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Answered answered general questions e-commerce

How much does the construction of e-commerce store?

Well, this is a complex question. Or rather complex.

Firstly, you can not really to launch e-commerce store for free. I mean, well, you kind you can reach 90% of the finished store for free, but then its operation will cost money. Here’s what I mean:

Some tools allow free “to create” e-commerce store. However, if you do the job, if you ever want to sell something and collect payments from customers – view of the matter is, when you start e-commerce – it will cost you money.

Now the question is, how much more accurately:

  • If you go by the general route – that is, e-commerce store powered by WordPress and WooCommerce – the cheapest it can be about $ 60 per year. This includes the cost of a domain name for e-commerce store, web hosting plan, and everything else that you need for everything to work.
  • If you go with a more convenient solution for beginners, you will need to pay in the neighborhood of $ 29 / month plus $ 14 / year for a domain name. This setting works on a platform called Shopify. It is much more expensive, but at the same time, Shopify stores that deal with all the heavy lifting involved in providing your shop on the Internet and works reliably.

If you ask me, the ability to run a fully functional e-commerce store for just $ 60 / year – this is incredible news! Such a thing is possible even five years ago.

Can I create an online store on their own?

Yes. And, more importantly, you will need some knowledge of programming or skills that go into it.

The best tools available today are easy to use and is designed for business owners, not for site developers.

Anything you want, really.

And do not exaggerate. Most online shopping platforms allow you to sell anything, from physical goods that can be delivered to the digital products (ebooks, downloads, applications, files, software, images, etc.), services, membership, etc. .

In principle, all that is possible to put a price tag, can be sold on the Internet through e-commerce store.

How I handle customer orders?

One of the major errors in online stores is that they are only intended to demonstrate your products, and anything else that happens after people Add to cart things – for you to worry about (performance, payments, etc. ).

This reflected the truth.

Modern solutions in the Internet-shop process all that is involved in the actual daily store owner, not just presenting products on the site.

This means that as soon as someone buys you something, you see this order in the software e-commerce store. You’ve come to be able to process and execute it from there.

As I process payments?

Online shops pay the payment by means of so-called gateways. They are an integral part of most software in the shop and behind the curtains work without problems. You have to worry about the technical aspects of the process.

From your point of view, customers can pay for your products online, and then receive the transfer in advance.

Shop software allows you to set tax rates, depending on your jurisdiction. Then these costs will be reflected in the price index of products, as well as after payment processing.

What design? I need a designer?

No. You can choose a beautiful finished design from the Internet and install it in your store. Designers are expensive, so it’s a real benefit!

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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