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One of the questions that readers often ask is this how to choose a niche in a blog.

What is a niche blog?

A blog niche is a carefully selected topic area that constantly concentrates your blog. Simply put, choosing a niche blog is just another way to answer the question how do you decide what to blog about?

And this rather important question needs to be answered, because it is very early starting your blog… Because it can end up being the deciding factor that determines the future success (or failure) of your blog.

While some bloggers just write about what gets into their minds, they do no a great strategy for long-term success. Especially if you want your own a blog ends up making a profit and become something more than just an online diary with a small number of readers who tune in to your reflections.

Instead it is necessary choose a niche in the blog– A clear theme that focuses all your content on establishing what your readers should expect from you.

How to choose a niche in a blog (+21 examples of niches for a blog) in 2020

  1. What is a niche blog?
  2. How narrow (or wide) should your blog niche be?
  3. How to brainstorm ideas for your niche blog
  4. 9 Key Questions to Answer When Choosing a Niche Blog
  5. 4 smart ways to check your blog’s niche (before launch)
  6. 21 Examples of Profitable Blog Niches: What Makes a Blog Niche Successful?
  7. How will you choose a niche for your blog today?

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Once you’re ready to test your niche in the blog and begin the process of actually creating your blog – go to my final guide to opening a blog.

Want to start your blog (the right way)?

Check out my final guide How to start a blog (on the side).

Now, probably dive into my guide on how to choose a niche blog!

How narrow (or wide) should your niche in the blog be?

When choosing a niche for a blog, you want to choose a topic area that you will be able to write about weekly or even daily for years to come.

This means that a very a narrow niche, such as “iPhone Marvel Avengers iPhone Cases,” is likely to work well in the long run.

At first it can be great because you don’t compete with a large volume of vendors, but you’ll probably struggle to find enough design inspiration, customers, and you might even get bored of creating the same types of designs in months (and years) ).

How to choose a blog Example of Avengers

With a theme like this example, you’ll try to better expand your blog’s niche to include “iPhone cases with movies and TV”. In this broad niche you can still include all the Marvel cases you want, but also allow yourself to expand on many other relevant topics.

Of course, the niche of the blog can be reached too widely.

According to the latter blog statisticsBy the end of 2020, there were 31.7 million bloggers. This makes choosing a clear blog niche more important than ever.

This means that if your blog covers massive topics such as “health” or “business”, then it really goes to the struggle in creating a targeted audience and finding your own readers.

Instead, you want to narrow down to something more focused – perhaps instead of “health” you can choose a niche in a blog, such as “living with diabetes” or “losing weight through nutrition”.

Instead of “business” as a broad topic you can focus your niche on a blog specifically on “starting a side business“Or”how to make money online“Where your content can be more clearly defined fences that will support you about what your audience expects.

Now that I’ve felt like choosing a niche in a blog without risking becoming too narrow or too wide, eating brainstorming some ideas.

How to brainstorm ideas for your niche blog

Some bloggers know what they want to write about right away. They want to start a blog based on a fiery passion or one that is associated with an existing enterprise.

Choosing a Niche Blog Examples of Brainstorming Ideas

Other brand new bloggers have no idea yet (and saved normally)!

They were still studying what a blog really isAnd all they know is what they want to blog about something.

If you like it, or you already have neither two in mind but want a few more options, here are some great ways to brainstorm blog ideas.

1. Write down a list of all the things that interest you

What do you like to do or say?

Write down all the things that interest you the most, don’t you think it will make a good niche in a blog. Just think of all the possibilities at this stage.

It’s badly normal when some of your niche ideas are considered very general and others are weighed as more specific. At this stage the ideas are not bad.

Your list might look something like this:

  • Small business
  • Game of Thrones
  • Golf
  • Camping
  • Travel (especially to Europe)
  • Quentin Tarantino’s films

Looking at your list, you will probably find that some of your ideas could make better blog niches than others.

You can even find one potential niche in the blog that stands out for you – put a star next to the one that will be back soon. Side note: If you’re ready to start generating ideas for content and start writing, check out this list 201+ best blog ideas you can write about today.

2. Think about the diaries, magazines and books you read

What blogs do you read greedily? What magazines do you subscribe to? What about (non-fiction) books read recently?

You can have a wide range of different interestsor you may find that all of your reading is focused on one common area (i.e. “personal development“) This can help you move to a specific blog niche to focus your brainstorming. Check out my the main book of blogs suggestions to see if they also help ignite something.

Write down the topics or titles of all the diaries, magazines, and books you read – then see if they come up with any clear ideas for your blog niche.

3. List previous vacancies, hobbies and experiences

Use a hobby to find a niche in a blog that you can write about

What work have you done in your life? Write them down (even if they seem down to earth).

What about your hobbies? Maybe you like miniature fighting, or maybe an avid gardener. You may be playing an instrument or attending several amateur sports teams. Write it all down.

Although you may not want to start writing blog posts about your real work you may find that there are elements of your work or hobbies that you want to blog about, or a main theme that connects several elements of your life together.

Maybe you found a designer in an advertising agency, you played in an orchestra, and you enjoyed drawing and sketching – helping you make sense in choosing a blog focused on creativity.

4. List the significant things you perform

Many successful blogs teach people this to do something.

From a school of digital photography that teaches people to take the best photos … Mustache money teaches people how to save money shortages so they can retire early (talk about them in the lucrative niche blog examples below).

What important achievements have you had? Probably:

  • Lose weight and did not allow
  • Got out of debt
  • Run a marathon
  • Married for 30 years

All of these are achievements that other people would like to have – and you can talk about how you achieved them.

