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Back in 2014, when I first launched my blog, I had tips how to make money blogging, and about how much money you could even make from a blog. Move forward to today, consuming an even more shocking (still) switch from learning to make money on blogs and now earning over $ 50,000 / month from my blog.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then come watched my journey from just a few thousand dollars of monthly income, which is largely supported by freelance clients, still doing more every month from my blog than I did annually on my first works.

In 2019, my blog was $ 451,238 – with the month exceeding $ 58,000 – still in the first half of the year working full time. During 2018, my blog generated $ 127,418, and the year before, I broke the $ 100,000 mark for the first time.

So when my readers ask if it really can be found out how to make money blogging for a relatively short period of time my answer is a resounding yes.

How to make money on blogging in 2020: 12 proven ways (how I earn $ 451,238 +)

  1. Sponsor content
  2. Affiliate Programs
  3. Blog Ads
  4. We sell online courses
  5. Physical products
  6. Release the software
  7. Sale of own services
  8. Writing (and selling) e-books
  9. Run a virtual summit
  10. Business partnerships
  11. Sponsorship Podcast
  12. Freelance

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While it’s great to start considering ways to monetize your blog now, this guide is more specific to those who have already created a blog and are looking to take it to the next level. If you found your blog from the ground up, then go to my final guide to opening a blog.

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Last year alone, my blog reached more than 4.4 million readers (like you) who learned about blogging, marketing, and business. Having a heavily engaged reader and an email list of 130,000 more active subscribers to my blog – it creates great opportunities make money on blogs.

How To Make Money By Keeping Diaries In 2020 (Ryan Robinson, Google Analytics Screenshot for the Whole Year) Proof of Traffic

The more readers you have, the more options you will have to positively monetize your blog.

Okay, now let’s get into my final guide how to make money blogging in 2020.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no extra cost to you I can earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products, tools, services and resources that are personally used, and believe that they are really useful and not because of the small commissions that I pay if you decide to purchase them. Most of all, I would never advocate buying what you can afford or what you are not ready to realize.

Laying a fund for how to make money on blogs in 2020

Before diving just ways on how to make money on blogs, let’s take a brief look at what it takes to run a successful blog, because everything – from choosing a smart niche, writing great content, and successfully driving traffic – is everything before you learn how to make money on blogs.

Want to skip the introduction and go straight to my 12 proven ways to make money on blogging? Click right here.

It is important that you first take care of the basics so that you can be sure of making a profit from all the work that continues to invest soon.

Having each of these components will allow you to maintain success and continue to increase traffic once you start monetizing your content.

Find a clear niche in the blog

You found out Niche thematic area are you going to blog yet? The latter blog statistics show that you need to take first place (and this is a necessary step before you actually make money on blogging).

Ultimately, niche of your blog came only The theme or grouping of relevant topics that you will create in your blog, they work much deeper – and having this cohesive theme is essential for the ultimate making money on blogs – because it gives readers a reason to come back regularly for extra.

Yes on my blog, Each piece of publication content somehow returns to a comprehensive niche creating a blogging business (and ultimately teaches readers how to make money on blogging).

How to Make Money on Ryan Robinson Rairob Blogs

This niche still gives me the opportunity to travel in a variety of directions while staying on the message has 100+ podcast episodes and long-form articles written over the years.

Rather, your niche describes the type of person your content speaks to most vividly. Poorly diminishes the scope of your competence and experience. Ultimately, your niche is something that will help you discover and grow your audience, properly promote content and monetize your blog successful.

Once you fully understand your niche and position in that niche, you’ll begin to develop a very specific (and busy) audience that makes it wildly easy to find sponsorships, partners, advertisers and deploy all the other major ways to make money. blogging.

A simple example of how to make money on blogs

If you run your own baking blog (your niche), companies that sell cookware are likely to become one of your main fans when it comes to making money on blogging.

Make an example of blogging money How to earn your own self-cooking blog

You have a clear idea of ​​who your audience is (home bakers) and what exactly you hope to achieve (looking to improve your skills, get simple baking recipes, learn more about cooking in general). On the other hand, it also means you can confidently talk to sponsors about who is consuming your blog – and more importantly – why it’s likely to purchase an advertiser’s product.

Listen my interview with famous food blogger, Gabi Dalkin of What’s Gaby Cookingto learn more about how she went from writing to the side, and learned how to make money on blogs on a large scale with advertisers, book deals, Williams Sonoma’s own salsa product line and more. See my guide below starting a food blog for more information if the niche remains a blog.

