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[UPDATED] Is dropshipping dead ?! One of the biggest ecommerce business models to make millions by simply sitting in their homes and arbitrage products soon to eat … Is that the case? You better find out if dropshipping is profitable after all!

Digital entrepreneurs are often haunted by the uncertainty of the profitability of their business model. With the speed at which technology is evolving, we now have both a glimmer of hope and a gloomy understanding that new digital business models are short-lived.


Technology is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, it benefits customers and brings new ways of running a business; on the other hand, old methods are quickly renounced by creating new ones quickly. For example, search engine optimization (SEO) was fairly straightforward about 10 years ago. But as hundreds of updates have been released by Google over time, the methods of ranking websites have completely changed.

2019 is a good year for Dropshipping Business

Cost, cost-per-click (CPC) methods like Google AdSense, Chitika, and BidVertiser, etc. are out of date. They are now being replaced by native ads and content discovery platforms.

In short, most business models will become obsolete by the time you decide to adopt them.

Going back to dropshipping, we need to analyze the various sustainable dropshipping methods, look for stores that continue to prosper under the dropshipping banner, and look for marketing platforms that make dropshipping easier for customers.

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Is dropshipping still alive? Google proof

People often wonder if AliExpress dropshipping is dead. One way to tell if he’s dead or not is to search for a trend on Google.

You can see that although he relented last year, he is still going strong. If you check Google’s trends for the US, you will notice that more and more people in the US are looking for delivery times. It’s a shocking surprise.

The trend highlights five-year data and shows how popular it has become in recent years. This also represents another idea that dropshipping was a business before AliExpress became popular. Rather, look at whether AliExpress was popular five years ago or not.

Quite the opposite. AliExpress was more popular in the US a few years ago. Now its popularity goes down a downward spiral.

Is Dropshipping worth it?

dropshipping is not dead in 2019.

Discussion on the sustainability of Dropshipping in 2019 via the Fastlane Forum

If you want to earn a decent income by starting your own side business, then dropshipping is definitely worth it. However, if you want to make a lot of money in a short amount of time, then dropshipping is definitely not worth it.
To dropshipping to a successful career, you will need to invest time, money and effort.

Here are some things that slow down the pace at which Dropship companies have grown:

  • High shipping time
  • High cost of goods
  • Lack of customer support
  • Refunds are time consuming
  • Product quality is too low
  • Salesman unprofessionality

A real ecommerce business must satisfy the customer. But when it comes to the dropshipping business, we see that customers are often neglected for profit. In fact, most dropshippers use Shopify stores for their products. They focus on maintaining the high standards of their stores as they produce sales through ads on social media.

They only sell the product to the customer only once. This leads to poor customer experience and often diminishes their confidence in the business model as a whole.

What is the cure for such a situation?

The cure is simple. Treat customers with respect. We have many stores that sell Dropship products by a large margin and still thrive. These include, and several others.

Download the list of the top 150+ companies and suppliers from the shipping category for free

Is Dropshipping 2020 Dead?

Every year there is a new debate about how the Dropship is not dead. However, this is not the case, because dropshippers usually die but change the way they work. A few years ago, AliExpress was the only king in dropshipping. Over time, things have changed and dropshippers now deal directly with wholesalers of their products.

Poor, there are many different forums available where people try to convince customers and customers that dropshipping remains dead.

An example of this is:

Is Dropshipping Dead - Community Response to Quora
Is Dropshipping Dead in 2019 - Community Response
There are many people who tend to ask this question on Quora, Reddit, and even on other Question sites. Here’s what Dropshippers had to say when the question “Dropshipping dead” was asked on Reddit.

Is Dropshipping Dead - Community Response to Reddit
Now you can understand that dropshipping in 2019 is still going strong! In fact, this is the right time to start your Dropship business. Here’s why:

  • The world has embraced e-commerce
  • More people are shopping online than ever before
  • Marketers understand the concept of dropshipping and are willing to work with them
  • Submitting an online payment is easy
  • It can help you with paid online marketing campaigns
  • The previous cost is almost zero

Why Do Some Grocery Stores Succeed?

The reason some Dropshipping stores succeed while others struggle is because these dropshipping companies keep customers in the first place. They give preference to their customers and try to address all their needs. Yes, they sell Dropshipping products while maintaining a small margin, but they make up for it by giving them a quicker refund or helping them with any questions they may have.

So, if Dropshiping companies want to remain sustainable through 2020, they must prioritize their customers.

Is Dropshipping Dead? - Quora

Source: Quora

Is dropshipping profitable though?

