Magento eCommerce Website Development has revolutionized the last few years with numerous extensions made available to customize your store and tailor it to your marketing needs. These Magento extensions help modify your online store to create exemplary shopping experiences for your customers. Some of these extensions are available for free and some are paid for – but all add some value to your website.

So with thousands of extensions to choose from, how do you know which will benefit your store? How do you decide who to buy or try for free?

Here are some guidelines to help you make the right decision:

Determine your purpose

Magento is a feature-rich platform that provides all the basic functionality that an eCommerce store requires. However, your store may need some specific features to run a sales or discounted offer or holiday gift campaigns, etc. This is where the extensions appear. Well, some add-ons are offered by Magento Connect itself. Some other interesting extensions and Magento customizations are offered by other web development companies. Well, you can only choose the right extension by determining exactly what you need. Determine what your online store wants and then go in search of the right resume.

Get to know the extension

Once you find out what you want, shortlist a few extensions from different providers, or better yet, create one customized for your website. This can be easily achieved by recruiting Magento eCommerce website development professionals. Well, get to know the extension and its features.

Try it for free

Many service providers provide you with a trial period & # 39; period for free. Some of the extensions are free too! So if in doubt, give it a try! Try it out in a test environment to understand how it works and match its features to your needs.

Check out the functionalities

With each extension, you get a long list of features, functionality, and what it can do and what it can do but not …

Source by Gadani Dhwanan


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