5. Browse a list of perennial popular topics

If you’re still looking for niche blog ideas, here’s a list that is likely to go out of style soon:

  • Personal Finance: including issues such as debt, revenue growth, cost reduction, investment
  • Health and health: covering a wide range of areas such as weight loss, mental health, alternative therapies
  • Raising children: including the upbringing of children at different stages: infants, children, schoolchildren, adolescents, adult children, as well as various methods of upbringing
  • Self-improvement: which can be targeted at different age groups (eg college students, middle-aged professionals, retirees) or at different philosophies and styles
  • Creating sites: this can incorporate your technical skills into writing similar topics how to make a websitethat the best site builders there is much more

While it’s not ideal to choose a niche blog just for the sake of market demand, you can find anything on this list that can become a topic for blogging and ultimately makes your way into a more consistent niche over time (as you learn the nuances space).

9 key questions to answer when choosing a blog niche

So far, you should have at least a free idea for a niche blog that you could run – or at least a few different niche ideas that you could try yourself.

Choose a niche blog to write about these 9 issues

Now that you know whether or not your niche will turn into a successful blog that can attract readers?

Answer these questions right now to fully appreciate your potential blog niche.

If you click “no” on any of these – take the time to go back to the drawing board and find a new niche in the blog that you can write about.

Question 1. Are you interested in this niche blog?

So, tempting to blog about a niche you consider profitable – such as “credit cards” or “weight loss” – are great opportunities that you constantly pop up in advertising.

The problem with this approach is that other than fierce competition, your interest is likely to diminish over time.

You can embed in your own blog business plan hire writers to write for you – but even so, we need to grow a blog yourself (or invest a lot of your money in it) until it becomes profitable.

It’s bad to choose your niche just because you think it is make money on your blog.

Choose a niche that you are genuinely interested in. What you enjoy writing day after day for years to come.

While you may find your personal level interesting relatively … compared to other factors, it’s actually very important to pass the first test on this list. I have become more serious about the importance of choosing in a blog only those topics that you find interesting.

If you’re not really interested in a niche, then there’s no point in trying to blog about it – you have the enthusiasm you need to spend through the ups and downs of the years to come.

Question № 2. Do you know enough about this niche in the blog?

If you are going to create a successful blog, you need to be able to write blog posts that readers will find useful – not the full content of inaccuracies or misconceptions.

You want to spend hours studying each line of your blog posts and when homework will be done to reply how much is a blogYou probably have the budget to hire expert writers to help you write around.

You want to choose a topic that you know a reasonable amount about. At least enough to have a conversation on the subject.

Readers also expect that you have at least some degree of experience (ideally experience) in your niche blog. After all, you’ll want to learn cooking tips from someone who struggles to cook an egg, either SEO Blog Strategies from someone whose site has never ranked higher than page 10 on Google?

In most niches for a blog you need a formal qualification. Readers will be happy to hear your weight loss tips on a budget as long as you build on your personal experience. The same with how managed to abandon the proven tips for blogging, tips and best practices based on real results have been able to capture my blog here.

Most people expect you to be a certified health professional, personal trainer or financial expert on the subject.

In some niches of the blog, readers expect a degree in education or professional qualification.

If he had come starting a blog covering legal issues or, for example, tax advice in the blog– Readers expect that you will study as a lawyer or accountant … or at least highly educated quotes and advice from the experts included in your recommendations.

Question № 3. Is there a paid audience for this niche blog?

So you’re interested in a niche and know a lot about … tell, tell an incomprehensible cartoon that you loved as a child.

Examples of Niche Cartoon Blog Roadrunner and Coyote

Before launching a fan blog dedicated to cartoons, it’s important to take a step back and ask a critical question – is there a paid audience in this niche?

For a niche blog to work (assuming you plan to make money at some point), you need to have an audience first promote your blog … and have relative confidence that they can spend money on products or services related to that niche – you create them yourself or not.

To determine if there is a paid audience for this niche of your blog, ask yourself:

  • Are there books or magazines in this niche? Use a little common sense here: if you’ve self-published a book with zero reviews and zero visibility on Amazon, then that’s probably not a sign that there’s going to be a large paid audience. You are hoping to assess whether others are already making money in this space.
  • Are there goods (or services) aimed at that audience? Rather, consider looking at a niche blog – new parents of twins based on their own experience. There are definitely products aimed at parent twins (plus the vast majority of products intended for any parent can also work). Having a large number of products is (a) a sign that consumes the audience fee there, and (b) a source of potential advertising; affiliate programs to make an income for you.
  • Are the companies that advertise products related to your keywords? For example, if a niche is considered “organic gardening,” you can type this into Google, as well as other relevant terms such as “garden tools” and “organic pesticides”. Are there ads? If you find ads for any (or many) of your keywords, you can find this challenging topic to monetize.

If your answers to these questions still sound promising, keep moving forward.

Question № 4. How many people are looking in your niche blog?

If you’ve already come up with any keywords, now is the time to find out how to do keyword research.

What would people look for to find the type of content they are going to sell (or the type of products they are going to sell)? That’s where blogging tools as one of my favorite free keyword planners, Twinword ideas log in to play.

Blogger SEO Techniques and Tools for Studying Twinword Research Research

Once you have some keywords in mind, it’s also important to check how popular those keywords really are.

Use Twinword ideas to not only check the monthly search volume of keywords that consistently blog, but also suggest other popular terms related to your niche.

Make sure you focus on your country as well as other big countries that are relevant. For example, if you are in Australia but plan to sell digital products that can be bought to a global audience, you also want to target the US and the UK so you can see the combined level of search from another English. developing countries.

Any good keyword research tool also offers many other related keywords that can be evaluated. If some of them get a lot more searches than the keywords you previously thought, you can change your own Blog ideas over to primarily include those with higher opportunities.

What is the safe number of monthly searches to create a good niche blog?

If most of your keywords are only 100 people searching for them every month, fight to create a profitable blog.