After listening to this example, imagine what it would be like if you ate a niche for a blog. Maybe you write about plant care, but you also like to write about psychology, while being a bit like that. Your audience is not only everywhere, but it’s probably also a little confused. And this in turn will embarrass your advertisers.

Horticultural companies probably want to advertise where someone is reading, not psychological parenting techniques.

I know this may seem like a simplistic example, but finding and following a niche will help you stand out from the crowd of unfocused content and lay a solid foundation for learning how to make money on blogs.

If you want to make money blogging … you need to write (consistently)

So the traffic has come to a few blog posts that are starting to rank well in search engines. A great start in your journey of learning how to make money blogging.

Need more inspiration, what to write about? 👉 Check out my epic guide to best blog ideas you have to cover today.

But once it’s over here, it’s easy to think, “Well, I take № 1 on this topic, just stay there and reap the rewards”.

Make Money on Blogs The Importance of Writing Regularly to Get Monetized from Your Fish Blog

Believe me, there were. But as reported, if it was just to make money on blogging, then almost everyone would be wealthy bloggers by now.

Once you start getting a little success in the content and start gradually evaluating get more and more traffic every week you can easily think to sit well and relax. And while blogging can sometimes be seen as a purely passive income, ultimately, if you want to make money blogging scaled in the long run, you have to be very proactive.

Being an active blogger is like writing. A lot.

For me personally, I dedicate an average of 10 to 15 hours of time to writing for my blog weekly – and on the side of my daily work. If I could write more, I would. It takes a little sacrifice, and because I’ve learned over the years that my best meditation comes in the morning, I usually get up at 5 a.m. to rely on a few hours of writing before moving on to tasks my remote work.

I went into detail about all my blogging habits in my latest book, Habits of bloggers with high success if you want more.

Now you need to follow my strict personal writing habits to make money on blogging, but you need to write very regularly. Blogs with the most successful and common people post a few articles each week – if not many every day.

My success in blogging is largely due to constant publication for my readers of highly tactical content. Recognized as my list of email addresses has grown to more than 120,000 subscribers who support my new weekly articles. Having an email list of this size has given me many opportunities to make money on blogs.

How I Make Money on Blogs Screen List (Proof) Email Subscribers

And while you can’t aim to become the next buzzfeed if you want to make money on blogs, you should strive to build up to the point where you post at least two to three quality and meaningful articles about word counting (over 1,500 words) each month. It also allows you to spend time promoting your content.

Publishing regular blog content not only generates more traffic but also brings back readers. And these are the people who should help you make money by keeping diaries in the long run.

Rather, it shows advertisers who are actively involved with your readers.

Nailing Your Blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Indeed, it is very easy to write about subjects that you are very excited about.

And he said important Of course, your blog will be a place to share knowledge that is important to you. But more importantly (when it comes to how to make money on blogs) – is to nail your blog SEO.

How To Make Money On Nail Blogs Your SEO Fish

Search engine optimization can send even the most experienced professional marketers in the tail, but SEO is paramount to making money on blogs.

Why? Because major search engines like Google can send you virtually unlimited quantities for free, organic traffic – if you create relevant content for quality search results.

Now in this guide today on how to make money on blogs (SEO is a major component of my paid course, I will not delve deeply into SEO, Built into the blog), but I’ll tell you about it – it’s important to always keep in mind the specific keyword phrase for each blog post and always do your homework ahead to make sure the keyword phrase is what people are actually looking for online.

Make sure the following is reasonable blog SEO best practices will help not only grow your blog, this will allow you to stand out as a leading industry professional if you are able to highly rank your search results on a competitive footing.

Plus, your audience will trust you more, as will your advertisers.

Find (and create) your interested community of readers

Always be a fan of finding and creating an interested online community. The most important thing, especially if you’re just starting to learn how to make money on blogs, is to focus your efforts not only on attracting new readers, but also on building real, tangible relationships with as many of them as possible.

How to make money on blogs, find a community

Having an online community – whether it’s creating a forum on your blog, a Facebook group, an email list, a community on Twitter, or more – can do wonders for your blog. And ultimately there will be ones that will help you learn how to make money on blogs in a way that keeps the mutual win-win option for both them and you.

