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The editors don’t just have to be in the library for long days – now you can use your notes as a way to get more followers on social media (and cash!).

a bag of money over review notes

Credit (background): @legallystudies

You could use photos of your food in restaurants, but did you think it could actually be your feedback on a ticket to Instagram fame?

Curricula (i.e. Instagram accounts dedicated to learning) are becoming increasingly popular these days, and one law student has purchased tens of thousands just by posting photos of their notes on the refinement.

Her photos with selectors, gel pens, notes and editorial snacks are gaining thousands of likes every day, and her huge follow-up social media has allowed her earn extra money.

So how does she do it? And how can this be done?

How to start a curriculum

woman holding start somewhere pin icon

If you’re an avid highlighter collector or sucker for colorful manipulation, then this could be right on your street.

While super neat handwriting and some calligraphy skills can be helpful, creating a successful curriculum also depends heavily on finding your own style and sequence of publications.

Whether you’re typing notes or paper for textbooks – it all depends on creating your unique style and growing followers.

According to legal research:

Anyone who learns can begin the curriculum regardless of the methods of instruction.

Don’t forget that depending on what style you go for, you may need to invest in some colorful stationery and pens to make your account truly pop music.

And one of the skills you can’t do without is creating a good photo on Instagram – important clear lines, an attractive color scheme and a strong signature.

You also need to know how to create the following and start doing sponsorship content – everything you need to know about it is over in our guide to make money from social media.

Run a successful account in the curriculum

cat on a busy table on Instagram

Han, the student behind Legally studying, open an account to combine a love of photography with what she was going to do a lot at university – to study.

Along with placing bright and colorful desks daily she works to attract her followers and create an audience. She asks questions, answers comments and links to similar accounts.

Her account is also full top review tips, from the best food for the brain to her choice major apps for students.

Speaking of “Legal Cheek”, she said:

It’s fascinating to see how many people are affected by just photos from my learning space and jokes in my signatures.

Not so great with networking in person, so I’m more comfortable collaborating with people through Instagram.

But it’s not all about Instagram. She is also legally studying thousands of followers on YouTube, where she enters a section about the training season and exams.

Make money on training programs

calendar and table in Instagram

Of course, having thousands of followers – it’s not just raising egos – it can also be a great way to make money if you know how.

In her publications in Legal Research Information, Han presented gifts and sponsorships to turn your curriculum account into money-making money.

Using her skills in organizing and scheduling revisions, Legal Research has also created schedules, plans, and calendars that can be purchased on her website.

It takes hard work and dedication, but Instagram can be great, if not a little An unusual way to make money at university.

If you’re trying to get out of bed and get out of place to do a serious audit, the chances of making that money should do the trick.

Successful training programmers inspire you

colorful motionless on the table

Legal study is not the only student that turns beautiful notes for review into a thriving curriculum.

Emma Research is a third year communication course student in Australia who gathered an impressive following of about 400,000 followers with his colorful editorial drawings.

You also don’t need to wait for university Level and GCSE students are also participating in the promotion.

As an A level student, Emily Studies there were about 124,000 followers with her super neat handwriting and brilliant notes before the audit. Now, as a medical student, she almost doubles her followers.

So, no matter what level you are at, sell your edits on the hashtag #studyinspo!

You can also make pretty good money sell your old books – our guide tells you about the best places to sell them.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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