But if you can combine all your top 10-20 keywords and get a total of 100,000-100,000 monthly searches … then definitely something is needed.

Question № 5. Is it possible that this niche will be for many years?

While some blogs do succeed by focusing on ephemeral trends, it takes time to create a popular blog.

After six months you start from scratch again, so try to choose a niche in the blog that lasts for many years.

Creating an entire blog around something meant for the short term (e.g., the 2020 Olympics) is hardly worth your time. Persek, building a blog around something like this can Fast vanish presents and a great plan. This is often the case with new social networks or campaign initiatives: look what happened Аўтарства Google, напрыклад.

Пераканайцеся, што вы наладжваеце сваю працу вакол нішавага блога, які будзе доўжыцца, альбо што вы зможаце круціцца, каб улічыць змены сваёй нішы з цягам часу.

Добры прыкмета таго, што нейкі блог будзе трымацца, калі ён ужо быў нейкі час!

Усё, што з’явілася на сцэне толькі ў мінулым годзе, лепш пазбягаць як нішавую тэму для ўсяго блога.

Калі новая тэндэнцыя нядрэнна скручваецца ў нешта большае, нішу вы хочаце зачыніць, што стварае выдатную магчымасць пачаць рана ствараць змест па тэме.

Пытанне № 6. Ці ёсць у вашай нішы блогу ўмераная колькасць канкурэнцыі?

Вы можаце падумаць, што добрая ніша не павінна мець занадта вялікай канкурэнцыі, – але наадварот.

Як выбраць канкурэнты па памеры блога, нішы Памер рынку

Калі пайшоў no канкурэнцыя там, альбо калі спаборніцтвы здаюцца нечаканымі або аматарскімі, то гэта можа азначаць, што ваша ніша проста перамагае тую, якая працуе добра для блога.

Іншыя блогеры – толькі ваша канкурэнцыя – яны таксама могуць быць вашымі супрацоўнікамі.

Вы хацелі мець магчымасць публікацыя гасцей у вялікіх блогах, напрыклад, і вы, магчыма, захочаце праводзіць вебинары, запрашаючы больш шырокія імёны ў сваю нішу, каб супрацоўнічаць над пашырэннем аб’яднанай аўдыторыі.

Вядома, калі тон ад канкурэнцыі, дзякуючы чаму важна адрозніць свой блог ад усіх астатніх – знайсці кут ці аўдыторыю, якая выглядае як шырока нацэленая.

Пытанне № 7. Ці змяняецца тэма павелічэння тэндэнцый Google?

Google Trends гэта зручны спосаб атрымаць здымак цікавасці грамадскасці да пэўнай тэмы. Возьмем для прыкладу гэты графік тэндэнцый на папулярнасць blogging.

Вынік тэндэнцый Google у блогах 2019

Проста ўвядзіце сваё ключавое слова, і вы зможаце даведацца, ці становіцца яно больш ці менш папулярным з цягам часу.

Дрэнна лепш пазбягаць тэмы, якая становіцца ўсё менш папулярнай (у адваротным выпадку ў вас ёсць усе падставы меркаваць, што зноў можна прыцягнуць людзей).

Калі цікавасць да нішы статычны, гэта, верагодна, добра … але ідэальны сцэнар – гэта ніша, якая развіваецца ў трэндзе да Google Trends.

Тут вы можаце таксама параўнаць пошукавыя тэрміны, так што калі вы прымаеце рашэнні паміж дзвюма нішамі блога, вам можа быць карысна паглядзець на іх адносную папулярнасць.

Калі графік выглядае даволі плоскім за мінулы год, праверце папярэднія пяць гадоў (выберыце дыяпазон дат з выпадальнага меню) – вы можаце выявіць, што папулярнасць у іх павольна зніжаецца.

Пытанне № 8. Ці былі б вы рады быць звязаныя з гэтай нішай блога?

Хоць вы патэнцыйна можаце весці блог пад псеўданімам, Звычайна не вельмі добрая ідэя выбраць блог нішы, які вы не хочаце, каб людзі звязваліся з вамі.

Гэта можа быць таму, што ніша блога нейкім чынам няёмка (давайце паглядзім праўду, не многія з нас хацелі б называцца “блогерам, які змочвае ложак”), альбо гэта можа быць таму, што гэта не вельмі падыходзіць для іншага брэнда. які вы ўжо стварылі – і вы не хочаце засмуціць сваю існуючую аўдыторыю.

Гэта можа быць нават таму, што вы хацелі, каб вас палюбілі канкрэтным чынам (гэта значыць, як “мама блогер”).

Хоць вам, безумоўна, трэба паведаміць пра свой блог усім, каго вы ведаеце, гэта, безумоўна, перавага, каб адчуваць сябе ўпэўнена і рады падзяліцца ім з сябрамі, сям’ёй і людзьмі, якіх вы ўжо ведаеце ў Інтэрнэце – гэта сапраўды можа дапамагчы павялічыць трафік у першыя дні.

Такім чынам, падумайце двойчы пра нішу ў блогу, з якой вам камфортна звязаць сваё імя.

Пытанне № 9. Ці мае ваш нішавы касцюм вечназялёны змест?

Змест дзённіка можна падзяліць на дзве шырокія катэгорыі: “вечназялёны” і “навіны”.

Вечназялёны змест застаецца актуальным на доўгія гады, хаця яго трэба абнаўляць з цягам часу.

Змест навін можа быць вельмі цікавым на працягу кароткага перыяду часу, але хутка згасае, як і іншыя падзеі.

Хоць ёсць і шмат блогаў галоўным чынам публікуюць навіны але магчымасці для вечназялёнага змесціва палягчаюць гэта вырасціць свой сайт.