Develop authentic relationship with readers. Learn about their likes and dislikes, why they read your first article, how they discovered you and why they keep coming back for more. Connect with them as people, not with anonymous on-screen readers. Investments should be given a few minutes to talk by email or phone from time to time.

If you have a community, you not only have a support system with deep implementation, you also have a very important relationship.

It may be that one of your readers is an advertiser who wants to promote their products on your blog. It could be a podcast that wants to show you in the next episode with 2,000 listeners with a place for your blog step.

When you feel your audience and get to know them closely, you can start asking them for support. You’ll be surprised what you can get from a strong community of like-minded readers.

Learn all of my best tactics for attracting new readers and building communities my guide to driving traffic to your blog.

How to make money on blogs in your readers: how to scale numbers

How many readers do you really need to make money on blogging?

Well, the answer depends on that as make money from your blog and what your conversion rate for each channel.

Make Money on Blogs Google Analytics Review on ryrob

Sure, I don’t know your conversion rates right now, but once you start selling merchandise, rocking your freelance servicesBy running an online course or contacting advertisers for blog sponsorship, you can quickly calculate your conversion rates.

Here’s a brief example of expanding what your conversion rate might be when selling your own product – an online course – from your blog.

Believe me, they say you have 1,000 monthly readers. If 2% of those readers turn into paid customers for your online course, consuming 20 buyers. If your product is $ 10, only $ 200. However, if your course runs at $ 100, then you have just made your first $ 2,000.

Now you can also look at it in a much easier way.

  • Less readers = less sales
  • More readers = more sales

At the same time, you can work on settings so that over time your conversion rate is higher and you can play with prices to increase your average as well. Sometimes math can really be interesting

Of course, in order to make these estimates, you will need two key parts:

  • Unique page views
  • Transformations

To view the number of unique page views in your blog, dive into your own Google Analytics On the dashboard, go to Behavior> Site Content> All Pages.

Make money by blogging Google Analytics sessions

If you strictly use your site as a blog, then you should see your main blog posts clearly listed with the appropriate number of page views.

How to Make Money on Blogs Review Sessions GA 1

You can set the date range (like the previous day, week or month) and see the page count update. Glad how many people read your blog 👏

Каб атрымаць свой каэфіцыент канверсіі, калі гаворыце пра прамую продаж прадукцыі чытачам вашага блога, проста ўзяць колькасць продажаў прадукцыі і падзяліць гэта на колькасць праглядаў старонак, якія вы бачыце ў сваім блогу на зададзены дыяпазон дат – гэта будзе даць вам адсотак чытачоў, якія сталі кліентамі.

У якасці альтэрнатывы, каб зразумець, наколькі добра працуе ваш сайт, імкнучыся зарабляць грошы на блогах, вы можаце ўзяць агульны даход блога за пэўны дыяпазон дат і падзяліць яго на суму даходу, атрыманага за той жа перыяд – ” Я дам вам сярэдняе значэнне (у вашай валюце) для кожнага асобнага чытача вашага блога.

Цяпер вы маеце асноўнае разуменне што такое блог, як пачаць ствараць суполку, выбар нішы для блога, прыбіваючы свой блог SEO і адсочваючы каэфіцыенты пераўтварэнняў, пастаянна прыступайце да бізнесу пра тое, як на самой справе зарабіць грошы на блогах.

Як зарабіць грошы на дзённіку ў 2020 годзе: 12 правераных спосабаў (як я зарабляю $ 58 234 / месяц)

Зараз падыходзіць да вясёлай часткі … як зарабіць грошы на блогах (дакладныя спосабы зарабіць грошы з майго блога).

Дзякуй за сустрэчу са мной, калі мы асвятлялі асноўныя крокі, якія дапамагалі табе рыхтуйся атрымаць прыбытак ад вашых намаганняў, накіраваных на тое, каб зарабіць грошы на блогах. Гэта зойме шмат часу і працы, але паверце мне – інвестыцыя варта таго ў перспектыве.

Ryan Robinson Blogger (Як я зарабляю грошы на блогах) Image Image

Шчыра кажучы, ёсць перавагі – калі не сотні розных спосабаў зарабіць грошы на блогах.

Пацярпела, як сказаць, што правярала іх усіх, але я выжыла. І пасля многіх гадоў эксперыментаў, каля дзесятка, якія, як сцвярджаецца, вытрымліваюць выпрабаванне часам і прыносяць прыбытак, які змяняе жыццё, не толькі для майго ўласнага блога, але і для сотняў іншых, якіх я ведаю. З гэтай прычыны ў гэтым даведніку спынімся толькі на самых аўтарытэтных, правераных і шырока прыдатных каналах манетызацыі.

