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Have you come across this new opportunity and are now wondering … is a passive profit page legal? Excited happy to be researching this and not just going for your wallet.

I only know $ 9 for it, but let me spend that money first to see if it’s worth it.

I bought the product and you and I will see how it is together.

(Pssst. Since I’ve seen it before, I can tell you a shocking discovery there!)

The bad guys also give you a whole spatula on their sales video and keep showing you red flags to watch out for.

Is the passive profit page legal? I think in this article he could answer that question for you, no problem!

You better get into it!

What are passive profit sites?

The sales video begins by telling us how some people from different countries made money using a passive profit system. And because of this one secret method:

The passive profit system uses a secret method

The video below says it’s easy to make up to $ 25,000 a month when you know how.

And you hardly have to do any work. You only need an hour a day.

The next part of the sales video shows us some statements. For example, this guy says that he easily earns as much as the bankers and guys from Wall Street and that he earned over $ 200,000 in 8 months.

This testimony for passive profit sites is not legal.

I know, however, that is not true, and show you why a little later.

Let’s move on…

The video states that you can use passive profit pages on your phone, tablet, computer, or laptop, and you need special skills. Anyone can make money with this secret method.

In fact, they will make your passive profit pages for you.

Our product creator, Bill, says he learned this system and made over $ 5,000 in the first week. He actually made over $ 100,000 in just four months.

Is the passive profit page legal?

You know that saying, don’t you?

If it sounds too good to be true …

It just didn’t happen. But okay. Rather stay open. We discovered for ourselves what this system is all about at a later stage.

How do passive profit sites work?

So I wanted to look at the passive profit pages for myself, so I bought a course and filmed myself while researching the inner workings of this product.

Here’s a video if you want to see it:

Some points I mention in the video are:

  • As soon as you buy the product, you will run into sales. The sales may be good, but they don’t spend $ 100,000 to find out.
  • There are several videos from the training. I looked very deep into them because I wanted to show too much content, not my own.
  • The basic premise of this product is to get a ready-made website template and then add your Clickbank ID and poof! You can make a lot of money. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. And explained why a little later in this article.
  • I wanted to show test sites, but all links were broken! SHOCK !! Bad is NOT a good sign!
  • They had a subsidiary offer for a John Crestani product within the member area. I see that all the time. I love affiliate offers (eat what I do!), But it’s not a good practice to send someone to another program when they just bought YOUR program. GH.

The main purpose of these types of products is:

  • To get your email address so we can send you even more cunning quick enrichment schemes
  • Try to attract more money through outlets
  • To buy their partner offer (in this case John Crestani)

Be careful because some terms and conditions of these types of products allow them to sell your information to other merchants!


The website was made for me. See what it looks like. Too bad pretty funny!

Is alloying passive profit or fraud?

I said I accurately call passive profit sites a scam. It is a shame that they say that a ton of money is earned with that, which is even close to reality.

Is passive profit legal? You ate another question, ate? The concept itself is legal. Affiliate marketing is legal. I just think this product will help you get where you want to be, and most likely because of the ready-made websites they give you.

(It was discussed talking to you in a minute.)

You can definitely make a lot of money in affiliate marketing, but that’s not the way to do it.

I’ve been around the affiliate marketing block for a while now. You ate a shortcut your way to success. Trust me. I wish we could!


  • Relatively cheap
  • You can get your money if it works for you
  • It’s easy to build a page
  • Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money online


  • Unknown product owner. “Bob” is just a fictional character
  • The income requirements are amazing
  • The testimonies were real (see more below)
  • Bad training, but not enough to really teach you affiliate marketing skills
  • He didn’t focus much on traffic (show you the part of the document they provide about it)
  • The product is obsolete and has dead links
  • Websites that are made for you (especially these) are not that useful

Almost-for you website

We’re talking about ready-made websites in a minute. According to the sales video, when you sign up for passive profit pages, you’ll get five different ready-made websites.

You get 5 ready-made websites.

But actually, when I entered the members page, none of it was available.

The only thing available is a keto website. At least select the subdomain I have to choose from.

It’s not even a keto site in previews (although the reviews still worked), so it should be interesting to see what I get. If I get anything because it looks like this product is kind of dead.


The reason I think such websites are made for you is several main reasons:

  1. They look hateful and unreliable. Who will buy from these ??
  2. Google will suppress these websites and you will be able to get free traffic from them.
  3. Learn the skills to truly be a successful affiliate marketer.

These types of products focus enough on how they should generate traffic. You need people to come to this website to make a purchase.

As mentioned, there is a document in the member area that talks about traffic. Gone is the amazing two-page document. And they basically tell you to use social media to send traffic to your site.

But they tell you this secret:

No one on social media will care about your website looking fraudulent!

Also obsolete:

Is the passive profit page legal? Not to those dead ties.

I understand the desire to get something up and running quickly. But unfortunately, it just worked.

Only if!

Red Flag passive profit page

Also look at the red flags with passive profit pages. I love going for things like that, so you know what to look out for when reviewing other products and features.

Red flag no. 1 – secret formula

This is simple. I didn’t find the secret formula. Ever. There are other steps and paths that other successful people have taken that you can follow, but not secrets.

You can probably find everything you need on the internet. It might be more embarrassing than just attending some course or some training, but surviving there.

There are no secrets.

Red flag no. 2 – every day is minimal

This is silly.

You’re just expecting something. This is a bad way of thinking and should go. Not to say you have to rush, whine until you practically die, but you have to put some work into the things you want to succeed.

Besides, did he feel good when you put some work into it? Doesn’t that seem like an achievement?

Red flag no. 3 – false testimony

How do I know the testimonies are false? Well, we saw that some of these actors from other products were reviewed. Seen a guy seen multiple times. From the freelancer website

False statement

There is no hatred towards him. I’m just doing work. Still, bad persistent for traders. They claim that their product is better than it is.

And if it really succeeds, one could easily find an abundance of real testimonies that could be said to be good.

Red flag no. 4 – unknown product owner

In the sales video, the person speaking says his name is Bill. But who is Bill? Instead of actually no one. Many of these products that get rich quick use a pen.

In a way, I understand the use of the name pen. Not everyone wants their name to spread all over the internet.


I thought of one case where I bought a product I loved and I knew who created it. When I see a product like passive profit pages, and I don’t know who created it, I think about it because they know their product isn’t good and won’t work, so they don’t want to enter their name Out There.

An alternative to passive profit sites


I like the idea of ​​making money online.

Not really. Forget the idea.

I love making money online!

And I love doing it through affiliate marketing. Chased by my desired income choice.

The thing is, I’m not going to do that with these cheap quick-fortified products. Can you get that out of your head? If you can, then you can succeed. Because all of these products take up your time and money. They actually actually help you.

What helped me was to finally say, “OK Christina. You need to stop chasing easily and learn how to do it the right way. “

Poor where my favorite training platform comes from. I have been a member for quite some time, and they have taught me how to FINALLY earn a steady income online. And they can teach you.

Poor all step by step with a combination of video and text. And there are weekly live workouts. And we have a huge community that can help you anytime, day or night. Here is my final review so you can see what is happening for yourself.


Is the passive profit page legal? I hope I have already answered that question for you. It is obviously up to you to do whatever you want with your money. I’m not stopping you.

But I honestly think it’s best by far with this product. And even just $ 9, I think it pays off. (In fact, I even know if the website I’m looking for will be set up because everything is so outdated!)

There are other ways to do this.

Law the way is the best time.

This is the training platform I most believe I teach people how to make an affiliate website that pays you over and over again. And the best part is that you can check it out with a free membership (no credit card required).

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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