Замест таго, каб пастаянна публікаваць новы кантэнт, каб прыцягнуць чытачоў, ваш вечназялёны змест можа працаваць над тым, каб прыцягнуць людзей на ваш блог.

Калі ваша ніша будзе спадзявацца на шмат свежага зместу, які будзе рэгулярна публікавацца, добра падумайце, ці зможаце вы зрабіць гэта справядліва.

У большасці блогаў, арыентаваных на навіны, працуе каманда пісьменнікаў, якая працуе над імі, таму яны могуць ісці ў нагу з апошнімі навінамі і распрацоўкамі.

4 разумных спосабу праверкі нішы вашага блога (перш чым пачаць)

Так упэўнена выбраў нішу блога, што ўпэўнена дасць вам добрыя шанцы (нарэшце) манетызацыя сайта.

Як выбраць нішу для блога пра кантрольны спіс і праверку рамак

Ёсць шмат іншых дзённікаў, кніг, часопісаў і прадуктаў, звязаных з ім … і ўсё яшчэ нешта сапраўды цікавіць.

Але вы будзеце на самой справе атрымліваць задавальненне ад вядзення блога пра гэта?

Ці не было б выдатна, калі б вы змаглі праверыць нішу свайго блога, перш чым прайсці ўсе намаганні creating a website за гэта?

Ну, можна.

Вось як пацвердзіць нішу, пра якую вы хочаце весці блог – перад тым, як марнаваць гадзіны на запуск вашага сайта.

Тэст №1. Прыдумайце як мінімум 50 ідэй для паведамленняў у блогу ў вашай нішы

Адкладзіце гадзіну для сябе альбо ў пустым памяшканні дома, альбо ў ціхай мясцовай кавярні – і падбярыце нататнік і ручку.

Запішы столькі Ідэі ў блогу як вы можаце. Вы імкнуліся як мінімум 50 ідэй.

101 лепшыя ідэі ў блогу, якія будуць стымуляваць трафік

Пакутуе, калі некаторыя з гэтых ідэй здаюцца крыху агульнымі, альбо калі яны, здаецца, зробленыя ў іншым месцы раней … проста паспрабуйце атрымаць як мага даўжэйшы спіс.

Калі вам прыйдзецца сумаваць на паўдарозе, альбо калі вам не хапае ідэй, перш чым зрабіць гэта 50, то вырашыце, што гэтая ніша ў блогу не можа стаць для вас правільным выбарам. Таму што, калі ваш блог пачынае набіраць цягу, у канчатковым выніку пішаце пекла нашмат больш, чым толькі 50 артыкулаў.

Тэст № 2. Напішыце пару паведамленняў для гасцей у сваёй нішы блога

Арганізоўваючы спіс ідэй, выберыце пару, пра якія вы хацелі б пісаць, і знайдзіце блогі, якія былі б зацікаўлены ў правядзенні артыкула ад вас – якія ахопліваюць гэтыя тэмы. у якасці гасцявых паведамленняў за іх ужо існуючую аўдыторыю.

У якасці ніжняга бар’ера вы можаце наладзіць бясплатны ўліковы запіс Medium або перайсці на LinkedIn і напісаць там свае тэставыя паведамленні гасцей, каб даведацца, як рэагуюць людзі ў вашай сетцы.

Гасцёўня ў блогу 101 Ultimate Guide Як размясціць паведамленне ў блогу

Гэта выдатны спосаб праверыць, ці любіце вы пісаць пра сваю нішу ў блогу – і гэта таксама дазваляе атрымаць водгукі чытачоў у рэальным жыцці аб вашым змесце.

Калі вам складана пісаць гэтыя раннія паведамленні гасцей, калі вам гэта вельмі не спадабаецца … ці калі зваротная сувязь на здзіўленне негатыўная ад аўдыторыі, якую вы атрымліваеце перад, то гэта можа быць добрым знакам перагледзець тую нішу, якую вы блогу каля.

Тэст № 3. Стварыце старонку Facebook (або групу) пра вашу нішу ў блогу

Іншы бясплатны і просты спосаб праверыць сваю нішу – гэта стварыць старонку ў Facebook (або групу).

Вы хацелі даць гэтай старонцы альбо групе тое ж імя, што і вашаму будучаму блогу, так што вы можаце выкарыстоўваць яго ў якасці магчымай старонкі Facebook у вашым блогу, калі вы прасунецеся ў гэтай нішы.

Гэтая старонка або група – выдатнае месца для абмену цікавымі спасылкамі, задаваць пытанні і дзяліцца парадамі, звязанымі з вашай нішай. Калі вы можаце прыцягнуць дастойную колькасць прыхільнікаў і членаў групы, каб прыйсці і пагутарыць з вамі тут, вы таксама знойдзеце пастаянную крыніцу новых ідэй пра змесціва.

Калі вам падабаецца публікаваць там і вы пачынаеце будаваць крыху цягі (з некаторымі лайкамі, каментарыямі і акцыямі), то, маючы добры знак, напэўна, спадабаецца весці блог і кіраваць супольнасцю ў гэтай нішы.

Тэст № 4. Праект пяць прыкладных паведамленняў блога, звязаных з вашай нішай

І, нарэшце, як толькі вы атрымаеце гэта так далёка, прыйшоў час пачаць выкладанне паведамленняў у блогу and напісанне гэтых артыкулаў па-сапраўднаму праверыць свой метад.

