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Did you get an email where someone is trying to sell you on an eCom Cash Bot? Yes, me too! We were in most of the unsolicited marketing emails they were receiving. But is it too worthless? Or is the eCom Cash Bot legal?

Well, following first to guide you through the sales page.

They make some bold claims!

Then you can watch the video I made. I filmed buying the product and then taking it to see what you got for your money.

You want to miss it!

All of this should help you decide if eCom Cash Bot is legal or just another lightweight, fast-enriching program.

You better get into it!

What is an eCom Cash Bot?

We took a look at the eCom Cash Bot video about the sale and hopefully it will give us an insight into whether this is a legal system or not.

Here’s a thing I already know.

Observe these types of programs and their sales pages for a long time.

Before I even start the video, I see red flags all over the damn place.


We reviewed that a little later.

For now, let’s see what the video tells us about this amazing system.

Make a lot of money easily?

The video immediately begins by implying that this system will allow you to earn $ 10,000 a week or $ 40,000 a month. And that goes easily. And that you can do it all from home.

With their little-known software, you can earn up to $ 500,000.

And it only takes a few minutes to set.

Earn $ 1,500 a day?

Can you really make up to $ 500,000 a year with just 20 minutes of work a day?

We explored this possibility a little later.

eCom Cash Bot Bot testimonials

There are several testimonials in the sales video that let us know how great eCom Cash Bot is.

Testimony # 1 – Our first testimony says that he rejects the children to school, comes back and drinks a big cup of coffee, and only spends 20 minutes working.

She comes back a little later to check her earnings. eCom Cash Bot “changes life”.

Testimony # 2 – Our second statement says he initially admitted to being skeptical, but after the first week of using the eCom Cash Bot system, he earned $ 11,238.89.

He calls it a “miracle method” and your ability to make “quick money.”

Testimony # 3 – Our third test was met by Trish (creator of the product) on the fly. Trish told him about the eCom Cash Bot and now, after using the system, he has a 4-bedroom house and a six-digit bank balance.

Sounds good.

But it was a problem for them. We came back to that a little later.

eCom Cash Bot saves the day

The video also goes on to say that making money online is almost impossible without consuming some kind of genius.

eCom is the genius of Cash Bot

Of course, the eCom Cash Bot will come in and save the day.

(But not really. And you either have to graduate in marketing or you’re some kind of genius to make money online.)

Trish says she’s been trying to find ways to make money for a long time, and finally, the eCom Cash Bot is the thing that worked for her. He now has more than $ 1 million in his bank and Audi A5.

But who is this Trish anyway?

Hmmm …

The video leaves us with no real idea of ​​what this program is about and how it works.

Let’s see if we can figure it out.

How does the eCom Cash Bot work?

Well, I decided to buy the product and record what happens when I get into it. It’s bad to show you exactly what you see if you spend $ 9 on it.

I was one part where I was shocked!

Did you see what you get for your $ 9?

That. Me neither. 🙂

Is eCom Cash Bot a scam or a legit?

I think eCom Cash Bot is a scam or not, it depends on your definition of scam. I think he likes something more Profit Autonomy or Clock Bucks are legal frauds. In these cases, companies either take your money and manage it or collect your data and sell it to shady merchants.

Bad pretty hateful.

In the case of the eCom Cash Bot, you find something for your money, but it’s low quality, not enough to actually be able to make any money, and the sales rate will even get closer to reality once you enter the system.

Bad also pretty scary. But it’s not exactly a scam like the others I mentioned.

Let me walk you through some of the pros and cons and then tell you all about those red, red flags that are all over the sales page. (And now singing singing red, red flags in unison Red red wine, Anyone else?)


  • Persec cheap
  • You can get your money back
  • E-commerce is legal


  • You will earn $ 10,000 in 7 days
  • You will earn $ 500,000 a year
  • You can even earn $ 1 because the data is complete
  • Videos are too hard to watch
  • This is old and there are defective links in the product
  • They tell you how to get traffic to your sites
  • The sales page is full of nonsense and red flags
  • They can sell your data (see screenshot in the next section)

It goes over the things to look for on sales pages and in sales videos.

Those Red Flags

Okay, discussing these red flags so you know what to look out for when reviewing these types of products. As soon as I see a page like the one on the eCom Cash Bot, I can immediately tell what’s going on and I can pretty much figure out if the product will be good or not.

