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For many people, YouTube is a site where they can spend endless hours watching cat videos, product reviews, or other people playing video games. For others, it is a way to make money.

Becoming a professional YouTubeer may sound fun, but they have to hurry to get started and no guarantee will pay off. If you want to make money fast, consider other options. However, if you already have an enviable video creator and are ready to make the extra effort, you might be able to make money on YouTube.

Here’s what you need to know.

Make money directly from YouTube

1. Become a partner: You need to partner with a website to earn money directly from YouTube. Once you do, there are several ways to monetize, but to become a partner you must be eligible: Your videos must comply with the advertising guidelines on the site, and you need at least 10,000 channel views.

The more videos you have, the easier it is to reach the threshold of 10,000 views. Someone with 200 videos only needs 50 views per video to get there, while a person with 10 videos needs 1,000 views per video. High-quality, entertaining videos are likely to get views, so it’s worth the effort to plan and produce.

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2. Connect to Google AdSense: Once approved as a partner, you can link your channel to Google AdSense, an advertising advertising system. Advertisers use AdSense to bid for video space based on factors such as your audience, video topic, and relevant keywords.

Generally, payment is based on the number of “impressions” of your videos; when someone clicks or views an ad. The ads ran every time someone watched the video, so the views were translated directly to money in the bank. Also, YouTube reduces ad revenue; she discovered that rate.

You start receiving payments after your balance is $ 100, so if you have a small channel, you can only be paid every few months. You may want to set aside some of that money for expenses, because Google, which issues AdSense payments, may not deduct your full tax liability.

3. Check out YouTube Red: AdSense only distributes how partners can earn money on YouTube. You can also make the videos available on YouTube Red, which is a page with no subscription ads. And if you have more than 1,000 active subscribers, you can put videos behind the paywall and enable Super Chat, which lets viewers pay for their messages to be highlighted during live streaming. Partners must be 18 or older to use this feature.

Think beyond YouTube

AdSense, YouTube Red, and Super Chat presented the only ways you can make money on your YouTube channel, but making money through these other methods still depends heavily on having a loyal, engaged audience. Here are some options to consider.

4. Use product placement and video sponsorship: Companies interested in your channel audience can sponsor your videos or offer product placement offers in exchange for a shout out. You are likely to receive payments on a sales or commission basis. Look for sites like ShareASale, Clickbank and CJ Affiliate from Conversant for potential corporate partners – and be sure you are ready to vouch for the company and the products they sell before signing up.

If you do not have a recommendation or product placement in the video, you must notify YouTube by clicking the “paid promotion” checkbox in your video manager’s advanced settings tab.

5. Sell products or services to viewers: If you have merchandise or provide relevant service to your audience, please let them know and provide links in your videos. For example, comedian Jenna Mourey, better known by her YouTube name Jenna Marbles, sells T-shirts and posters with her dog. Selling a physical product may require you to buy materials or find a manufacturer, but you can also sell downloaded books, such as e-books or art prints. Have a secure payment system in place before you can advertise your goods.

6. Meet real-world fans: Meetings and similar events allow YouTubers to connect with viewers and sell merchandise. They are usually best suited to those with active and engaged subscribers. Those with smaller audiences may want to skip the print events and get paid to sell the goods. Or if, for example, your videos teach viewers how to draw, you could set up a free lesson at a local park and pre-sell book-drawing techniques.

7. Turn to crowdfunding: There are two main types of crowdfunding: repetitive and project based. Recurring crowdfunding allows contributors to pay the amount they have set out on a regular schedule. Strive to maximize this type of financing to turn your channel into a significant revenue stream. Incentives like one-on-one video conversations, private lessons or merchandise can entice viewers to sign up.

If you have an idea for a project that needs financial support, then a crowdfunding project-based campaign is the way to go. Get started with sites like Indiegogo, Kickstarter, GoFundMe or Patreon.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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