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If interested, interested starting a blog a few probably thought how to name a blog, right? An important question to be answered during this process.

The title of your blog informs readers about who you are, about topics related to blogs, if they are consistent with your post, and more. So that’s what you’re going to do name your blog?

It is estimated that they are over 500 million blogs online. It is therefore clear that it takes some effort to really stand out from the crowd. Especially if you hope so write blog content that people will actually be I want read for a long time.

But before you start writing amazing content, you want to think about a great blog name. Part of your branding strategy and creating a memorable one for readers is choosing a permanent blog title that you can use in the foreseeable future.

This is the part that shuts up a lot of new bloggers. How do you think of a blog title that represents your brand and can be killed later when people search for it on Google?

Here are some of my best strategies and tips how to name a blogincluding 40 most creative blog title ideas and examples that you can use as inspiration to create your own smart blog name today.

How to name a blog (“Smart Way”) + 40 blog name ideas

  1. Blog Idea Name (Quick Tips and Simple Techniques)
  2. Explore your niche deeply
  3. Think about why you want to blog
  4. Meet your potential readers
  5. Identify strong branding opportunities
  6. Start by emphasizing keywords
  7. Use a name generator
  8. 40 ideas and examples of blog titles (plus why they work)

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I get a lot from readers of this version of the issue … “What should I call my blog, Ryan?”

The name of your blog represents you, and it can be the difference between who clicks on your blog or posts it, rather than choosing a competitor’s site to read. And while that’s true, naming your blog isn’t really the most important part creating a successful blog.

The content you create, the feeling you give to your readers, and the value you give them far surpass any blog name you came up with when you first started.

Consider Apple. People spend billions of dollars annually on Apple products just because they love the name. People buy Apple because they love their products and believe they have original intuitive ideas that have beaten their competition. Today, many people love the name Apple, but it is their intelligence, branding and marketing that have made the company what it is.

Confused this truth, the name of your blog there is the first thing people see in search results – and today’s recent Blog statistics show that your name matters. The name of your blog (and your chosen domain) will tell people something about you and your blog, so you want to make a strong first impression.

If you’re ready to start your blog, but still commit to a name, then start here with my quick tips how to name a blog, first.

Blog Idea Name (Quick Tips and Simple Techniques)

Trying to figure out how to come up with a blog name makes you feel like you’re planted in the desert – take a deep breath and relax.

The blogger is working on planning from Ryan Robinson’s coffee shop

Let’s start with some very useful (quick) ways to help you understand creative thinking so you can come up with the right name for own blog today.

1. Read a book (or article) to reveal a smart blog name

Did you know that reading can open your mind as well improve your imagination in exciting ways?

The name of your perfect blog can just be hidden in your favorite book or even in one of my free blogging books. It can be a word or phrase that catches your attention for a few pages.

Or more often than not, a simple act of reading something interesting can just open your mind to thinking outside the box. This is a great way to come up with a fresh blog name that also has to do with something that already interests you.

2. Stop your thesaurus or dictionary

When new parents want to name a child, they often turn to Amazon to order a children’s book. These books are filled with alphabetical names from Aaron to Zilina. If you’re looking for a great baby name, there are even entire sites dedicated to the process.

So where do you go if you want to figure out what to call a blog? Try a thesaurus or dictionary.

Personally, I recommend picking up a physical book that you can flip through and actually see an array of available words in front of you. But if that’s not an option – go online Merriam-Webster Dictionary either Thesaurus.

If you have a theme in mind but you are not sure which word (s) to use yet – a thesaurus will become your best friend.

If you have no idea where to start naming your blog, try breaking through the dictionary. You will most likely find words you have never heard of and come across ones that arouse your interest and this can lead to the right inspiration to figure out the right blog title.

3. Try alliteration to come up with an amazing blog name

See the address bar of this blog and keep seeing the domain. ““Sitting there (my nickname).

Best Buy. Dunkin ‘donuts. Coca-Cola. PayPal. Lois Lane. Fred Flintstone.

What do all these names have in common? They have developed all the wonderful examples alliteration.

Alliteration is a literary stylistic device, and this leads to incredibly catchy ways to name a blog as well. Names that use this stylistic device are fun and kept in mind.

4. Find a good pun for your blog

Puns are surprisingly common in the world of blogging, and they are a great way to help readers remember the name of your blog far into the future.

If you want to use a pun as a basis to figure out how to name a blog, when working with familiar phrases and including a word inside your niche blog.

Here are some examples of named blogs that do a great job of setting up a light tone and information about the topics being discussed:

  • Dollars and meaning
  • In the tents
  • Budget byte
  • The girl went on a trip
  • She is in Wormwood

If you’ve come up with a blog name inspired by a pun, just be careful not to choose something too obscure that most people understand. What’s left, readers are scratching their heads.

5. Use humor to name a blog

In the same line as a blog title with a stick, you should consider using humor to make things easier with the name of your blog (if it fits your style and tone).

Come up with a blog name that makes people laugh when they see it, it’s an amazing way to get more clicks and stay up to date with your readers.

Here are some examples of bloggers who have used humor to determine how to name a blog that sets the tone for their content style:

  • Pregnant chicken
  • Suitable girls with a bottom
  • Codes, who code
  • Will run for Margarita
  • Lazy Baker
  • Do you even have a blog?

As with puns, just remember how readers will perceive and shape their own opinions when they decide how to name a blog with a comedic twist.

6. Unreceived words are memorable

Remember little John from Robin Hood? His name stands out from his childhood history because he says little to the contrary.

Many of the successful bloggers have applied this concept in their efforts when it comes to how to name a blog that stands out from the crowd.

In addition, you can also create a smart branded game by placing two words that are completely opposite or unrelated to your blog.