Because everyone has at least some of that in common.

Red flag no. 1 – Make tons of money quickly and easily

When you see “making $ 10,000 a week,” you probably feel a little suspicious of how it gets involved. It is certainly possible to do this online. But it happened fast, and it happened in just 20 minutes a day, as the video tries to tell us.

I bet you know that. But he was in his shoes. I used to watch these videos the day before I figured out my shit. And I used to think, “That’s probably not true. But what if …?”

I know the “what if” argument well.

Just follow your guts. Trust me on that. 🙂

Red flag no. 2 – You testimony

If you hear someone make a statement, and it sounds like an actor, because they probably are. These merchants hire actors to read these scripts.

The guy from the second witness said he just signed up a week ago and earned over $ 11,000 ?! Come. Crazy crazy. lol

They should at least make it a bit convincing.

And did you see what they taught you from the video I posted? No way.

Plus, you can find these guys pretty easily on the freelancer’s website.

Testimony from Fiverra.

They usually come from a place if you ever want to explore it yourself.

Gathered without hating the actors. You have to do what you have to get to get the coins.

But just know that if you see these kinds of testimonies, they really are.

(Some testimonials are real. It’s a great sign when a product or company has real statements. Once you notice the differences, it’s easy to see which ones are real and which ones are fake.)

Red flag no. 3 – success scripts

If you see these little ones showing up …

This is a script on the eCom Cash Bot

Bad script running.

There is no evidence of these successes.

Most of the ones I see like this are fake. I saw some real ones and they were certified by a third party.

They are even trying to make this real here.

Other fake scripts appeared using an image from a photo to make it look more real.

Just one more thing to watch out for!

Red flag no. 4 – unknown product owner

Trish seems to be the creator of the eCom Cash Bot, but who is Trish? Honestly, we never know because they created a fictional character.

This is a big red flag for me because if you create something valuable that you know will help people, you have to hide and create a fake character to help you sell the product.

I know that they are the owners of all the good programs that have appeared or to which I belong, and most of them also communicate with their customers. They simply hid in the shadows. This is because they truly want to help people.

Owners of products like eCom Cash Bot just want your money.

Red flag no. 5 – be careful with your data

I recommend that you always look at the terms and conditions and / or privacy policy for any program you want to invest in. But these types of “get rich quick” schemes should pay special attention.

Here’s why:

This Privacy Policy says they may sell your information.

This is from the eCom Cash Bot Privacy Policy.

He says two things:

  1. They will use your information to try to sell you other products.
  2. They can sell your data to others who will then go to market.

If you give them your data, you will get an absolute bombardment of marketing messages.

eCom Alternative to Bot Cash

If I understand, if the eCom Cash Bot left you disappointed. These sales videos raise your hopes so much, and then you learn that you are living all the farce.

But if you like the idea of ​​making money online, there are ways to do it. So go give up all hope!

I know about e-commerce myself, but if I’m interested in anything, my friend Chris has information about it dropshipping.

I am an affiliate trader, so I earn income by promoting other people’s products.

I’ll be able to find out how it all works here, but you can check out mine A free guide to affiliate marketing to get more details.

You can do a lot with affiliate marketing.

You set up a site like this. Then choose a topic to write about. You then promote the products on your website and earn a commission from them.

Instead, say you love bowling. You can create a bowling blog, sign up for affiliate bowling programs, and then write about a variety of bowling topics.

Every time someone clicks on a link to a bowling shirt, shoes, balls, etc. on your site and then make a purchase, get a commission from the affiliate program website.

Win a win-win, because the bowling company gets more customers, and you get a piece of sales!

Click here to see this free affiliate marketing guide that I broke the creation of sweat


Is eCom Cash Bot legal? I hope I helped you answer that question in this review. Bad is not 100% fraud, in my opinion, but still not legal. It’s not even worth a strong $ 9 to buy it.

Honestly, if you only took $ 9 and put it in the toilet, it would be better to use your money. I hate to be so sharp, but there is no essence in this program. This is a classic speed of quick enrichment where the sole purpose is to collect your money and personal information.

If you like the idea of ​​making money online, then I suggest affiliate marketing. Worried about what I’m doing, what I enjoy so much! Take a look at the training website that taught me how to do everything I needed step by step. And now I get paid over and over again, and so do you!

Click here to learn how to create a website that will pay you over and over again.

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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