A successful e-commerce business requires well-managed and up-to-date online catalogs. Catalog management and processing has become the most important element of a thriving e-commerce industry. It’s no secret that a well-managed product catalog can help you reach more leads, maximizing sales and revenue. An ecommerce store with up-to-date product information and visually appealing product images is effective in attracting potential customers and also forcing them to buy. A product page that is descriptive allows customers to better understand what the product will be like, which will help them make informed purchasing decisions.

While setting up a product page for your ecommerce store, there are a few things to be sure of:

• Products are in the correct category so they are easy to browse

• Images of products you want to upload are visually appealing and striking

• The price you offer is aligned with what your competitors are offering to stay competitive

• The product is appropriately described with all the product features

• In product names, descriptions, etc. Keywords are found to increase the visibility of your products and increase your search ranking

It is certain that catalog processing can be performed by an internal team, but since catalog processing is a very time consuming and demanding task, it is best to seek the assistance of a catalog processing service provider. They can help you manage your product catalogs professionally.

ECommerce catalog processing services include:

• Adding new products both in manual and bulk transfer

• Extracting data from numerous sources, such as a competitor or manufacturer’s website, etc.

• Update existing product listings, both manual and bulk

• Keep track of product prices

• Image processing, editing and retouching

• Search engine optimized product pages

• Order and Inventory Management

Outsourcing Benefits of Data Entry and Catalog Services …

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