Паглядзіце, калі вы можаце напісаць пяць прыкладных артыкулаў, звязаных з вашай нішай – яны не павінны быць дасканалымі і вам не трэба публікаваць іх дзе заўгодна (пакуль што), але вам трэба прынамсі выканаць складаную задачу самастойна, каб стварыць некалькі матэрыялаў змесціва вы можаце стаяць ззаду і адчуваць сябе камфортна публікаваць у той нішы, пра якую вы разглядаеце блогі. Напрыклад, мая серыя артыкулаў пра вэб-хостынг для блогераў – гэта праверка на новую нішу блога (хостынг). Уключае ў сябе такія творы:

Раннія прыкметы, якія сведчаць аб тым, што новы тэст на нішу ў блогу пачынае вяртаць некаторыя станоўчыя вынікі для майго бізнесу – таму мы паглядзім, як ідзе гэты год!

Калі пяць прыкладных паведамленняў у блогу адчуваюць сябе занадта шмат, альбо калі вам сумна, напісаўшы толькі адзін артыкул у гэтай нішы, то варта перагледзець, ці сапраўды вы хочаце выбраць нішу ў блогу, дзе ў вас складана выбіваць змест, які вас хвалюе. .

Зразумела, калі вы вырашылі пайсці наперад і запусціць блог у гэтай нішы, зараз у вас ёсць дзіўны старт.

У вас была запісана вялікая колькасць ідэй па змесце ваш рэдакцыйны каляндар, а таксама некалькі складаных артыкулаў, гатовых да рэдакцыі і публікацыі.

21 Прыкладныя нішы блога Прыклады: што робіць паспяховую нішу блога?

Вось 21 (сапраўдная) прыбытковая ніша блога, каб паказаць вам магчымасць сфармаваць аўдыторыю і бізнес у самых розных галінах – і прайсці канкрэтны прыклад кожнай з іх ніжэй.

  • Фатаграфія
  • Падарожжа
  • Ежа і рэцэпты
  • Выхаванне дзяцей
  • Мода
  • Фітнес
  • Пісаць
  • Асабістыя фінансы
  • Лад жыцця
  • Маркетынг малога бізнесу
  • Пошукавая аптымізацыя
  • Асабістае развіццё
  • Развіццё кар’еры і пошук працы
  • Прадпрымальніцтва
  • Бакавы шум
  • Інвестыцыі
  • Зрабі сам (зрабі сам)
  • Натуральнае жыццё
  • Устойлівасць
  • Пашырэнне правоў жанчын
  • Кадаванне

Прыклады нішавага блога, каб натхніць вас на выбар нішы блога

Кожны з гэтых нішавых дзённікаў унікальнымі тэмамі асвятляе розныя тэмы. Зараз разглядаецца кожны з гэтых прыкладаў нішы блога.

Гэты поспех дае вам уяўленне пра шырокі спектр патэнцыйных ніш блога, у якіх вы можаце дасягнуць поспеху стварыць блог-бізнес-план (і стварыць шчаслівую аўдыторыю) вакол.

Прыклад № 1. Школа лічбавай фатаграфіі (Блог Ніша: Фатаграфія)

Гэты вялізны блог, заснаваны і кіруемы Даррэн Роўз славы ProBlogger, ахоплівае шырокі спектр матэрыялаў, звязаных з лічбавай фатаграфіяй, з паведамленнямі, пачынаючы ад зручных для пачаткоўцаў да больш прасунутых падручнікаў па ўсім, ад перадач да рэдагавання фатаграфій і шмат іншага.

Прыклад прыкладу блога школьнай лічбавай фатаграфіі для выбару нішы

“Лічбавы” элемент адрознівае яго ад аналагавай фатаграфіі (і ад такіх рэчаў, як гісторыя фатаграфіі). Элемент “школа” азначае вельмі практычную ўвагу ў змесце блога. DPS – дзіўны прыклад таго, як выбраць нішу ў блогу, калі вы хочаце ператварыць сапраўдную запал у прыбытковую кропку.

Прыклад № 2. ScaryMommy (Ніша блога: выхаванне дзяцей)

Гэты масіўны, аўтарскі блог займае ўсялякія тэмы, звязаныя з выхаваннем дзяцей – гэта, вядома, вельмі шырокая ніша.

Прыклад блога ScaryMommy Niche, каб натхніць вас

Выяўлены, аднак, адрозніваецца стылем і тонам. Артыкулы напісаны ад першай асобы, таму, што часта спасылаецца на поп-культуру, – значыць, яна мае значна больш асабістае і адноснае пачуццё, чым многія іншыя сайты ў бацькоўскай прасторы, якія атрымліваюцца вельмі прафесійна.

Прыклад № 3. IttyBiz (Блог Ніша: Маркетынг малога бізнесу)

IttyBiz займае вялікую нішу ў блогу (стварэнне і рост бізнесу).

Прыклад блога IttyBiz Niche ў маркетынгу малога бізнесу

Яна засяроджвае ўвагу на гэтай нішы, засяроджваючыся выключна на вельмі дробных прадпрыемствах, часта адзін чалавек, а можа, і адзін чалавек, а таксама два памочнікі. Гэтая ніша блога мае вялікі патэнцыял росту на працягу многіх гадоў, паколькі ўсё больш людзей па ўсім свеце прымаюць для стварэння ўласнага сольнага бізнесу.

Прыклад № 4. Moz (Блог Ніша: Аптымізацыя пошукавых сістэм)

Хоць SEO – гэта адносна невялікая тэма для блогераў, гэта дастаткова вузкая ніша для стварэння вар’яцка папулярнага і мэтанакіраванага блога, які манетызуе чытачоў праз свае інструменты.

Moz SEO Ніш блога сайта

Цяжка знайсці спецыяліста па SEO, які не чуў пра Moz. Вялікі папулярны блог, заснаваны Рэндам Фішкіным у 2009 годзе. Гэта выдатны прыклад таго, як выбраць нішу ў блогу, з канчатковай мэтай пабудовы вялікага бізнесу, акрамя простага стварэння кантэнту.

