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Although there are many YouTubers who make a decent living off the platform, the vast majority of content creators are constantly making money. What’s more, YouTube’s earnings seem to be getting harder than ever.

YouTube is a great option to make money because your initial investment can be as low as your smartphone and Internet connection. Plus, the bigger the channel, the easier it is to make significantly more money. With the ability to boost only limited by YouTube’s own time and motivation, it’s understandable that many like YouTube careers now.

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Over the past year, YouTube has made a number of changes that have adversely affected content creators’ ability to earn the same level of money they made earlier. One of the biggest changes has been to reduce YouTube and the number of categories and topics that allow video monetization. This has also led to YouTubers having to rely on alternatives to generate additional revenue.

Here are the most common ways youTubers make money in 2020

YouTuber Donate

Undoubtedly, the easiest way to make money through YouTube is still with ad revenue. The ads shown with the videos are a big deal for the content creator (as well as for YouTube itself), although it’s a hit strategy. One of the main alternatives to ad revenue is affiliate marketing. Here, channels recommend a product or service and a link to a channel (sometimes with a special discount code) on the channel. These links can be monetized and while the viewer costs more to use, the author of the video may receive a commission to send the viewer to a third-party company, especially if they happen to buy something. Similar to affiliate marketing, which supports sponsorship. Again, this method usually involves a third party company or brand that pays YouTuber for promoting (or browsing) the product. Another common venture for making money is for YouTubers to use their platform and reach out to sell their own merchandise. Merch can be a lucrative business and has proven to be a great way for customers to support their favorite creatives – both financially and in terms of promoting the brand in the real world.

The last option that has been going on lately is donations. This one takes many forms, though it can be as simple as money-making content creators. However, it seems to be one of the ways YouTube is actively helping creatives with new features, including Super chats, Super stickers and more recently applause from viewers. All of these new features are specifically designed as a way for viewers to directly donate to content authors, and this further emphasizes that even YouTube realizes that it is much harder for YouTubers to make money. Of course, other than the original ad revenue option, all other monetization strategies rely heavily on a paying YouTube viewer in some way.

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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