І што я магу вам сказаць, гэтыя 12 лепшых спосабаў зарабіць грошы на блогах (гэта значыць, як асабіста зроблена, так і былі паспяховымі) дапамаглі мне ператварыць гэты блог у крыніцу $ 50 000 + штомесячны прыбытак.

Гэта правераныя і сапраўдныя метады, якія выкарыстоўваюцца самымі паспяховымі, самымі папулярнымі блогамі, пра якія чуў.

Зарабляйце грошы на блогах, плацячы за ўтрыманне, якое вы ствараеце.

Першая галоўная тэма – гэта кіраўніцтва, прысвечанае зарабленню грошай плаціць за ваш кантэнт. Гэта самы просты і хуткі спосаб пачаць манетызацыю свайго блога. Вядома, таксама, чаму вы бачыце так шмат блогераў, якія праводзяць гэты канал манетызацыі.

Важна тут захаваць вернасць свайму блогу, вашай экспертызе і трымаць вашу аўдыторыю ў авангардзе ўсяго, што вы ствараеце.

Хутчэй занурыцеся!

1. Змест спонсара

Зарабляйце грошы ад вядзення спонсарскай дапамогі ў блогах, каб манетызаваць свой блог рыроб

Рэкламны змест – гэта выпрабаванае і сапраўднае ўкладанне для брэндаў усіх відаў, і гэта робіць цуды ў правільных сцэнарыях. Гэта робіць відавочным бяспройгрышны варыянт многіх спосабаў зарабляць грошы на блогах.

Зноў і зноў гэты метад не толькі даказаў, што працуе на рэкламадаўцаў, і даказаў, што дазваляе адначасова зарабляць грошы на блогах.

Што такое спонсарскі змест? Калі кампанія плаціць вам узамен за напісанне артыкула, які альбо пра іх – альбо па тэме, звязанай з імі, дзе іх прадукт, паслуга ці брэнд прыкметна прадстаўлены рэсурсам для тых чытачоў, якія вы хочаце. даведацца больш.

Адзін з такіх салодкіх здзелак паміж блогерам і рэкламадаўцам, дзе яны абодва сапраўды карыстаюцца адносінамі.

Вось некалькі прыкладаў спонсаванага змесціва тут, у маім блогу:

Калі спонсарскі змест зроблены добра (а не простая і простая рэклама), ён выглядае як сапраўдны, унікальны і без кроку продажаў пад высокім ціскам. На мой погляд, калі ваш спонсарскі пост прывядзе да прадастаўлення сапраўднай каштоўнасці вашым чытачам, яны ўжо сышлі з трасы.

Вы ўжо стварылі давер да сваёй аўдыторыі, таму яны давяраюць вам рэкамендаваць прадукты, якія вы ведаеце і ў якія верыце. Чаму я заўсёды рэкамендую захоўваць вернасць сваёй аўдыторыі пры стварэнні спонсаванага змесціва.

Дык як вам стаць спонсарам? Калі вы карыстаецеся папулярным блогам з вялікай трафікам, вы, магчыма, ужо атрымліваеце магчымасці для спонсараў, якія перапаўняюць вашу паштовую скрыню. Калі гэта гучыць як быццам бы сёння, тады гаворыцца пра тое, што трэба, каб атрымаць спонсарскія прапановы ўтрымання.

Для пачатку вызначце некалькі прадуктаў і іх кампаній, якія выдатна ўпісваюцца ў вашу нішу.

Часта выяўляючы, што спажываць тавары ці паслугі ўжо карыстаецеся самастойна. Складзіце спіс, па меншай меры, 10 прадуктаў, якія вы імкніцеся рэкламаваць і можаце захоплена падтрымліваць.

Далей ідзе самая складаная частка, і заўсёды не такая складаная (абяцаю).

Перайдзіце на галоўныя 10 вэб-сайтаў і знайдзіце кагосьці, хто працуе ў маркетынгу ці піяры ў кампаніі, і высвятліце іх адрас электроннай пошты з дапамогай простага інструменты для вядзення блога падабаецца Паляўнічы альбо Вуала Норберт. Майце на ўвазе, што многія кампаніі, якія адкрыты для спонсарскіх сувязяў, актыўна рэкламуюць электронны адрас спонсара дзе-небудзь на сваіх кантактных старонках.