Прыклад № 5. Зялёная мама (Блог Ніша: экалагічнасць бацькоўства)

Гэта выдатны прыклад блога, які паспяхова спалучае дзве вялікія нішы, каб знайсці фокус і аўдыторыю.

Здаровы бацькоўскі экалагічна чысты ніш

Зялёная мама аб’ядноўвае “выхаванне дзяцей” і “экалагічнасць” у адзінай нішы блога, накіраванай на пэўную дэмаграфічную чытацкую дзейнасць – бацькоў, якія клапоцяцца пра тое, каб зрабіць усё магчымае як для навакольнага асяроддзя, так і для сваіх дзяцей.

Прыклад № 6. Спадар. Грошы вусоў (Блог Ніша: Асабістыя фінансы)

Доказам таго, што блогі могуць узрастаць, нягледзячы на ​​(ці нават з-за) даволі ідыясінкратычных рашэнняў аб назвах, г-н Грошы Вусы – гэта вядомы блог у фінансавай нішы “Фінансавая незалежнасць”.

Fun Прыватны блог асабістых фінансаў Г-н Грошы Вус Ніша

З доўгімі перарывістымі паведамленнямі і моцным голасам гэты блог ахоплівае тое ж самае, што і іншыя блогі з асабістымі фінансамі, але з асноўнай філасофіяй і выразным стылем мы ўпісалі ў абсалютна ўсё на сайце. Гэты блогер прыняў вельмі вострае рашэнне, калі было прынята рашэнне аб тым, як выбраць нішу ў блогу ў перапоўненай прасторы асабістага фінансавання – адзін стварыў трывалую марку, каб ён атрымліваў узнагароды за гады наперад.

Прыклад № 7. Copyblogger (Ніша блога: капірайтынг)

Copyblogger заўсёды быў у цэнтры ўвагі на капірайтынгу ў Інтэрнэце, у асноўным кароткія, мэтанакіраваныя паведамленні, накіраваныя на аўдыторыю яркіх капірайтэраў і маркетолагаў.

Прыклад блога CopyBlogger Niche ў пісьменніцкай прасторы

Маючы рэпутацыю якасці, а таксама расце набор прадуктаў, Copyblogger вылучыў выдатную нішу ў свеце “пісаць пра пісанне”, і я нават вывучыў рэч ці дзве з іх на працягу многіх гадоў, калі справа даходзіць да майстэрства эфектыўны інфармацыйная падтрымка блогераў паход.

Прыклад № 8. Дзен звычкі (Блог Ніша: Асабістае развіццё)

Просты, але элегантны дзённік “Звычкі” Леа Бабауты працягвае дзясятак гадоў.

Прыклад блога ZenHabits Niche ў прасторы ўважлівасці

With a clear, uncluttered, ad-free site, Leo’s approach to blogging, as well as his focus on the intersection of mindfulness and personal development, has won him many engaged fans.

Example #9. The 4-Hour Work Week (Blog Niche: Internet Entrepreneurs)

Tim Ferris Four Hour Work Week Blog Niche Example for Internet Entrepreneurs

Tim Ferris is the creator of the 4-Hour Work Week blog. His blog niche focuses on ways to efficiently and successfully run an online business. Some of his posts include information about streamlining work, outsourcing jobs, and developing time management skills. He teaches entrepreneurs how to drastically lower the amount of work they pour into their businesses and give them more time to work on the things they want to such as creativity or innovation.

He released a book called The 4-Hour Workweek in 2007 and it covered many of the same topics as his blog niche. This book quickly became a No.1 bestseller and helped cement his popularity in the blogging world.

Tim Ferris’ blog includes articles and podcasts covering a range of topics. Much of his content features successful bloggers, entrepreneurs and other famous people. One of his most popular podcast episodes includes Bob Iger, CEO, and Chairman of Disney.

Example #10: Notes From the Road (Blog Niche: World Travel)

Notes From the Road Blog in the Travel and Adventure Niche

Travel blogging is a very popular blog niche, largely because of how many people love traveling—and the fact that there are a lot of different ways to monetize a site in this niche. Erik Gauger, creator of the blog, Notes From the Road, uses his love of travel and photography to deliver an entertaining and interesting insight into his world travels.

Many of his travels include adventure elements such as backpacking in the wilderness, but he also writes about time spent in various global cities.

Written from the perspective of an “average guy” Erik Gauger says, “By road, by kayak, by seaplane and most of all on foot, I tackle the themes of city and country in the modern world. Travel writing sometimes gets a bad rap, because of ‘The azure sea was undulating and the hotel was fabulous.’ But travel writing can be funny, powerful and personal.”

Erik Gauger acknowledges that modern-day travel blogging sometimes has a bad reputation because travelers are incentivized to leave glowing reviews of hotels or travel destinations. His long-lasting position within this blog niche is more about sharing the personal experiences of traveling than dropping a five-star review of a resort.

His blog also includes original sketches, animal and plant life lists from around the world and music lists for travel.

Example #11 With the Grains (Blog Niche: Food and Recipe Blog)

With the Grains Cooking and Recipes Niche Example

Food and recipe blogs are one of the top niches that dominate social media sites like Pinterest. Favorite recipes are shared among friends and cooked at home. Food blogs fill a real need in people’s lives because we all have to eat.

So what makes a recipe blog stand out among the plethora of food blogs available? In the case of the blog With the Grains, it comes in personal storytelling, warm vibrant photography, and unique recipes.

Quelcy Kogel, the creator of With the Grains, decided to pick a blog niche that was very close to home for her—including recipes for people with a wide range of tastes and cravings. For those with allergy sensitivities, she has gluten and dairy-free recipes. Most recently she published a book called The Gluten-Free Cookbook with over 75 gluten-free recipes. Quelcy’s unique take on this blog niche include a combination of recipes, travels that include food, table design ideas for gatherings and more.