7. Use your own name (or nickname)

There are many bloggers who use their name for their blog (I include –fish).

This can be a great strategy for lifestyle bloggers, or for a blog centered around one person offering the service.

Many bloggers who offer courses or share authoritative information on a topic often use their own names for their blog.

This technique can be especially useful if you have a unique or unusual name (provided that the domain is still available and at a reasonable price).

8. Brainstorm words that relate to your niche

After execution identified a niche for your blogyou can start thinking about the words that are most closely related to these topics now by leading blogs.

Start brainstorming over words that match the content topics. Here are some examples of how to name a blog with a niche-focused domain for bloggers in travel and craft niches.

When you travel to blogs, you may find a blog name that uses the following words:

  • Adventures
  • Traveler
  • Leader
  • Venture
  • Travel
  • Passenger
  • Invader
  • Wandering
  • Rolling
  • Traveler
  • Badyaga

Come up with words that evoke excitement and a sense of what you are feeling while traveling in a whole new (beautiful) country. Nomadic Matt a great example of a blog title like this, perfect for travel blog. Words that make people feel like joining you in a life-changing way can become extremely compelling when choosing a blog.

If you are struggling with a craft blog, you can use the following words:

  • Kettle
  • Mother
  • Crafter
  • Seams
  • Designs
  • Creations
  • Creative
  • Art
  • Do it yourself
  • Builder
  • Handmade
  • Projects

Each of these words indicates that your blog is clearly somewhat related to the mastery of self-space, but they work best paired with another unique or interesting word. Underground Crafter – a good example of an unusual word paired with the usual in this particular niche.

9. Take a break and try something new

Sometimes when you focus on a problem too much (or for too long), we struggle to find a way out.

Almost as long living over a project makes your brain do the opposite what you want. It shuts down and you don’t need to come up with any deleted good blog titles. I know I used to be myself.

If you have now started a case, try to take a short break. Go outside and take a walk in the park. Sit in a coffee shop and talk to someone new. Try going to the movies to relax, or going to the gym for a good workout.

Give yourself a complete break from thinking about how to name your blog.

Once you give yourself time, go back and write down a list of any words and phrases that first come to your mind – the wrong answer. This mental break may be exactly what you need in order to come up with a new blog name.

10. Use the words made to name your blog

Finally, we feel you need to be limited by the real words for your blog.

Think of some of the most recognizable companies in the world today. Many of them have names that go out of context really inaudible.

  • Xerox
  • Kodak
  • Sony
  • Google
  • Haagen-Das

Yes, even the Haagen-Das ice cream brand fully composed. Ruban and Rose Mathis, the creators of the Haagen-Das ice cream, wanted something that sounded like the craftsmanship of the ancient world and a name that still sounds Danish. The name they came up with really meant anything. And associated with cunning even in Dutch, today this name is associated with high quality ice cream.

The natural disadvantage of using a word like your blog name is that it’s basically meaningless (until it gets big). People automatically understand what your blog is about.

The downside, however, is that you can make your blog name mean everything you want to keep in mind. Using the word allows you to brand your blog in any way you choose.

Good! We’ve done this in the quick tips and techniques section of this guide on how to name a blog.

If this has not given you the correct blog name – then increase this activity.

Moving forward, take this step-by-step approach to the thoughtful title of your blog.

1. Deeply explore your niche

How to name a blog Research your image

First of all. Before you start your blog, you need to do some in-depth research the niche goes to the blog.

Take the time to identify other famous people in your industry. Find out if it worked (or didn’t work) for them in terms of how to name a blog in that space. Try to answer the following questions:

  • How do they brand themselves?
  • What names do they choose for their diaries? Any trends sticking out?
  • How do their readers react to the work?

When you collect data and create examples, determine what kind of blog it is you want to create. How will your blog be different from everything else?

If you have spent enough time researching your own niche blog, already know exactly what blog titles are already in use.

You want to have a unique blog name.

If the title of your blog is almost the same as thirty-five blogs, many of the good chances are readers won’t notice yours.

You can also explore niches and businesses outside of your industry to gather inspiration. And for that you should take advantage of real-time because the right blog title can really play an important role as you promote your blog over time (great blog names can encourage people to share your site more quickly with their friends).

Taking words or phrases from other places Can be just a ticket to place yourself and make your blog stand out unique.

2. Think about why you want to blog

If you started a blog, you probably have every reason.

Blogging is a smart blog way in 6 steps, why do you want to blog today

Chances are, whatever is passionate and you want to share it with the world.

Perhaps you have a unique skill set to teach, or career ideas what can others benefit from?

When choosing how to name a blog, think about what you want your main message to be.

  • What are you trying to convey to readers?
  • What parts of the message are most important to you?
  • How do you want your readers to feel when they see the title of your blog?

If you can determine what your goal is to start a blog, we have a good foundation for creating a smart blog name that relates to the overall message and goals.

Remember that not every blog needs to be serious or serious.

Although most of my content here is about keeping diaries and creating a business side, there is also writing about such things my big failure,, quotes that motivate me and share weekly podcast episodes covering a wider range of topics.

Some blogs are created just for fun. A good blog name will reflect this just as much as with a more serious mission.

3. Meet your potential readers

The next step is to think about who your ideal reader is. What makes them starve? What will happen they are interested?

How to name a blog who your reader letters are

In my guide, Fr. how to write a winning blog post, I outlined a very important step in writing a blog (and teaching) process.

If you are writing a blog post (either for your own site or for a part guest blogging companies), you want to find topics that have a common language between you and your reader.

How to write a blog post and find relevant content for your readers

Crossover between what you want to write and what they want to read it’s a cute spot that you should always strive for to develop a lasting relationship with your blog readers.