Нарэшце, усталёўваецца час на адпраўце ім халодны ліст з вашай прапановай наладзіць партнёрскую падтрымку для чытачоў – з вялікім акцэнтам на чаму яны павінны зарабіць спонсарскія даляры. Вось узор электроннай пошты спонсара, які вы можаце выкарыстоўваць у сваім інфармацыйная падтрымка блогераў (або брэнд спонсара):

“Прывітанне, Мэры,

Мяне завуць Раян, і я люблю яго [your product]! Пісьменна вяду свой блог на, і заўсёды люблю бачыць, ці зможам мы стаць партнёрам на спонсарскім паведамленні ў маім блогу.

Я дасягаю а [number] штомесяц чытачы прама зараз, а таксама будуць прасоўваць паведамленне ў мой спіс электроннай пошты [number] падпісчыкаў. Усё, пра што я пішу, звязана з гэтым [your niche], і [your product] ўпісваецца дакладна ў тое, што шукаюць мае чытачы.

У вас ёсць некалькі хвілін, каб пагутарыць на гэтым тыдні, ці будзе гэта добра?

Раян “

Гэта ўсяго толькі прыкладны прыклад таго, што вы можаце сказаць, працягваючы руку, і не забудзьцеся пра тое, чаму спонсар павінен скакаць пры магчымасці дасягнуць вашай аўдыторыі.

Памятайце, што заўсёды захоўвайце гэта вельмі асабіста, адпраўляючы па электроннай пошце сапраўднага чалавека, а не робата.

У канчатковым рахунку, калі вы плануеце ісці шляхам спонсаванага змесціва, вам патрэбен медыя-камплект, каб падкрэсліць вашыя магчымасці спонсарства.

Наяўнасць медыя-пакета неверагодна важна не толькі прыцягнуць патрэбны бізнес, але і наладзіць свае цэны на авансцэну. У гэтым наступным раздзеле вам трэба правесці правільны спосаб стварэння медыя-пакета, які будзе прыцягваць і прадаваць патрэбныя кампаніі.

Бонус: Як стварыць медыя-камплект з высокай канвертацыяй (каб зарабляць грошы на блогах)

Калі вы карыстаецеся рэкламным і спонсарскім шляхам, каб зарабіць на блогах, вам патрэбен медыя-камплект, які дае рэкламадаўцам ключавыя метрыкі і ўяўленні пра вашу аўдыторыю – каб дапамагчы ім вырашыць, ці варта іх спонсарская падтрымка (ці не варта інвеставаць)як мая палуба тут).

Як зарабіць грошы на блогах

Турбуйцеся, мультымедыйны камплект дастаткова проста стварыць з дапамогай Microsoft Powerpoint або Keynote і неадкладна атрымаць перавагі ад наяўнасці кароткага адзінага дакумента, якімі можна падзяліцца з патэнцыйнымі рэкламадаўцамі.

У наяўнасці ў вашым блогу медыя-камплект, ясна пералічаны (я рэкамендую вылучыць яго на сваіх кантактах і працаваць са мной), кампанія дазволіць даведацца, што ён адкрыты для спонсарскіх сувязей. Яшчэ адна перавага заключаецца ў тым, што медыя-камплект таксама адлюстроўвае дакладнае фіксаванае цэнаўтварэнне, што дапамагае пазбегнуць рэкламных рэкламных кампаній, якія не ўкладваюцца ў балі.

Зрабіце грошы на вядзенні блогавага блога для прыкладаў рэкламадаўцаў

Вось асноўныя элементы, якія трэба ўключыць у свой уласны медыя-камплект, каб сапраўды зарабіць грошы на вядзенні блогаў і якасць зямлі:

