth will specifically use high pressure sales to buy something more than you can afford (they also have funding – keep doing it !!)
  • You will have to buy potential customers, and they will cost you $ 100 to $ 1,000 per campaign and always guarantee that someone will buy them.
  • In general, this system is likely to leave you bleeding money, instead of making money like testimonials

Of course, it is up to you to do what you want with your money. But I personally touch that with a 10-foot stick. There is too much risk.

You have to set aside tons of money with no guarantee that you will ever get anything back.

An alternative to the passport system

This is the part where my critics can try to embarrass me.

They said they were doing this program to promote mine.

They were completely wrong.

The thing is, if I attend a program, it works because I honestly thought it was a good idea to join. Proudly be happy to promote any good program that will actually help you.

In case you eat you know, I hate scams and I hate losing money. And I want you to lose money.

I promote mostly one particular program (despite another) you can see both suggestions here) because it creates a great platform that helps people learn how to make money online.

And it goes through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing promotes other people’s products with a commission. The revenue streams in the passport profit system technically use affiliate links and offers. However, from what I can say, they teach you about affiliate marketing or the right way to do it.

As mentioned, they are just trying to get you to promote the same system and you are doing so by buying potential customers. But there are much better ways to achieve things.

I have enough space to explain everything about affiliate marketing, but here is my free beginner’s guide to give you more information.


Did I help you answer the question of whether the passport system is worth the profit? I hope so! I spent almost 2000 words trying to convince you not to buy this thing. These types of programs almost never end well for most people with VAST. Especially when you have to spend even more money on quality deals!

There are better ways to achieve things, and I say that from experience. We reviewed the review programs, tried the programs, and kept them cheated by the program. Speaking of speaking, you will be better off if you learn to do things the right way and put a little effort into it.

Turnkey systems, ready for you, the systems work really well for most people. This is a site that I highly recommend to learn affiliate marketing step by step. And you can join for free to check it out (no credit card required).

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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