Creating a blog for your blog is a similar process – it should be mutually beneficial.

The name of your blog should represent you and appeal to your audience.

If you’re not sure who your audience is or how to engage them, your next mission is to create a picture of who your readers are maybe– Then learn understand their needs and desires time goes by.

Often your initial assumption about who your future readers will be will be quite careful. But it could also evolve over the coming weeks and months when you start actually creating and sharing content on your blog.

To establish these important relationships with your target audience, you need to do more than just a little keyword research.

One way to connect with your audience is find them in the real world (or online) in Facebook groups, in niche online communities, and in the comment sections of other more established blogs in your niche.

Next, identifying the pain points of those readers by answering the following questions:

  • What are their most pressing needs?
  • How can your blog offer unique solutions to these problems? (Падказка: гэта павінна быць уключана ў ваш тавар бізнес-план блога таксама)
  • Вы хочаце, каб імя вашага блога звярталася да пэўнага дэмаграфічнага чытача?
  • Якія віды навыкаў і здольнасцей маюць вашы чытачы?
  • Ці думаеце вы прапанаваць блог абсалютным пачаткоўцам, альбо вы зацікаўлены ў тым, каб прыцягнуць людзей, якія ўжо вельмі паспяхова працуюць у вашай галіне?

Адказ на гэтыя пытанні дапаможа вам падумаць пра ваш агульны брэндынг, прыдумаць ідэі для вашага брэнда макет блога і каляровыя схемы, пазіцыянаванне з пункту гледжання маркетынгу – і асабліва дапамогуць знайсці патрэбную назву блога, якая спадабаецца вашым чытачам.

Стварыце спіс ідэй для назваў блога, якія вам падабаюцца і якія адчуваюць, будзе рэзанансам вашай аўдыторыі.

Пасля таго, як гэта звузілася, паспрабуйце выбраць імя, якое гучыць проста і запамінальна.

4. Вызначце моцныя магчымасці брэндынгу

Як назваць блог, шукаючы магчымасці брэндынгу

Незалежна ад таго, якое імя блога вы абралі, памятайце, што спосаб вашага брэнда важны для вашага поспеху.

Падумайце яшчэ раз пра наш прыклад з Apple. Таму што яны становяцца даўно хатнім імем.

Адным з важных фактараў для поспеху Apple з’яўляецца паслядоўнае выкарыстанне брэндынгу на працягу многіх гадоў.

Ад іх знакавы рэкламны ролік 1984 Superbowl, да аднаго з іх самых апошніх рэкламных ролікаў Яблык на працы: андогіяны пастаянна і неаднаразова пацвярджаюць свой брэнд як пярэдні край, несумяшчальны і глыбока каштоўны для сваіх кліентаў.

Ваш блог мае такі ж патэнцыял, што з’яўляецца моцным брэндам.

І імя, якое вы выбіраеце для свайго блога, можа стаць важным элементам гэтай агульнай стратэгіі брэндынгу – калі вы абралі з розумам.

Тады тое, што вы робіце з імем вашага блога пасля абрання, яшчэ больш важна.

5. Пачніце з акцэнтавання ключавых слоў

Блог правільна шукаць ключавыя словы

Існуе шматгадовая дыскусія наконт таго, ці будуць ключавыя словы ў даменным імені ці не дапамагчы ваш блог з SEO.

Па словах Джона Мюлера ад Google, прадстаўлены no значнае павелічэнне бачнасці даменных імёнаў ключавых слоў (калі такія маюцца).

Што такое дамен ключавога слова (назва блога)?

Дамен ключавога слова – гэта калі вы выбіраеце імя блога, якое ўключае галоўнае ключавое слова, якое вы плануеце весці пры вядзенні блогаў непасрэдна ў URL вашага блога. Напрыклад, калі вы хацелі б пачаць блог пра падарожжа па свеце, дамен ключавых слоў можа быць нешта накшталт either дзе падарожнічалі альбо дакладнае слова “падарожжа”, альбо звязанае слова, уключанае непасрэдна ў даменнае імя.

Да 2011 года, ключавое слова ў вашым дамене зрабіў як правіла, павялічваюць ваш рэйтынг SEO.

З тых часоў Google паслядоўна мяняў свой алгарытм, каб абясцэніць назвы блога ключавых слоў – каб яны аўтаматычна займалі вышэйшы ўзровень.

Тым не менш, усё яшчэ існуе відавочная перавага пры выбары дамена ключавых слоў, калі вы можаце яго забяспечыць.

Варта памятаць, што даменнае імя з ключавым словам there is выгадна з пункту гледжання як стратэгіі брэнда, так і тэматычнай сігналізацыі. Але пакуль вы вучыцеся як зрабіць даследаванне ключавых слоў у працэсе стварэння вашага змесціва;

Калі ў вашым даменным імені ёсць слова ў назве, якое людзі часта шукаюць, гэта можа дапамагчы вашаму змесціва вылучыцца.

Чытачы могуць падумаць, што ваш сайт больш адпаведны іх пошуку – і націсніце на ваш артыкул над іншым блогам, які, здаецца, не звязаны з іх запытам.

У выніку Google таксама можа пачаць ранжыраваць ваш вэб-сайт, паколькі ён мае больш высокі ўзровень арганічных клікаў. Бяспройгрышная.

Напрыклад, калі вы запускаеце блог, які распавядае пра хостынг як пра вашу нішавую тэму, то ёсць сэнс паспрабаваць знайсці дамен дзесьці ў ім слова “хостынг”. Такім чынам, калі вы публікуеце кантэнт, падобны да аблавы лепшыя планы таннага хостынгу альбо прабоя штомесячныя планы хостынгучытачы, якія трапляюць на ваш змест у выніках пошуку, імгненна зробяць сувязь, у якой ваш блог у першую чаргу тычыцца хостынгу, – і давер можа стаць больш простым.