  1. Хуткае размыццё пра сябе. У рэшце рэшт, вы і ваш блог – прадукт. Чаму спонсары павінны інвеставаць у вас?
  2. Зрыў вашай чытацкай аўдыторыі. Хто твая аўдыторыя? Якая іх дэмаграфія? Якія іх інтарэсы? Што яны купляюць?
  3. Ваш пратакол руху. Вось дзе Google Analytics уваходзіць. Вы збіраецеся паглядзець, колькі людзей збіраюцца дасягнуць.
  4. Магчымасці рэкламы. Што вы прадаеце? Аб’ява? Рэкламныя паведамленні ў блогу? Падкасты аб’явы? Партнёрскае партнёрства? Маркетынг па электроннай пошце да вашага спісу? Усё вышэйсказанае?
  5. Цэнаўтварэнне. Спачатку гэта можа быць страшна, але калі вы пераканайцеся, што вам па цане адпавядае памер аўдыторыі (і ўзровень занятасці), то трымайце яго на правільным шляху. Праверце іншыя наборы сродкаў масавай інфармацыі ў блогераў вашай канкрэтнай галіны, каб даведацца, як яны цэняць свае магчымасці і як вы параўноўваеце.

Што тычыцца цэнаўтварэння, я зараз плачу 2500 долараў за аўтарскі пост, каб звязацца з маёй аўдыторыяй, – але калі вы толькі пачынаеце, часцей заказваць дзе-небудзь ад 100 да 500 долараў, калі вы займаецеся, расце база чытачоў. які перамесціць іголку для вашага спонсара.

Пераканайцеся, што ваш медыя-камплект выразны, кароткі і візуальна прывабны. Рэкламадаўцы захочуць загрузіць яго і захаваць пры прыняцці рашэння марнаваць на вас грошы.

Вы таксама хочаце мець просты спосаб, каб спонсары ўвайшлі ў кантакт з вамі, каб яны маглі звязацца і атрымаць мяч з дапамогай хуткай электроннай пошты ці формы для падачы кантактаў.

2. Партнёрскія праграмы

Хутчэй пагаворым партнёрскія праграмы. Калі вы спытаеце мяне, далучыцца да большасці партнёрскіх праграм можна, прасцей, чым пошук блогу.

Кампаніі, у якіх ужо ўбудаваныя партнёрскія праграмы, гатовыя і гатовыя плаціць грошы ў абмен на накіраванне чытачоў блога – а значыць, вам не трэба шукаць спонсараў і не ўкладваць час у стварэнне ўласнага прадукту, перш чым пачаць зарабляць грошы на блогах .

Але, каб атрымаць значны даход ад партнёрскага маркетынгу, звычайна патрабуецца добрая колькасць трафік на ваш блог першы.

Напрыклад, вось мой здымак Bluehost партнёрскі даход за люты 2019 года, калі я зарабіў у іх $ 43 510,00 у кошт аплаты за рэфералы …

Як зарабіць грошы на блогах Партнёрскі даход Bluehost ryrob dot com

Што мне больш за ўсё падабаецца ў партнёрскіх праграмах, гэта тое, што яны прапускаюць халодную руку, каб перайсці на этап, які патрабуюць іншыя каналы, такія як спонсарскія і фрыланс. Акрамя таго, шмат партнёрскіх праграм, такіх як лепшыя планы хостынгу (нават тыя, с штомесячныя платы па хостынгу) добра аўтаматызаваны, каб атрымаць вас на борце і прасоўваць хутчэй. Вось некалькі маіх найбольш эфектыўных паведамленняў пра паступленне партнёрскіх даходаў:

Гэтак жа, як спонсарскія дапамогі, вы атрымліваеце зарплату, каб рэкамендаваць прадукт чытачам. Лепшая частка партнёрскіх праграм заключаецца ў тым, што многія кампаніі прапануюць іх. Ад Партнёрская праграма Amazon у мэтавай eBay, аж да вашых маленькіх пачаткоўцаў кампаній электроннай камерцыі высокаканверсійныя мэтавыя старонкі шукаю, каб скакаць на партнёрскім цягніку, ёсць мноства варыянтаў далучыцца да прыбытковых партнёрскіх праграм.

Больш падрабязна пра тое, як пачаць працу з атрыманнем партнёрскага даходу, праверце гэта тут на маім блогу эпічны пост пра партнёрскі маркетынг.

Якія лепшыя партнёрскія праграмы для блогераў?

Лепшы спосаб зарабіць грошы на блогах з філіяламі, безумоўна, шмат у чым залежыць ад нішы, якая пастаянна піша. Вось некалькі маіх выбараў лепшыя блогі партнёрскія праграмы:

Ёсць шмат варыянты партнёрскай праграмы Я ведаю, што там можна зарабляць на блогах.