Example #12 Young House Love (Blog Niche: DIY, Home Improvement, Interior Design)

Young House Love Homepage and Blog Niche Example

Young House Love is a home improvement blog that has garnered a lot of success since it launched into this blog niche back in 2007. Husband and wife team John and Sherry Petersik are down to earth and have a gift for design and reconstruction.

On their blog, they cover topics like DIY projects, house renovations, interior design, flipping houses and more. They not only run a successful blog, but also a highly popular podcast.

They’ve published several books and have gone on to design products for Target, Home Depot and Wayfair—all because they decided to pick a blog niche that tapped into their own deep personal interests & experiences.

Their blog posts and podcasts are very relatable and make their audience feel like their projects are doable. They give very detailed plans and pricing for their projects while also weaving in stories from their personal lives. They also give pretty awesome before and after pictures for the “wow” factor. Pictures like that do very well on social media and are easily shareable.

Example #13 FarmHouse on the Boone (Blog Niche: Wholesome/Natural Living)

Farmhouse on the Boone Homepage Screenshot and Example of Home and Wellness Niche

Farmhouse on the Boone is part of a growing blog niche today—showing the advantages of slowing down, making food from scratch and enjoying the process of creating by hand. On the blog, creator Lisa shows the transformation of their 1890s farmhouse and shares recipes and handmade projects.

Other things covered in this blog are things related to natural living, parenting, organization, beauty products, interior design and more. Even their blog layout makes their design aesthetic very clear, and they cover the details of everyday life from a wholesome and intentional-living perspective.

Farmhouse on the Boone has a really strong social media following with almost 100,000 Instagram followers, over 200,000 Facebook followers and over 3.9 million monthly viewers on Pinterest, illustrating that Lisa picked a niche to blog about very popular topics.

This blog niche lends very well to social media because it’s very visual and people can see everyday snippets from a much bigger story. It’s a good way to introduce people to this lifestyle and show the benefits of it through images. Once people are intrigued, they’re likely to click through to learn more.

Example #14 A Mighty Girl (Blog Niche: Female Empowerment)

Mighty Girl Female Empowerment Blog (Example)

A Mighty Girl was launched in 2012 by co-founders Carolyn Danckaert and Aaron Smith. Their blog is a great resource for books, music, movies and toys that empower girls. The idea for their blog came from a personal interest—they wanted to find books for their nieces that broke the stereotypical mold for little girls. This led them down the path to pick a blog niche that wasn’t necessarily proven out already.

However, they soon realized that this was something that many people wanted for their daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and young women in their life. That’s what inspired them to create A Mighty Girl.

Today, the blog covers many topics like women astronauts, ways to grow girls’ confidence, important women in history, books for many occasions, STEM and so much more.

Example #15 Thrift Diving (Blog Niche: Thrift and DIY)

Thrift Diving Craft Blog Example (Screenshot)

Thrift Diving is a blog about turning thrift finds into treasures. Blogger Serena Appiah (rhymes with IKEA), decided to pick a niche to blog about where she could teach people how to take inexpensive thrift finds and transform them into something useful and beautiful. She includes easy hacks, furniture makeovers, repurposing and loads of DIY projects.

This blog niche appeals to a group of people who are good at DIY and design, but want to do it on a dime. It’s also good for people interested in creating an income from thrift flips too.

Example #16 The Accidental Icon (Blog Niche: Fashion)

Accidental Icon Fashion Niche Blog Example (Homepage Screenshot)

The fashion blogging niche has been popular for quite a long time. Today there are many excellent examples of fashion blogs covering unique styles. What makes Accidental Icon stand out is it’s a fashion blog created by a woman over the age of 60.

While many fashion blogs are run by younger men and women, this blog shows that interesting and attractive fashion isn’t for one particular age. Blog creator Lyn Slater decided to pick a blog niche where she could show off her travel, style and thoughts on life from the perspective of an academic who’s experienced a lot over the decades.

Although she’s over 60 years old, her blog intentionally does not serve a single age demographic. Instead, she hopes to appeal to thoughtful women of different ages and backgrounds.

Example #17 Side Hustle Nation (Blog Niche: Side Hustles)

Side Hustle Nation Homepage Screenshot and Niche Blog Example

As you already know, side hustles are on the rise. People are finding that side jobs and stumbling upon the right business ideas that can be built outside of your full-time job can be extremely lucrative and rewarding. Some people eventually turn their side hustles into full-time businesses.

Side Hustle Nation is one of my favorites sites in this blog niche, with one of the more clever domain names too. Created by entrepreneur Nick Loper, he decided to very intentionally pick a blog niche where he could share the lessons learned from his own successes (and failures) with side projects over the years.

Nick used to work a full-time job at a large company, and used his off time to start his own business. His blog now covers topics from side hustle ideas to investment opportunities, how to be successful with a side business and much more.

Example #17 Nerd Fitness (Blog Niche: Fitness)

Nerd Fitness Homepage Screenshot (Niche Example)

Who doesn’t want to be a little more fit and healthy? Fitness is a highly popular blog niche because it fills a need that many people have. So the question is—how do you take a saturated blog niche like fitness and still grow an audience of your own?

One way to do this is by tackling it for a new or different audience. That’s where Nerd Fitness comes in.

Nerd Fitness was started in 2009 but self-proclaimed nerd, Steve Kamb. He decided to pick a blog niche where he could market to other people like himself, about a topic that was important to him (fitness). He describes his readers as, “people with desk jobs that love nerd culture, games, books and movies, but also know they need to make healthier choices in their day to day lives.”

How does he operate his niche blog differently? For one thing, he wants to make fitness fun for people. According to Steve Kamb, if running on a treadmill doesn’t sound like fun to you, there are a lot of other options like yoga, ultimate frisbee, or karate that might make getting in shape more enjoyable.