Isa. Dropshipping is still very profitable in 2020 due to the many e-commerce activities taking place around the world. It is not only profitable but also advanced! Profits up to e-commerce and drop shipping over $ 4 billion, an increase of 7 percent year on year over the last 10 years.

As a result, small retailers have seen a nearly 30% increase in conversion rates through smartphones.

Instead, say you want to know how to start a drug store, and its goal is to make $ 100,000 a year. How many products should I sell?

Is Dropshipping Still Profitable in 2019?

Here’s the calculation:

You get the product for $ 15 from AliExpress, and you sell it for $ 30. After reducing shipping and advertising costs, your actual product profit is $ 10.

So, to make $ 100,000 a year, you have to sell at least 1,000 products a month.

$ 10 earnings x 1000 orders = $ 10,000 per month

$ 10,000 per month x 12 = $ 120,000 per year

So if your idea of ​​a successful dropshipping shop is to make $ 100,000 a year, then you need to sell at least 34 orders a day.

Dropshipping Vs Affiliate Marketing: Which Is More Profitable?

It would be wrong to compare dropshipping with affiliate marketing. So, we said we also wanted to make $ 100,000 from affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing, we get a commission on the products we sell. Instead, the commission rate is 5%. Based on the calculations above, you need to earn $ 10,000 per month or $ 340 per day.

To do this, one buyer needs to buy a $ 100 product, so they get a $ 5 commission. To earn $ 340 per day, customers should purchase $ 7,000 worth of products per day.

So which one do you think is more complex?

I think that answers very well the question of how profitable a Dropship business can be. And, what should you do to make it more lucrative for yourself.

Is shipping through Alibaba worth it?

Dropshippers are retailers. They sell widespread. Otherwise, they mainly focus on selling items through these e-commerce retail stores.

  • AliExpress
  • DHgate
  • Lightinthebox
  • Gearbest
  • not lehoo
  • era
  • And various others.

Alibaba sells products in bulk, so it can cost more to sell products directly from Alibaba.

Alibaba vs AliExpress – Find out which one is best for Dropshipping

What are the biggest problems that Dropshippers face in 2020?

  • Delayed delivery can reduce the number of online shoppers who visit your stores
  • The quality of the product may vary from what the retailer actually marketed
  • Your customers can get something other than what they have ordered
  • More refunds and refunds can damage your credibility with the payment gateway
  • If your suppliers use the trademark on the products, you will be held responsible for them
  • It’s hard to turn a Dropship store into a brand.

So what are the solutions to these dropshipping problems?

  • Build relationships with suppliers and work only with those who are reliable and provide quality products
  • Research your target market and buy trendy good-selling products. This will reduce shipping costs and allow you to earn more

Focus on high ticket items to make more profit from your products. Read our case study of high-ticket dropping shipping.

Is shipping on eBay and Amazon allowed?

Another gray area that most dropshippers are confused about is whether they can do this with eBay or Amazon. To explain this, dropshipping is a business model and not specific to any brand. Even if you use phone calls for a Dropship product, it will be called dropshipping.

So, whether it’s Amazon, eBay, or any other online platform, you can still start dropshipping on them. Obviously, all of these have several limitations.

eBay allows products from China and users should reside in the US. Amazon says the products should take more than a week. So if you can abide by these rules, you can also start dropshipping on Amazon and eBay.

In fact, many people continue to do dropshipping on both of these sites. They sell Amazon products on eBay and vice versa, keeping a good amount of commission. The only way they succeed is to understand both systems.

Dropshipping is a retail business model that lets you sell a product through a retailer to a buyer without actually handling the product. You just act as a mediator.

There are all laws that prevent anyone from running a drug store, but they can vary from country to state. And one thing that is common in all these laws is:

The product should be reliable

It is illegal to fool someone by showing them something else and selling them something else. This is a punishable offense, so you must ensure that what you deliver is delivered to the customer.

Otherwise, they have the right to file a complaint against your online store. Even if the supplier is to blame, you, the shop owner, will still be liable.

Observe the laws of the country in which you trade

Each state has its own laws. Make sure you are familiar with the laws of the country before you start marketing. Some countries have a policy that certain products cannot be imported.

For example, you cannot import or export products from Muslim countries that are questionable in their culture. Poorly, India bans most products made from cowhide.

It is always better to have information on the business laws of different countries before you market them.

Closing words!

Dropshipping is not dead. It is still a lucrative business model and anyone with the right insight can reap huge profits if they use it wisely.

Starting dropshipping? Do you know which platform is best for Dropshipping? Read our post on “Best Dropshipping Ecommerce Platforms.” And start your Dropshipping Store today.

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