Проста не забудзьцеся сачыць за іншымі блог SEO лепшыя практыкі накшталт выбару аднаго з лепшыя распрацоўшчыкі сайтаў і правільна вучыцца як зрабіць сайт што расчароўвае вашых чытачоў.

6. Выкарыстоўвайце генератар імёнаў блога

Генератары даменных імёнаў SmartWP Знайдзіце ідэі Ідэальных даменных імёнаў

Калі вы дрэнна думаеце пра свой блог, ёсць цэлыя вэб-сайты, прысвечаныя аказанню дапамогі вам, і нічога не дадавайце ў свой блог. выдаткі на вядзенне блога.

Яны прыйшлі, пазванілі генератары даменных імёнаў і яны даюць вам разумныя варыянты і назвы ідэй для вашага блога – і нават звычайна рэкамендуюць адзін з лепшыя планы хостынгу ісці разам з вашым новым даменным імем, як толькі прызямліўся на моцным блогу.

Калі ў вас ужо ёсць агульнае ўяўленне пра тое, пра што вы хочаце весці блог, ці нават калі вы наогул не маеце ніякага кірунку, гэтыя генератары імёнаў могуць вельмі дапамагчы.

У дадатак да прадастаўлення мноства ідэй аб назвах блога, шматлікія генератары імёнаў таксама паведамляюць, ці ёсць у наяўнага ў вас зараз імя.

Вось чатыры галоўныя генератары даменных імёнаў, якія вы можаце выкарыстоўваць сёння:

1. Генератар імёнаў SmartWP

Генератар даменных імёнаў ад SmartWP для пошуку ідэй даменных імёнаў

Генератар імёнаў SmartWP гэта цалкам бясплатны інструмент, які выкарыстоўвае камп’ютэрныя алгарытмы, каб знайсці вам ідэальныя для дамена ідэі SEO дамена, дзе ваш новы блог будзе жыць. Я аб’яднаўся са сваім сябрам Эндзі, каб стварыць гэты генератар даменных імёнаў як надзвычай просты, просты ў выкарыстанні і просты інструмент, якім павінны карыстацца ўсе новыя блогеры.

Калі вы заходзіце на старонку нашага генератара даменаў, вы бачыце адзіную панэль пошуку, якая дазваляе ўводзіць некалькі слоў, некаторыя словы, якія вызначаюць ваш блог, альбо нават дакладнае даменнае імя, зацікаўленае ў рэгістрацыі (напрыклад,, каб убачыць, калі вы можаце захапіць патрэбнае імя блога.

Затым інструмент дае імгненныя вынікі з бліжэйшымі даменнымі імёнамі, якія адпавядаюць словам, якія вы ўвялі – і схавае дамены, якія ўжо зарэгістраваны. Вы таксама бачыце спіс прапаноў па даменных імёнах, якія даступныя зараз і могуць быць зарэгістраваны за лічаныя хвіліны праз маю зніжку Bluehost спасылка.

Вось поўная разборка нашых функцый:

  • На 100% бясплатна карыстацца і забяспечвае неадкладныя вынікі вашых пошукаў
  • Глядзіце толькі прапановы даменных імёнаў, якія ў цяперашні час даступныя
  • Зроблена, каб быць вельмі чыстым, беспарадак і не мае рэкламы і адцягвання
  • Адзін клік кнопкі “Атрымаць яго зараз”, які адразу ж прывядзе вас да таго, дзе вы можаце зарэгістраваць даменнае імя
  • Вельмі шырокі спіс розных ідэй даменных імёнаў (і пашырэнняў TLD) на выбар

Паспрабуйце прама тут сёння і я абяцаю вас расчараваць. 🙂

2. Імя Mesh

Як назваць свой блог з генератарам імёнаў NameMesh

Name Mesh з’яўляецца бясплатным і адным з самых папулярных генератараў імёнаў, паколькі ён дазваляе ім карыстацца і дае катэгорыі для выбару імёнаў.

Калі вы ўкладваеце слова на ўкладцы “Зрабіць”, прызначайце розныя катэгорыі на выбар. Некаторыя з гэтых катэгорый ўключаюць:

  • Агульныя
  • Новы
  • Кароткая
  • Дадатковая
  • Падобныя
  • SEO
  • Весела
  • Змяшайце

Ён таксама дае вам сінонімы, антонімы і звязаныя словы на аснове вашых параметраў пошуку. Гэта адкрывае шмат варыянтаў стварэння вашага блога.

3. Панабея

Як назваць свой блог з генератарам імёнаў Panabee

Panabee з’яўляецца асабліва вялікім генератарам імёнаў для міжнародных блогераў, бо прапануе шмат пашырэнняў, у тым ліку .co .uk і

Гэты генератар назваў блога таксама забяспечвае пошук дамена, прапановы, варыяцыі слоў і звязаныя з імі тэрміны.

Бонусная асаблівасць гэтага генератара імёнаў заключаецца ў тым, што ён таксама правярае патрэбнае імя на наяўнасць ручкі прыкладання і сацыяльных медыя, каб пераканацца, што вашыя імёны і брэндынг могуць быць паслядоўнымі на ўсіх платформах.

4. Станцыя імя

Як назваць свой блог з генератарам імёнаў NameStation

Name Station прапануе мноства тых жа функцый, што і іншыя генератары назваў, але ён мае некалькі цікавых дадатковых функцый.

З імем станцыі ў вас ёсць магчымасць праводзіць конкурс, каб прапаноўваць назвы для масавых крыніц, дазваляючы іншым людзям удзельнічаць у сеансе мазгавога штурму, каб дапамагчы назваць свой блог.