Using references from Lord of the Rings and Marvel are some other ways that he makes his content relatable to his audience. There’s even a free “create your character” course that allows you to choose a class, customize a profile and complete “quests” that help you become a more healthy person.

Example #18 Fatherly (Niche: Parenting Blog for Dads)

Fatherly Homepage Screenshot (Parenting Blog Example)

Parenting blogs are common on the Internet, but many of them are geared towards moms. That’s what gives a blog like Fatherly a place in the parenting blog niche world.

Mike Rothman, who previously worked on the blog Thrillist, and cofounder Simon Issacs, wanted to pick a blog niche where they could bring their desire to build a parenting blog that focused primarily on new fathers, to life.

In an interview with Business Insider, Rothman said, “There’s been an interesting shift, where fathers are more involved in terms of time commitment and purchasing decisions. But there was a complete dearth of content for this up-and-coming demographic.”

Rotham and Issacs saw an opportunity for a blog niche that wasn’t readily obvious—yet ended up filling a need many people hadn’t seen at the time.

Example #19 Learn to Code With Me (Niche: Coding)

Learn to Code With Me Niche Blog Example of Development and Coding (Homepage)

The job market is changing in the world—many jobs are being shifted towards needing technical skill, and it’s predicted that many jobs will be lost to AI in the future. However, many jobs will also be created in the tech industry. In reality, there’s a talent gap in tech, meaning that companies are actively recruiting and training people in this industry. That’s what makes Learn to Code With Me so valuable in this increasingly important blog niche.

Creator Laurence Bradford decided to pick a blog niche that first chronicles her own experiences learning how to code. She’s a self-taught developer who wanted to make a place for people to affordably access education for coding. She writes, “Ultimately, I started Learn to Code With Me to help other beginners start out strong, because I’ve been in your shoes. I’ll show you what to learn and how to use those skills to make your life better, like they’ve done for mine.”

Example #20 Tree Hugger (Niche: Sustainability)

Tree Hugger Homepage Example of How to Pick a Niche to Blog About

If you’re concerned about the planet or if you spend a lot of your day thinking about ways to help the environment, you may be interested in creating a blog in the sustainability blog niche.

Treehugger is one of the leading blogs for new about sustainability. With over 3 million visitors a month, it’s obvious there’s a real interest in this blog niche. Treehugger covers topics like eco-friendly technology, how to run a sustainable business, worldwide coverage of wildlife, personal sustainability and a whole lot more.

This blog is a multi-author site with a thriving flow of content, newsletters and regularly updated social media posts.

Example #21 The Adventure Junkies (Niche: Outdoor Adventure)

Adventure Junkies Homepage Screenshot (and Blog Niche Example)

Outdoor adventure is a growing blog niche and there are a lot of enthusiasts who use the Internet to learn about destinations, gear and pro tips.

The Adventure Junkies is a primarily affiliate-driven blog that’s a resource for people interested in all kinds of outdoor adventure. They cover a wide range of topics including hiking, scuba diving, kayaking, climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding and skiing and quite a few more.

The Adventure Junkies team explains why they picked a blog niche in the travel blogging space like so: “To help people become adventure junkies, we created this website to be THE place to go to learn about outdoor activities and connect with a global network of like-minded people… Whether you dream of hiking through a pristine forest or exploring the depths of the ocean, we’re here to help make it possible.”

Example #22 Lia Griffith: Craft Your Life (Niche: Lifestyle/Crafting)

Lia Griffith's Homepage Screenshot

Worldwide, there’s a growing interest in making things by hand. This interest is often called the “maker movement” and it offers bloggers many different blog niche opportunities within that greater industry. Woodworking blogs have become extremely popular as well as sewing, crocheting, painting, jewelry making and many others.

Blogger Lia Griffith wanted to pick a blog niche where she could show her crafting style to her audience. Her focus is on paper-making and sewing and she has made many tutorials showing her audience how to make what she makes.  Now she has a team of crafting developers that create DIY templates, SVG cut files, and tutorials for crafters.

Besides offering thousands of DIY content for makers, this blog also has excellent photography. Lia Griffith’s imagery makes it easy to share on social media and other online outlets. Even non-crafting people may be intrigued enough by the photography to click over and see the handmade creations.

How Will You Pick a Blog Niche Today?

Every blogger eventually needs to pick a blog niche… and it’s important not to simply pick a niche at random (or even because you think it’s going to make you a lot of money).

If you want to build a successful business and drive real traffic to your blog, you’ll need a profitable niche that you’re happy to stick with for a long time to come.

Here’s your 3-step blog niche checklist to hit the ground running with. Make sure that you:

  • Brainstorm plenty of ideas for blog niches before you get too attached to one. Don’t assume that your first idea is your best! There might be a better possibility that you haven’t even thought of yet.
  • Run through the list of niche tests in this guide to make sure your chosen blog niche is likely to have a good chance of success. If you discover that it’s not going to be a good one for making money from your blog, it’s time to rethink your choice of blog niche (if you plan to eventually monetize your blog).
  • Validate your blog niche before you commit to it. Come up with ideas, write guest posts, start a Facebook page and finally—publish a few articles on your blog to see how early readers react before you go all in on investing in this particular blog niche. Don’t make the blogging mistake of investing a ton of financial resources into your site before you’ve proven it has legs.

Do this, and you’ll be setting yourself up for success right from the start with your blog.

You’ll not only avoid potentially throwing away lots of time, energy and even money into a blog niche that’s never going to work—but you’ll also learn a great deal about what readers truly care about in the niche you choose to blog on.

If you’re ready to test out your blog niche and get moving, then head over to my ultimate guide to starting a blog.

Want to Start Your Blog (the Right Way)?

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