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Slightly thrilled with the reintroduction Yotp’s Visual UGC solution, now designed to help brands quickly and efficiently bring successful Instagram experiences to their site.

With brand new features and improved functionalities, Yotp’s visual UGC solution allows brands to more quickly superficially discover influential photos and videos created by customers that inspire and then easily display them at touch points with great conversion on the customer’s path, both on-site. and through marketing channels.

Our Visual UGC solution is now the optimal tool for e-commerce brands looking to use visual content to maximize conversions. Customers who see the UGC on the brand’s website convert 161% more than those who ate, The content of this content is critical for the D2C brand to increase engagement, and our AI-enhanced Visual UGC solution now makes it easier than ever to convert content.

What’s up?

What’s so exciting about an intelligently enhanced Visual UGC solution? We’ve launched features that allow brands to not only process content quickly, but also create beautiful – and affordable – galleries customized with a simple click of a button.

New features include:

  • Curatorial filters: Filter and refine photos and videos from Instagram, reviews and uploads on the site to discover photos of the best and videos that match your brand. Simply create a summer gallery filled with sun-soaked images by filtering images by “Dominant Color,” such as yellow and orange, or using the “Include People” filter, create a gallery that celebrates your customers.

  • Tagging Assistant: Easily and efficiently tag images to make them available for purchase using smart product recommendations. Our AI image processing technology will suggest six relevant products – simply select the correct product and tag the image, and search and filter additional products as needed. With this powerful new feature, brands can reduce tagging time by over 25%.

  • Gallery of my posts: Instantly create a beautiful gallery for your homepage and automatically fill it in and update with your latest Instagram posts. Automatically sync the most festive content with your Instagram account or switch manually to update and control published posts. Then quickly deploy your galleries by simply copying and pasting the code snippet.

  • Redesigned curation page: We’ve updated the Curation page layout to include larger thumbnails of photos in gallery-style grids, quick-action buttons for easier group action, and individual Instagram posts like to highlight posts with the best performance so your brand can contribute to brand creation. pictures faster and easier than ever before.

  • Integrations of leading influences: We went associated with top influencer marketing platforms, including MAVRCK. Cohley, i Trend, to help your brand automatically access and take advantage of high-quality brand impact content through your visual galleries and marketing channels.

As customers turn online shopping, talked not just asking authentic content from customers, but they are also more willing to post pictures with purchased products – allowing them to do so activate social proof through the brand’s marketing channels increasingly important and influential.

“I am still impressed with Yotp’s innovative approach to developing their products, which was first a customer. These days, time-consuming tasks with no direct and immediate maximum impact on revenue mostly fall on to-do lists. That’s why Yotp’s powerful AI for predictive image tagging is so important; it allows my team to do a lot more in less time. “ – Avery Mehlhorn, Director of E-Commerce + Digital Marketing, He is sleeping

Our newly opened Visual UGC solution is built to help brands create a virtual shopping experience who build a community with real customer photos and videos, increase confidence in buying with visual evidence, and shorten the buying journey with inspiring galleries they can buy.

How to start?

To learn more about how to take advantage of these new features, check out our support articles for Curatorial filters. Gallery of my posts, i Tagging Assistant.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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