Пры выкарыстанні гэтага генератара імёнаў вы можаце камбінаваць спісы ключавых слоў і выбіраць з розных пашырэнняў. Кожны пошук дае спіс сінонімаў вашага слова, што таксама вельмі карысна.

У вас таксама ёсць магчымасць “разумнага пошуку”, дзе вы можаце выбраць першаснае і другаснае слова для свайго пошуку.

Як і ў Name Mesh, вы можаце таксама выкарыстоўваць некалькі карысных катэгорый, такіх як:

  • Складаныя словы
  • Імёны бізнесу
  • Ручныя падабраныя імёны
  • Спадарожныя словы

Усё гэта, на мой погляд, генератар імёнаў павінен стаць апошнім сродкам барацьбы з тым, як назваць блог.

Я рэкамендую замест таго, каб кідацца ў краудсорсінг імя альбо дазваляць кампутарнай праграме выплюнуць некаторыя варыянты быць хворым на дзень, каб даведацца, калі штосьці асабліва хвалюючае прыходзіць да вас, перш чым працаваць з назвай блога, з якім папулярызуюць цёплыя тэмы – правільнае імя можа значна дапамагчы пры высвятленні як вырасціць свой блог.

Пакуль вы ведаеце, пра якія тэмы вы хочаце весці блог, правільнае імя ў рэшце рэшт прыйдзе да вас.

Вось некалькі апошніх паказальнікаў, якія трэба памятаць, і некалькі выдатных прыкладаў назвы блога, каб распаліць вашу фантазію.

Апошнія паказальнікі, як назваць блог

Прымайце да ўвагі наступныя парады пры выбары разумнага імя для вашага блога:

  • Выкарыстоўвайце пашырэнне дамена, якое адпавядае вашаму блогу. Выкарыстанне .com часта з’яўляецца лепшым і найбольш агульнапрызнаным і паважаным.
  • Прыдумайце імя, якое лёгка вымавіць. Калі правапіс занадта іншы, альбо слова занадта незвычайнае, у людзей могуць паўстаць праблемы з пошукам вашага блога.
  • Паспрабуйце пазбягаць выкарыстання злучок, калі гэта магчыма. Злучок – яшчэ адна прычына таго, што людзі могуць змагацца зноў, каб знайсці ваш блог.
  • Пазбягайце выкарыстання імёнаў, абароненых аўтарскім правам. Напрыклад, калі ваша даменнае імя можна пераблытаць з камерцыйным сайтам высокага ўзроўню, вы можа пагражаць крымінальная справа.
  • Папытаеце парады. Ці ведаеце іншых пісьменнікаў у вашай нішы? Калі няма, то зрабіце некалькі разумных інфармацыйная падтрымка блогераў таму, каго вы паважаеце ў вашай нішы і просіце парады.
  • Калі ў вас ёсць імя, якое вы ведаеце, што хочаце выкарыстоўваць, паспрабуйце хутка вырваць яго. Гэта можа быць не нашмат даўжэй.
  • Пасля таго, як вы прызямліцеся на разумнае імя блога, вам патрэбен лагатып (праверце мой любімы твор інструменты для вядзення блога).

Добра, цяпер гэта пакрыла крытычны крок за крокам падручнік для як назваць блог– Давайце разгледзім некаторыя прыклады назваў блога.

Няхай гэта выклікае вашу фантазію ці проста паказвае, што вам здараецца, калі справа даходзіць да наймення вашага блога, гэтыя прыклады расчароўваюць.

40 Ідэі і прыклады геніяльнага блога (плюс, чаму яны працуюць)

Адзін з лепшых спосабаў выявіць імя забойцы ў вашым блогу – гэта прагляд твораў для іншых блогераў.

Такім чынам, як вы называеце блог? Вось 40 прыкладаў геніяльных імёнаў блогаў (з разбивкай па катэгорыях), каб вас натхніць сёння.

Ідэі і прыклады асабістага фінансавання блога

1. Разумны пасіўны прыбытак

Як назваць свой прыклад блогу Разумны пасіўны прыбытак

Адна з прычын таго, што назва “Разумны пасіўны прыбытак” – паспяховая, – гэта тое, што яна кажа людзям, што менавіта пра блогера Пат Флін.

Ёсць шмат блогаў, якія распавядаюць пра павелічэнне вашага даходу, але гэты спецыяльна прысвечаны пасіўнаму прыбытку. Дрэнная ніша, якую сёння цікавіць шмат людзей, і Пат атрымаў вялікі досвед працы ў гэтай галіне.

2. Стварэнне пачуццяў цэнтаў

Як назваць свой блог, прыкладаючы разуменне цэнтаў

Разважанне цэнтаў гэта разумная гульня на памятныя словы і дазваляе патэнцыйным наведвальнікам дакладна ведаць, чаго чакаць.

Плюс да таго, Мішэль шмат гадоў вядзе вядзенне блога пра асабістае падарожжа па выплаце запазычанасці, асвойваючы такія фінансавыя тэмы пакутуюць за блогераў, пакінуўшы сваю дзённую працу і дасягнуць сямізначнай адзнакі прыбытку з яе блога.

3. Пенні Хоардэр

Як назваць свой прыклад блогу Penny Hoarder

Пенні Хоардэр – гэта гумарыстычны тытул, які прыцягнуць шмат людзей, якія цікавяцца фінансамі, але асабліва тых, хто пераймаецца асабістымі фінансамі.

На іх старонцы напісана: “Місія Пенні Хоардэр – зрабіць асабістыя фінансы менш страшнымі і даступнымі. Мы робім гэта, забяспечваючы натхненне і дзеянне Саветы па блогах мільёнам чытачоў пра тое, як зарабляць, эканоміць і кіраваць грашыма “. Прыйшла даволі вялікая заява пра місію, звязаную непасрэдна з імем іх блога.

