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Are you a cunning or obscene hand in design? Turn your hobby into money by setting up a store on Etsy – here’s how to start selling.

make money on etsy

If not heard These, introduced an online marketplace designed specifically for “unique items”.

It can be almost anything: from greeting cards and candles, to bath bombs, clothes and jewelry – as long as your items are made by hand or by hand (meaning at least 20 years) or handicrafts.

Etsy has 1.7 million active sellers and 28.6 million active buyers, so it’s definitely an audience out there if you can do anything that people want to buy.

If you have purchased the right product and taken advantage of the tips below, you can start making money on Etsy in a matter of days.

How Much Money Can You Make On Etsy?

We will be honest here – how much money you can earn depends on how successful your store will be.

Some people make a steady side income of £ 20 – £ 30 a month, while others earn enough to quit their jobs and sell on Etsy full time.

Chances are you won’t become a millionaire (or even a thousand bucks) from selling on Etsy, but if you follow a few simple rules, you’ll easily be able to make a decent small side income while studying, all doing what you actually enjoy.

How to sell on Etsy

It’s important not to interfere with things when it comes to setting up an Etsy store. The best thing you can do is just get started.

If you spend too long focusing on getting everything perfect, you will never be able to run a store. And once you have something on the site, you can always improve.

You need at least these five things to start selling on Etsy:

  1. Sell ​​something

    This is a difficult part, but if you decide wisely, it can be the beginning of a whole new business. It even has to be a physical subject, a lot of people sell their images for people to print at home, or create images for people to enjoy on their websites and on social media.

    If you’re really struggling with ideas of what to sell on Etsy, why not take a look at the site to see what others are doing? Look at it as inspiration, but make sure you don’t copy someone else’s idea!

    If you are really involved, this is the best step to create or order a prototype or test of your product. This will allow you to see what it will look like, make it easy to take photos of products, and check build quality.

  2. The name and logo of your store

    Don’t think about the name of your Etsy store. It won’t have much of an impact on your sales and you’ll also get one chance to rename it. Come up with something simple and witty and try not to be too vague and clever. Also, make sure your Google name is to make sure it doesn’t conflict with anything else.

    Once you have decided on a name, you will be able to easily make your own logo using Canva – a bad online program that is very similar to Photoshop, but much, much easier and free!

    If you are really not comfortable doing it yourself, just use a site like Fiverr to get someone to do it for you.

We also recommend purchasing your own domain so that it matches the name of the Etsy store now, just in case you decide to expand it in the future – only takes a few minutes.
  1. Clear and attractive images of your things

    For Etsy it’s even more important than on eBay – your product (hopefully) has never been seen before, and a great photo here can really change the situation (even more than your store name and logo).

    If you ordered or created a product test as mentioned in paragraph 1, it should be very simple.

    See what other stores do with similar products, choose the style you like best, and then work on making your own.

  2. A little money

    Unlike many online sites that sell online, 100% free to sell on Etsy, as each email costs 15 times for publication. If you’re investing 1 pound, listing six items, we think that’s definitely enough to get you started.

    You may also want to consider investing in some listings to help you reach the top of your search results, as Etsy is a fairly competitive market, so seeing yourself at launch can be difficult.

    While we go for the money, you need to think about the value of your things. Take some time to develop the cost of making the product (including any upfront costs spread over several units) and then come up with a price.

    Make sure you pay enough to cover your expenses and make a profit, but don’t be greedy here. It’s the Internet, and if you overpay, there will be someone else who will cut you and take over your entire business.

  3. Postal plan

    Explore the most economical way to pack and lay out your creations. You can take advantage of the post office, but if your goods are too large or heavy, a courier company may be the best option.

    Make sure you know the cost and before you go ahead. It’s okay to charge £ 2.99 for shipping and pay £ 4.99 for yourself when it comes to it.

How much does it cost to sell on Etsy?

how much can you earn on eci

Credit: Choreography – These

Etsy fees are relatively complicated other sites that sell. There are three different types of payments that apply every time someone buys something from your store:

  1. List fee To put each item up for sale costs 15 pips, and each listing lasts four months, or until it is sold – whichever comes first. You can customize your items for automatic updating if you have a few available and keep paying another 15p once sold to keep it alive
  2. Transaction fee When selling Etsy charges you 5% of the sale price (including postage)
  3. Payment Processing Fee – This is 20p + 4% of the total fee (including postage) if you use the Etsy payment system. You can use Paypal to receive payments if you want, and their fee is 20p + 3.4%.

As an example, imagine you sell anything for £ 10 + £ 2.99. If you use the Etsy payment system, it will cost 15 pixels. That’s just 1.52 pounds.

Etsy Plus

etsy plus

Credit: GridUnLock – These

Recently, Etsy also introduced a Plus subscription, which costs more money but gives access to more benefits and opportunities.

For £ 7.70 a month you get access to additional features including:

  • More store settings
  • Recommended list options
  • 50% discount on .com user address or free .store address for a year
  • 15 credits on a listing and £ 3.80 for advertised lists each month
  • Special discounts on custom shipping, business cards and other marketing material.

Is Etsy Plus worth it?

Etsy sellers are very different about this. Some believe that the money you get back in the form of credit transfers and advertising lists each month makes a subscription plus a pretty good deal.

Others feel that discounts on things like marketing materials and personalized domain names still don’t get you an affordable price, so they aren’t worth paying.

Look at all the trends and think carefully before investing in a subscription, because if you can’t use all the features, it may not cost you extra money.

