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If you love me, you are bombarded with tons of money through online offers. I keep seeing this $ 500 website system per day. Now I know something about this particular product that you may not know. You may be wondering, is the $ 500 a day Internet fraud system or legal?

I’m going to tell you all about it. You definitely want to read this because something important in this system is revealed later.

So get into it and keep giving you a full spatula!

What is the $ 500 website system?

As soon as the video starts, we fall into a small montage of testimony. On the one hand, at least initially they give us a waiver and tell us that the witnesses are actors.

Legal waiver

Most of these sales pages I watch just throw actors and I mention what the actors did. Let them score for it.

On the other side…

If you have a good product, you need false testimonials. You can find the right people with real experiences who have been successful with your product. If you find any actual testimonials, what does that say about your product?

Earn $ 500 a day

Video sales show that this product can give us a way to make $ 500 a day at the touch of a button, and can make serious money with money in our bank accounts.

This system, according to the video, can give you $ 500 a day.

And we can request this $ 500 a day system for free.

They give us a little bit of what it looks like:

Example of a success system 2

They compare their system to a radio.

The radio components are used separately and you have to buy all the different components and assemble them. And now they receive the radio all together, which makes the job easier for the customer.

This is this product for the customer. It’s all in one, which should simplify things.

But does it?

We started coming back to that later.

Without obligation

In the video they say that having this system is like having a bank card and a PIN. The card provides the structure, and the PIN entitles you to your money.

Supposedly this product is the same. The system is both a card and a PIN, and basically it is always an ATM.

They say they will give us this system, no connections.

Why do I have a feeling there will be a wire?

There are always wires.

Just press the button

They constantly suffer from this idea that all you have to do is press a button and you have an endless endless supply of money.

An endless supply of cash?

They say it’s like a virtual ATM that sucks money from the internet directly into your bank account.

If only things were that simple!

To be the first in line to receive this product.

But you know that saying …

If it sounds too good to be true …

How does a $ 500 a day web system work?

According to the sales video, they found a way to identify customers online and send them directly to their system. You only need to watch four simple videos, give them a few minutes, and then press a button.

Sales and money will start arriving right away.

It explains everything, doesn’t it?

Here are examples of the types of websites you will obviously learn how to set up:

Examples of websites

They also say they have several “blackhat” techniques that can increase revenue from these sites.

Blackhat techniques are not good.

If there were already enough red flags, that would be why I would turn off the computer and leave.

You need to know all the pros and cons of this, but blackhat techniques will get you in trouble.

The $ 500 website per day system seems to provide you with a website done for you through e-commerce. Let me tell you a little bit about ready-made websites and why I thought I was the best way to do it.

Why ready-made systems are not important

Remember when a $ 500 website system per day was compared to a radio because everything was already put together for you? And I asked if that was the best way to get things done?

This is turnkey, or done for you. In a way, they are great for a newborn because they are easy to set up.

However, it’s not always the best way to achieve things because your site isn’t unique. There are several issues with a site that is not unique:

  1. Google shows it in search results
  2. Since it looks general, people are likely to buy it
  3. It has your personality and is just another boring site online

I know that the easiest way to do this would seem to be to have one of these systems done for you, but taking shortcuts really isn’t the best way to get things done when it comes to making money online.

I have a lot of experience with that.

You only started where you started – except for a small intermediary.

Is $ 500 a day a web fraud system or legal?

If I knew anything about this product, I would say that it is probably just basic training on how to set up a website for a finished product for purchase / e-commerce. No biggie, right?


Take a close look at this presentation. That’s why I know that $ 500 per day The website system is a scam, Bored tells you more about how I know it later.


  • Pretty cheap
  • Websites that are ready for you are easily set up


  • Designed websites are generally not the best way to make money online
  • Big money claims that look true (earn $ 500 at the touch of a button)
  • Unknown product owner
  • False testimony
  • He says they look “free,” but you have to pay $ 47
  • This is a scam!

We’ll find out how I know it’s a scam. But first, let’s look at some obvious red flags.