4. Тысячагоддзе грошай

Як назваць свой блог, прыклад Тысячагоддзе грошай

Чалавек з тысячагадовых грошай – папулярны асабісты фінансавы сайт і блог. Стваральнік выкарыстоўвае алітэрацыю and звяртаецца да пэўнай мэтавай аўдыторыі (тысячагоддзяў) у выбары, як назваць блог вельмі спрытна для гэтай нішы.

Ідэі і прыклады назвы дзённіка для бацькоў

5. Страшная мама

Як назваць свой прыклад блогу Страшная мама

Страшная мама, блог, які пачаўся ў 2008 годзе, з’яўляецца нязручным, а таксама вельмі рэтрансляцыйным. Яны цалкам называюць блог такім чынам, што ўдумліва выражае нешта нетыповае ў звычайным блогу матуль. Як паказвае іх вэб-сайт пра старонку, “[the blog] ператвараецца ў масіўную жывую супольнасць мільёнаў бацькоў, аб’яднаных агульнай тэмай: Выхаванне дзяцей усё яшчэ павінна быць ідэальным. “

Іншымі словамі, выхаванне дзяцей цяжка. Вы пачалі не адны, і вы можаце стаць добрым бацькам, не будучы ідэальным.

6. У дзіцяці будзе падарожнічаць

Зрабіце прыклад Імя дзённіка для дзяцей, якія будуць вандраваць (скрыншот)

Ёсць дзіця будзе падарожнічаць гэта блог пра падарожжа па свеце з немаўлятамі і маленькімі дзецьмі. Гэта задавальняе сапраўдную патрэбу, бо ў бацькоў маленькіх дзяцей часта ўзнікае шмат пытанняў пра лепшы спосаб падарожнічаць са сваімі дзецьмі на буксіры.

Імя іхнага блога лёгка зразумець і з гумарам прыняць класічны фармат фразы на англійскай мове.

7. Растуць творцы

Блог для дзяцей і творчасці, які расце (Скрыншот)

Крэатывы, якія растуць гэта сайт пра выхаванне творчых дзяцей (як вынікае з назвы іх блога). У гэтым блогу выявіце ідэі рамеснікаў для дзяцей, крэатыўныя ідэі гульні, як выхаваць дзяцей, каб яны былі самастойна творчымі і як уключыць творчасць у навучанне.

The creators of this parenting blog very thoughtfully went about deciding how to name a blog in this crowded space—and their content does a good job of showing that it’s different than your average website with parenting tips—it’s truly a parenting blog for raising more creative children.

Technology Blog Name Ideas & Examples

8. Learn to Code With Me

How to Name Your Blog Example Learn to Code With Me

Coding has become enormously popular both with children and adults in recent years. That’s what makes a name like Learn to Code With Me such a smart blog name idea.

Many people who are interested in coding don’t know where to begin, but the name of this blog gives them an easy place to start.

9. The Verge

The Verge Technology Blog (Screenshot) of Homepage and Examples

Sometimes a blog name is used to elicit a feeling. Such is the case with the blog The Verge.

On their blog they write, “The Verge is an ambitious multimedia effort founded in 2011 to examine how technology will change life in the future for a massive mainstream audience. Our original editorial insight was that technology had migrated from the far fringes of the culture to the absolute center as mobile technology created a new generation of digital consumers. Now, we live in a dazzling world of screens that has ushered in revolutions in media, transportation, and science. The future is arriving faster than ever.”

This blog shows that humankind is always on the precipice of something new, and they’re here to expose what it will be.

Food and Nutrition Blog Name Ideas & Examples

10. Pinch of Yum

How to Name Your Blog Example Pinch of Yum

While there are a lot of food blogs on the Internet, the blog name Pinch of Yum is recognizable and very fun.

It lets visitors know the niche of this site simply by reading this blog name out loud—without using other kinds of tired or worn out blog name ideas.

11. The Easy Homestead

How to Name Your Blog Example The Easy Homestead

A lot of people are interested in homesteading but are concerned that the learning curve may be too steep.

That’s why the blog name, The Easy Homestead, is a great landing place for people who want to homestead but aren’t sure where to get started.

12. Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker Homepage Screenshot and Example of a Great Blog Name

The Minimalist Bakeris a super interesting pair of words that also piggybacks on the minimalism trend. It’s intriguing but it’s also informative about the blog’s content.

How does one become a minimalist in the kitchen? In this case, it’s by carefully choosing recipes that don’t require a lot of ingredients, time, or kitchen products.

13. Lazy Cat Kitchen

Lazy Cat Kitchen Blog Name Example (Homepage Screenshot)

The Lazy Cat Kitchen is another food blog and it cleverly uses alliteration in the way they chose how to name a blog. The title is a bit curious though, as it makes you wonder what a cat has to do with cooking.

The reason for the name is blogger Ania’s love for animals. She developed her blog after she incorporated a plant-based diet into her life. The back story is she fostered a few stray cats while living on a small Greek island and during that time reexamined her life as a meat and dairy eater. She decided to become vegan and created The Lazy Cat Kitchen to share food preparation and cooking ideas with other vegans.

14. Beekeeping like a Girl

How to Name Your Blog Example Beekeeping Like a Girl

To be fair, this isn’t technically a food blog. However, bees (and their honey) are a hot topic today. Beekeeping has been on the rise with the #savethebees campaign, but historically it has been a male-dominated field.

That’s what makes Beekeeping Like a Girl stand out as a great blog name idea. It’s all about beekeeping and appeals to inspiring beekeepers—especially female ones.

