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Is Cloud 9 Life MLM? Yes, a healthcare-based marketing company on multiple levels. Can it be assumed that someone contacted you because of this and perhaps asked you to join? Maybe they even told you a “ground floor” opportunity? But now you want to know for sure … is Cloud 9 Life a pyramid scheme? Or fraud? Is it a legitimate company?

We will take you on this occasion to figure it out together.

If you’ve been to this blog at all, don’t feel a secret.

Gathered quite anti-MLM.

But my opinion can always change (it often happens), so let’s see if this is a great opportunity or a waste of time and money.

What is Cloud 9 Life?

Combustion interesting.

I just switched to Cloud 9 Life Eye The site talks about how this company works perfectly (“in the cloud”) and writes nothing about it about its products.

Cloud 9 Life is more MLM with health products. As if there are already enough of them!

So you’d think their About page would mention something about health. Something like, “oh, we started this company because we believe in health and well-being for everyone!”

But instead, he cares about how they work perfectly.

This is just an observation. Their products don’t seem to be the most important part of the company, but maybe just about me.

Cloud 9 Life began in January 2020. The President of the Management Board is A.K. Khalil.

Director of Cloud9Life

A. K. Khalil was previously the director of another MLM, Gold Canyon Candles, which recently closed due to “insufficient funds”.

Better luck this time, A.K.!

Cloud 9 products for life

Take a look at some of the Cloud 9 Life products and see how their prices compare to non-MLM products. There are currently only 10 products in this site, so everything is listed below.

Cloud9Life products

  • Turn Off – 30 Packs: $ 49.99
  • Big green – 30 day supply: $ 37.49
  • Mission Control – 30 packages: $ 49.99
  • Secret Weapon – 30 Veggie Clouds: $ 49.99
  • Focus Repair – 60 Veggie Clouds: $ 49.99
  • More soil – 20 packets (super infused coffee, whatever that means): $ 24.99
  • System 3 in 30 – includes a three-day supply of Moxy Body and 30 days for the supply of Moxy Builder: 62.49 USD
  • Improve Focus Repair Pack – Includes Shutdown and Focus Repair: $ 94.99
  • Increase Energy and Immune Support Repair Package – Contains Great Wishes and Calms: $ 83.99
  • Weight Control Pack Weight Control – Includes Mission Control and Secret Weapon: $ 94.99

I know the exact formulas for these products, but I think I like most of the supplements out there. For example, Quench is an electrolyte drink.

Here are a few different options you can find on Amazon much, much less:

Alternative Cloud9Life products

Or, just drink water! Bad free!

And what about that big Green? Cloud 9 Life is $ 37.49 for a 30-day supply. Here are the alternatives that are less on Amazon:

An alternative to green greens

Or, you can only eat vegetables. (Which I recommend over them, because they’ve used these powders before and they taste awful!)

When it comes to MLM products, there is almost always a much smaller alternative. MLM products can be pretty good, don’t throw them there. But arguing is more expensive.

And because there must be a method of payment in the compensation plan.

How much does it cost to join Cloud 9 Life?

To join Cloud 9 Life and become an independent CEO, they must purchase the Business Starter Pack. At the time of writing, it is possible to select three.

Star9 package for Cloud9Life

These Cloud 9 Starter Packages are:

  • Quick start package = 100 USD with EC boat or 110 USD without
  • Weight control package value = $ 190 with EC ship or $ 200 without
  • Packages for builders = $ 470 with EC boat or $ 480 without

What is EZ Ship?

EZ Ship is a monthly program for Clou9Life ships. If you decide to be on board the EC, you will choose a package of products to be sent to you every four weeks. You will also receive a 10% discount on future orders.

EC marine products

EZ Ship product packages include:

  • System 3 in 30 = $ 49.99
  • Focus repair package improvement = $$ 123.19
  • Increase energy and immune support package = $ 111.98
  • Weight Repair Package = $ 123.19

So, the minimum cost to join Cloud 9 Life is $ 99 (plus taxes and postage). From there, prices rise. You need to consider some other costs that may be incurred.

Some of these additional optional costs may include:

  • Travel to and from places with the aim of meeting potential customers
  • Business cards, brochures and other marketing materials
  • Journey to an organized congress
  • Additional products you may want to try for yourself
  • Additional purchases of sample gift products
  • Table fees if you set up at trade shows or conventions

Here are some interesting notes from this report posted on the FTC website:

“Between 1994 and 5, Nu Skin, the leading MLM program, put me to the test for a year, devoting all my time to climbing to the top 1% of participants, including relegations. During that year, I kept a careful record of my spending and wounded with expenses in excess of $ 1,500 per month, including the company’s products and services, plus all operating expenses such as travel, telephone, computer supply, advertising, meetings, etc. My commissions are total amounted to about $ 250 per month, a net loss of about $ 15,000. “

Just something to keep in mind for any MLM you might consider joining.