Pros and cons of selling on Etsy

Etsy means the biggest or most famous site that sells there, but if your product is picky and homey, it can become one of the most profitable. Here are some basic benefits.


The audience

The edge that Etsy has compared to other similar sites eBay either Gamtra is that buyers are more focused on the quality and uniqueness of each individual list, rather than on price or location.

While a typical eBay or Amazon customer can type in a search term and list everything from the lowest to the highest prices, an Etsy buyer expects that their search will get a full page of similar products.

It is much more aware when something like this is created, regardless of cost.


When you start selling on Etsy, you’ll have to create a store and you’ll be encouraged to add a logo, banner and description with links on social media to help the visitor learn a little more about you. The pages of eBay sellers are usually simple and anonymous, but there are so many ways to add a personal contact on Etsy.

Best Business Etsy uses all of these features to create your memorable brand that people will search for by name. If you want your own .com address to link directly to your store, you can set it up (for free) and directly via Etsy.

Etsy has options that make selling personalized items easier, and since creating custom orders can take you a little longer, you can charge more for them. Also provide an opportunity to create coupon codes to encourage customer loyalty or reward your fans on social media.

You can also close the store if you need a break, which can be a really helpful feature to reassure regular customers when they come back and see an empty store.

International opportunities

We mentioned the number of Etsy sellers in the UK, and they all told us that an amazing percentage of their orders came from overseas – especially from Australia and the US.

Because every item is made specifically, people are less worried about fast delivery. This means that there are even more potential customers for you.


Like all online sales platforms, Etsy is perfect – here are some drawbacks:

You are hired to pay instantly

You can receive your payments monthly, weekly, daily or daily, but after you pay, “according to the insiders of our seller Etsy, the money that got into your bank will take about three days. This is ideal if you may need pay the mail by then.

First of all the US site

Unfortunately, in the UK sellers are at a disadvantage compared to the base in America – whether due to increased delivery times, higher postage or prices – the buyer in the US, rather than £ 5, will be $ 6.51 .

You get a monthly fee

It is very difficult to keep track of all listing fees, commissions and payment fees when your store is up and running and they pay a large chunk once a month.

Remember to set aside money to pay them, and treat everything you earn from Etsy as a profit.

You don’t have complete control

Shop on Etsy – that’s not what create your own website. You don’t have complete control over every aspect of the design, and creating your personal brand isn’t easy.

Plus, Etsy can technically kick you out of the site at any time (although they won’t if they don’t break the rules).

Also keep in mind that if you don’t want to turn an Etsy store into a full-fledged business, an Etsy store is often not considered “professional” as your own website. The Etsy store is a great way to start your business, but if all goes well, you can move to an independent platform.

Looking for additional ways to increase your bank balance? Check out our final list ways to make money.

Which products are best sold on Etsy?

what to sell on etsy

Credit: famous latest cards – These

We used the CraftCount website to look at Etsy’s best-selling stores, and the variety is huge!

Here are some of the bestsellers:

  • Stickers
  • Personalized bottles, glasses and t-shirts
  • Notebooks
  • Jewelry
  • Artistic engravings
  • Knitted patterns
  • Greeting cards
  • Images
  • Enamel pins

But people sell all sorts of amazing handicrafts on Etsy: the more original, the better. We’ve seen successful stores that sell everything from nail polish to food, so we’re limited to the popular ones.

Tips for Beginner Etsy Sellers

We asked some experienced Etsy sellers what they would like to know when they opened their stores, and here’s what they told us:

Keep an eye on margins – I initially designed my prices to get about 10% profit, but once my cards started to gain popularity, I actually got an understated price compared to my competitors and I missed out on earnings much more.

Well, and I’m afraid to buy Etsy ads, I spend about $ 2 a day and it works for me – just keep an eye on it.

Leah from The latest maps are known

Etsy’s search is predictable, so you can put a word that matches your product and it will come up with key terms to use.

You need to use certain keyword terms contained in two or more words and have them in your title as well as use all your tags.

You don’t need fancy equipment to get good photos. I take all mine over the phone. Use natural light and a nice background and you’re on your way. Wallpaper patterns (artificial wood otherwise) create good backgrounds for flat feet.
Louise from Book UK

Alternatives to Etsy

alternatives to Etsy
Etsy is the only place to sell vintage and handmade items online – here are the best of the rest.

Do you need a quick sale? You’ve almost certainly heard eBayand a lot of people use it to sell the same item you plan to sell on Etsy. If you can keep costs competitive enough and want to sell goods quickly, eBay can become the site for you.

Looking for international supplies? Folk – is a handmade site (no antiques) designed only for sellers in the UK.

Want to stop paying commission? Buy allows you to create an online store without paying for emails and commissions, but it’s $ 29 a month. Depending on your volume this may be a cheaper option.

Selling clothes or accessories? If your Etsy business idea is related to fashion, there are many websites selling clothes onlinelike Depop and Vinted.

Ready to invest in your business? Not on High Street is a British site with Etsy-like products and a reliable market with TV commercials. However, you need to apply to sell your goods on NOTHS, and on online forums it is easy to do. Plus it costs £ 199 a year once they offer you the green light.

However, apparently people sell a lot more through Not on the High Street, which makes the fees good for that.

It is a good idea to use yours social media profiles promote your Etsy store. There are many ways to increase the number of following and use these channels to make money.

You know how to sell on Etsy, so maybe consider branching out to other products 53 business ideas!!

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