Fitness Blog Name Ideas & Examples

15. Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness Blog Name Example of a Clever Niche and Idea

Nerd Fitness is a really popular blog in the fitness niche. What’s great about this blog name is that it’s very simple and gets right to the point.

It’s a fitness blog primarily for nerds—which means the content revolves around people who want to get fit, but are also interested in comic books and movies like Lord of the Rings.

16. No Meat Athlete

No Meat Athlete Great Alliteration in a Name for a Blog Example (Screenshot)

No Meat Athlete is a fitness blog for people who want to be fit, but while remaining vegan. While many fitness blogs encourage eating meat for the protein, this blog focuses on ways to be healthy with a plant-based diet.

This blog name is fascinating because it combines two niche interests—fitness and eating vegan, which shows people how they can do both. The name of the blog expresses this relationship well and it’s even more creative because it rhymes.

17. Breaking Muscle

Breaking Muscle Example of How to Name a Blog Well (Screenshot)

To muscles stronger they have to first be torn and then repaired. That’s the idea behind the blog name Breaking Muscle.

A blog with an intense name like Breaking Muscle is likely to attract an audience that’s ready to get fit.

Travel Blog Name Ideas & Examples

18. Expert Vagabond

How to Name Your Blog Example Expert Vagabond

The Expert Vagabond is a clever pairing of two words that you wouldn’t ordinarily see together into a fun blog name.

According to the website, the word vagabond means leading an unsettled and carefree life. The word “expert” gives the blog a level of authority while the word vagabond appeals to the adventurous side of his readers.

When thinking about how to name a blog for your ideal audience, this blog could potentially appeal to two very different groups of people. The first is people who want advice and inspiration for their world traveling. The second is those who simply enjoy following his travels while continuing to live their non-nomadic lives.

19. Solo Traveler

Solo Traveler Blog Example (Screenshot)

There are many travel blogs to choose from if you’re looking for information on where to go (or what to do) for your next big trip. What sets a particular travel blog apart from another, is a more specific niche.

In the case of Solo Traveler, its a blog all about traveling the world alone. The name of this blog lets readers know exactly what to expect.

20. Cranky Flier

How to Name Your Blog Example Cranky Flier

This blog is all about airlines and the airline industry. The blog name Cranky Flier definitely catches a reader’s attention. Anyone who has traveled knows the feeling of crankiness—so the name is also relatable.

21. The Fearful Adventurer

How to Name Your Blog Example The Fearful Adventurer

In the same vein, the blog The Fearful Adventurer touches on a very real idea. Many people want to be adventurers but are simultaneously afraid.

In her about section, the author carefully explains, “Adventure to me is a vehicle for understanding myself and human nature through experiential learning. I believe that, somewhere in between the terror of fear and the exhilaration of adventure is a sweet spot for understanding the self.” Now that’s a meaningful way to go about deciding how to name a blog.

Writing-Related Blog Name Ideas & Examples

22. Copyhackers

Blog Name Example CopyHackers How to Name Your Blog

Joanna Wiebe’s world-renowned copywriting blog has long been a staple resource for marketers, writers and freelancers alike—especially for those with an eye toward conversion copywriting. She chose this clever name for her blog nearly a decade ago after launching the site to grow her conversion copywriting business. Their catchy name and immensely valuable content has solidified this blog’s reputation for years to come.

23. ProBlogger

How to Name Your Blog Example ProBlogger

Another way to come up with a creative name is to play with prefixes and suffixes. A good example of this is ProBlogger.

This name quickly shows two meanings. The first is being a pro at blogging. The second means “ahead of” because the Latin prefix “pro” means “in front of,” which is a nice play on words.

24. Literary Hub

Literary Hub Homepage Screenshot Example

Literary Hub is a blog that explores many elements of modern literature. This blog covers news topics about literature and shares ideas about contemporary lit. Literary Hub posts original content and shared work from their editorial partners, too. On their long list of partners are recognizable names like Penguin Press and Little Brown Company.

The word hub means, “a center around which other things revolve or from which they radiate; a focus of activity, authority, commerce, transportation.” This blog name has worked hard to place itself at the center of the modern literary world.

25. Seth’s Blog

How to Name Your Blog Example Seths Blog

Another way to come up with a blog name is to use your own personal name (or nickname). That’s what I’ve done and many other bloggers have done the same.

This is a good choice if you want to use your personal name for branding.

Seth Godin, famous entrepreneur, author, and speaker uses his personal name for his blog: Seth’s Blog.

Music, Film and Entertainment Blog Name Ideas & Examples

26. The Music Ninja

The Music Ninja Blog (Homepage Screenshot)

The music and entertainment niche has a lot of bloggers that want to show that they have the best and most up-to-date information for their crowd. The Music Ninja is a blog and music center for indie music lovers and it strives to separate good music from the bad. Their blog name comes from the site’s self-proclaimed ability to share quality music despite the surrounding world of “bad” music.

On their blog they write, “Radio committed suicide for repeating the same hits over and over, print magazines are at the brink of extinction and the tubes of the internet are getting clogged with so much bad music, it is nearly impossible to filter through it all. Fortunately, we have been trained in the secret arts of auto-tune detection and mediocre bass lines to bring you digestible daily updates of genuine up and coming artists across all genres whose music truly deserves to be shared. And along the way a couple of fun remixes and mash ups.. lets not take ourselves too seriously now!”

27. Consequence of Sound

Consequence of Sound Cool Blog Name Example for Inspiration (Homepage)

Music and entertainment is a niche that gives total freedom when it comes to deciding how to name a blog. The blog’s name doesn’t need to have the word entertainment in it, in order to fit in. Found somewhere between underground music and mainstream pop, the blog Consequence of Sound is a highly successful online publication with millions of readers.

And where did the name come from? They found their inspiration from a song of the same name written by artist Regina Spektor.