$ 500 per day Red flags in the website system

It takes some of the red flags I’ve seen on sales videos and sales pages, so you know what to look for when reviewing these types of products.

Red flag no. 1 – testimonies

I’ve mentioned it above, but if you have actors to testify, in my opinion it just shows that you’ve always had a good product.


If you do, it would be easy to find the right people who could give your statements to you.

Red flag no. 2 – unknown owner of the product

The person speaking says his name is Kent Peters. But who the hell is Kent Peters? We will never know because despite the fictional character.

This is a red flag for me, because why hide if your product is good and good?

Wouldn’t you be proud to show it to the world?

Red flag no. 3 – The product is restricted

At some point in another sales video they mentioned that we told anyone about this product because it is limited to 300 people.

Don't share the $ 500 a day system with anyone?

It will then close the place.

This is called a lack of tactics.

Some traders use this legitimately. Like, if they have a discounted price on a limited product for just a few days. Badly legal.

It is not.

They want as many people as possible to buy this. They would never limit it.

Honestly, I wish they were so I will never see her again …

Red flag no. 4 – no rain (but no no)

In a sales video, the host said they give this to them for free.

Without obligation.

But remember, I said there are always wires?

You really have to pay $ 47 for that.

The $ 500 a day website system should be free, but it’s not.

I finished listening to this particular video, but I have been visible to this presentation before. They tell you that the product is free, but you help pay for hosting.

Bad just another marketing ploy.

Why $ 500 a day, the website system is a scam

I know that $ 500 per day is a system of website scams because they have seen this sales presentation several times before. It was first Money Sucking Websites, then it was ATM for the website and then it was Profit Autonomy.

And I figured there were even more iterations.

Now all those websites are connected.

Bad is not a scam.

And it’s not a scam because of what you get for your money (despite that, you really have enough data to make $ 500.)

I call them a scam because it’s the kind of operation where they take your money and run away.

Instead, say you get into the system and get disappointed with it. You want a refund. Forget it. You will never be able to contact them again.

Viewed seen a lot of comments from people who tried.

Here is a comment from mine Profit Autonomy Review a video on YouTube where they discuss a refund attempt:

Fraud Autonomy scams

And here are my comments Review of ATMs on the site video:

ATM fraud site

Here is another comment from my article on profit autonomy:

Profit Autonomy is the point of fraud

They hardly ever come across anyone who was really happy with this system. I’ve never seen a real person (not an actor) speak at the touch of a button and I make $ 500 each time.

And I never will.

$ 500 per day An alternative to a website system

They will soon offer you an alternative of $ 500 a day. Some people here get mad at me. “You just spend $ 500 a day on sites so you can make money by promoting some other things.”

He gathered an honest person.

Badly burying this system due to fraud and you will lose your money.

It is also bad to promote another system because not every system is a scam and I want to provide you with something that I personally guarantee.

You can join for free.

But if you decide you like it and you buy a Premium account later, then I would earn a commission. You have presented writing these articles to help you, but also to try to make a living here! 🙂

I think she won, but not everyone thinks so and she is holding up well.

In any case, there are many legitimate ways to make money online. My favorite way is through affiliate marketing. You recommend other people’s products for a commission. (Eat what you’re currently doing.)

As this article is so long, I want to delve too deeply into it. You can take a look at my free affiliate marketing guide and see if you have an interest in it.

Click here for my free affiliate marketing guide for beginners.


Is a $ 500 a day web fraud system? From my research, yes, it’s a scam. Not because of the program itself. You started getting some training materials. But the problem is in case the training ends up rising (you earn somewhere close to $ 500 a day), you will be able to get a refund.

Not only that, but I would also be very careful in placing your credit card in their payment processor. It ends very legally, and these are the kind of marketing scams that will continue to charge your card.

But there are legitimate programs that can help you generate income online. You can try a website that teaches me how to set up this very website step by step. Bad startup (no credit card required) and will show you how to create a website that will pay you over and over again.

Click here to join as a free beginner member.

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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