Cloud 9 life compensation plan

A cloud life compensation plan can be found here it is, I will not go into many details because the compensation plans are confusing and because – I will honestly say – I will not recommend you to join Cloud 9 Life, so there is no need to go over the plan in detail.

But if you want more details, I always like to show BehindMLM because they do a great job of explaining this. BehindMLM concludes that there is something that stands out in this plan, good or bad.

There is nothing wrong with that, but also nothing special.

You can also watch this Cloud 9 Life Rewards video if you want to:

Exciting exciting things for sure.

(Derived as a little sarcastic.)

Publication of income disclosures 9

Since Cloud 9 Life is brand new, they have no revenue disclosure. However, enough revenue disclosure has been observed to know exactly what to say. She was worried about what everyone was saying.

I don’t care how new the company is, how “different” they claim to be great, how good the products are, all the revenue disclosures show the same thing.

Almost no one earns a decent living in MLM.

I have two reports to show you. First, this is from the same report on the FTC website which I mentioned above. More than 99% of MLM participants lose money.

“The loss rate for MLM is at least 99%. This means that less than one in 100 participants in MLM makes a clear profit, and at least 99 out of 100 participants actually lose money! In fact, it is likely that classic pyramid schemes without products are likely to make a profit as well as pyramid schemes based on products or MLM. “


My friend Mike put it together own study and found that more than 92% of MLM participants lose money!

Bad is not much better.

Complaints about life 9 and positive reviews

I could find any objection regarding Cloud 9 Life or positive reviews. The company is simply too new at the moment. And I think it’s highly popular. At least not yet.

We had to watch out for reviews if and when it gets more popular.

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Is Cloud 9 Life a pyramid scheme or a scam?

I consider Cloud 9 Life a scam or even a pyramid scheme. At least not yet. As long as there is a greater focus on retail versus employment, this keeps the company more legitimate.

But with that came the bad news.

I looked at an example where you can make more money through retail sales. Big money is in employment. You can definitely make money by retail. But not big money. And when things went wrong and when we headed towards the territory of the pyramid scheme.


  • This is a new company, so less competition for now
  • The cost of getting started is pretty reasonable


  • Since this is a new company, it is more likely to bend
  • People don’t trust MLMs, generally speaking
  • It is extremely difficult to make money in MLM, over 99% of people lose money in them
  • You can make a retail sale, but it’s hard to make a lot of money that way
  • Hiring will bring you more money, but then head to the area of ​​the pyramid scheme if it becomes your main focus
  • To earn recruitment, it means that the people below you have to lose money

Using the internet I see two camps of thoughts when it comes to MLMs.

1. They work easier because you can simply “run the business on the phone,” and people are attracted to it.

2. More and more people are researching these companies and discovering that not everyone is preoccupied. Otherwise it will be hard to sell to people.

I know which side will win, but mostly the team against MLM. It is through research and personal experience of existence in one. I’d rather see you succeed than be guaranteed to lose money.

An alternative to life 9 clouds

If you like the idea of ​​selling people to people for a commission, then I need to introduce you to affiliate marketing. Make money my favorite way to make money these days.

There are a few similarities between affiliate marketing and MLMs, but not exactly.

That my affiliate marketing is far better. In fact, read my article, MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing to get a full blade.

But just give a few ways in which affiliate marketing is better:

  • No employment
  • No climb
  • No downlines
  • No training of new people
  • No need to stick to 1 product or 1 product line
  • The things you work on today pay off over and over again in the future
  • No cold messages
  • No hot messages
  • Don’t bother friends or family

Read my free guide on affiliate marketing and learn all about it.


To re-show that Cloud 9 Life is MLM. No, it is not currently considered a pyramid scheme. (The FTC can change its mind at any time, as other companies see.) No, Cloud 9 Life is not a scam, but a good portion of the MLM population is generally considered a scam.

Yes, you can sell products at retail. But most people will find that ordering health products from Amazon or their local store will be easier and cheaper. Recruitment is the best way to make money in MLM, but then the pyramid scheme.

What a riddle!

That’s why I prefer affiliate marketing. You can learn everything step by step, just like me make yourself a website that will pay you over and over again.

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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