28. Film School Rejects

Film School Rejects (Screenshot) and Example of How to Name a Blog Creatively

While you might think that a blog name like Film School Rejects would make people think that the people writing aren’t a good authority on entertainment—the opposite effect happens here.

This blog name makes you feel like you’re part of a group of people who may have failed film school but still have an interesting take on entertainment.

Lifestyle and Fashion Blog Name Ideas & Examples

29. Cupcakes and Cashmere

How to Name Your Blog Example Cupcakes and Cashmere

The blog name Cupcakes and Cashmere evokes a lot of feeling in just two words. It gives the impression that it’s going to be sweet and sophisticated. Not only that, but it’s a fine use of alliteration.

30. Hippie in Heels

How to Name Your Blog Example Hippie in Heels

The fun thing about the blog name Hippie in Heels is that it uses opposite words AND alliteration. It mashes together two very different ideas and instantly creates interest.

What kind of blog would mix a hippie lifestyle with heels? The creator’s about me section says, “Some of my friends think I’m a girly-girl and some think I’m a dirty hippie. I’m a little of both, hence the name of my blog.”

31. Coco+Kelley

How to Name Your Blog Example Coco and Kelly

Many times people are attracted to simple blog names, as they can be more enticing to the right audience.

While Coco+Kelley doesn’t immediately tell you what the blog is about, it does use a popular branding technique. Other companies employ the use of two names put together to create a name. Examples include Aden + Anais, Mott & Bow, Wolf & Shepherd, and Whimsy + Row.

The addition of the plus sign, ampersand, or word “and” is a branding strategy all its own. These companies are particularly popular among millennials and hipsters.

32. The Good Men Project

How to Name Your Blog Example The Good Men Project

The Good Men Project is a website dedicated to exploring what it means to be a good man in the 21st century.

One of the biggest appeals to this blog name, is that you know instantly what the website is about. Plus, it’s simple and easy to remember.

33. The Art of Manliness

How to Name Your Blog Example Art of Manliness

The Art of Manliness is another clever name for a blog. This blog name not only gives a clear idea of what the blog is about, but it also does an excellent job connecting with its intended audience.

The website is a mix of advice, humor and general information that appeals to men. This blog has a great name and a strong branding strategy.

Crafting and DIY Blog Name Ideas & Examples

34. Love. Life. Yarn.

Love Life Yarn Crafting Example of How to Name a Blog and Be Creative

You’ve probably heard of phrase “Live. Laugh. Love.” before, right? Choosing a well-known phrase and changing it slightly is a clever way to create a clever blog name.

This is what blogger Amanda did with her blog name, Love. Life. Yarn. (a blog about knitting and crocheting).

35. Repeat Crafter Me

Repeat Crafter Me Creative Example of a Good Name for a Blog

Repeat Crafter Me is a blog about crafting, crocheting and crock-potting. It’s a good example of a pun-based blog name that’ll make (the right) people smile.

It’s also easy enough to remember and it clearly defines what the blog is all about.

36. Krazy Coupon Lady

How to Name Your Blog Example Krazy Coupon Lady

If you’re passionate about saving, then you’re probably going to be attracted to the blog name The Krazy Coupon Lady. While the word “Krazy” may not ordinarily instill a sense of authority, the way it’s used here does.

This blog name gives readers the impression that she’ll go above and beyond to find the best deals to share with her audience.

Hobby-Driven Blog Name Ideas & Examples

37. Car Talk

How to Name Your Blog Example CarTalk

Simple and straight to the point. That’s what you get from the blog name, Car Talk.

Just as the name of this blog suggests, it’s everything you could want to discuss about cars in both blog and radio format.

38. Fluent in 3 Months

How to Name Your Blog Example Fluent in 3 Months

Fluent in 3 Months is a blog name that really sells. If you read it, you automatically want to know more about it if you’re interested in learning a new language. Can you learn a new language fluently in three months?!

If you’re interested in learning a foreign language, there’s a really good chance that you’ll click on this blog name to find out more.

39. Tiny Buddha

How to Name Your Blog Example Tiny Buddha

Some blog names are interesting because they mix two words that are opposites. That’s the case with the blog tiny buddha.

This blog is about using simple wisdom for complex lives. The creator of the site explains, “Much of [the website] has its roots in Buddhism, but this is not a site about religion. It’s about ideas that make sense and make a big difference when applied.”

40. Humans of New York

How to Name Your Blog Example Humans of New York

Humans of New York is a wildly popular social media series, blog, and book. The title of this blog tells readers that it will likely be an exploration of humans. That alone is a really interesting concept.

But besides having an interesting name, the popularity and heart of this series ultimately come from the amazing stories and photographs.

Final takeaways on how to name your blog

Naming your blog is an important step, but it shouldn’t leave you paralyzed.

How to Name a Blog Final Thoughts and Take Away Sticky Notes

If you’re not thrilled with your blog’s name, you can always rebrand and change it in the future. Don’t make the blogging mistake of thinking your name will do усе the work for you.

Remember that the quality of your content, the ability to connect with your audience and the way you’ve branded your site are all a crucial part of your blog development.

Ultimately, your blog name choice is only a small part of this process.

So if you’re getting hung up on how to name a blog, just get started with the first decent option that comes to mind—and know that you can always change it one day soon after you’re driving a meaningful amount of traffic and monetizing your blog (the most important things for your blogging business).

When you do choose a name, try to choose something that interests your ideal audience.

Find a name that’s simple and memorable.

You can use interesting prefixes, alliteration, unusual combinations, or your own name.

You can be funny, strange, shocking, or sweet.

The main point is to pick a blog name that fits both you and your readers.

Once you’ve learned how to name a blog, then the real work fun begins.

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