Каб пазбегнуць перанасычэння гэтага канала, калі вы толькі пачынаеце вывучаць грошы на вядзенні грошай на блогах, мая парада заключаецца ў тым, каб засяродзіцца толькі на некалькіх (правераных) партнёрскіх праграмах, якія маюць блізкія тэмы да зместу, які вы ствараеце. (як я раблю ў сваім новым блог-праекце SmartWP) – І ведайце, ваша аўдыторыя цягне больш.

3. Блог рэкламы

Паказаць рэкламную прастору, магчыма, гэта самая простая, самая асноўная (і самая хуткая) форма пачаць зарабляць грошы на блогах.

Дрэнна памыліцеся, не кажучы асноўнага ў дрэнным сэнсе. Я маю на ўвазе, што простая рэкламная прастора – гэта асноўны кампанент, калі я ўпершыню высвятляў, як зарабіць грошы на блогах, – і рэалізацыю першага канала, які я асабіста правёў. Але паколькі гэта параўнальна лёгка зрабіць, ён таксама імкнецца плаціць найменшую суму ў фінансавай аддачы.

Для кантэксту, гэтая простая рэклама ў блогу (на фота ніжэй) на маім блогу прыносіць ад 800 да 1200 долараў у месяц прыбытак ад блога, абапіраючыся на 300 000 чытачоў штомесяц.

Зарабляйце грошы на блогах

З усіх розных спосабаў зарабіць грошы на блогах, якімі займаецца, гэта адзін з самых нізкіх прыбыткаў па колькасці заробленых долараў (асабліва на маю колькасць трафіку).

Здзелка, аднак, заключаецца ў тым, што штодня я бяру на сябе нулявыя намаганні, каб зарабляць грошы на блогах з гэтага канала, бо гэта зацверджаны выдавец з рэкламнай платформай. Carbon Ads, што выходзіць і брокеры займаюцца з такімі рэкламадаўцамі, як Atlassian, Adobe, Slack і сотнямі іншых тэхналагічных кампаній, якія хочуць прыцягнуць маю аўдыторыю.

Ці з’яўляюцца рэкламы ў блогах па-ранейшаму законным спосабам зарабляць грошы на блогах?

Карацей, так. Рэкламная прастора па-ранейшаму з’яўляецца актыўным кампанентам у многіх лічбавых маркетынгавых кампаніях і па ўважлівай прычыне. Першае і галоўнае – завершана імітацыя рэкламы да эпохі лічбаў – білборды, размяшчэння часопісаў, рэклама ў газетах і таму падобнае. У правільных дзённіках (асабліва, калі прытрымлівацца наступныя маім даведнікам а як назваць блог creatively), advertisements can be an incredibly easy way to get a brand’s name out and in front of the public eye.

And now that we’re spending countless hours on the Internet (with the average person spending 24 hours a week online), it’s easy to get ads in front of readers.

You can advertise on your blog and begin to make money blogging with this channel in a variety of ways.

The most popular, of course, is by starting with Google Adsense. You simply sign up, place a piece of code provided by Google on your site where the ad will go, and advertisers will bid on reaching your audience with relevant terms.

Keep in mind that when using Google Adsense, you don’t have a ton of control about what is being advertised on your blog. If you want to stay very true to your brand and keep your audience engaged, try another more industry-specific and tightly controlled ad platform like what I use (Carbon Ads) or look into other options that cater more closely to the audience you have—or want to drive in.

The 7 Best Display Ad Networks for Bloggers

If you want to make money blogging by leveraging display ad networks, here are my picks for the best ones to evaluate for your blog:

If you want to maintain a deeper control of the ads on your blog, then I recommend choosing to make money blogging with a channel like Sponsored Content (above) where you’re working individually with a sponsor who wants to reach your audience.

Sure, you have to find companies in your niche that want to advertise on your site, but you’ll almost always be able to broker higher-paying deals with this approach.

Plus, over time as your audience grows, companies will begin reaching out to you for sponsorship opportunities.

Selling Your Own Products and Services

Asking other companies to pay you in exchange for sharing their products with your audience isn’t the only way to make money blogging.

When you’re still figuring how to monetize your blog, it’s important to consider what you’re really excited about (probably not advertising other companies products right?), as well as what you’re personally skilled at to find opportunities where you can sell your own products and services to readers.

Here’s a real life example of one way I make money blogging—by writing an eBook (and selling it to my audience like with this one, The Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers).

Habits of Successful Bloggers eBook (Hardbound) How to Make Money Blogging

For example, if you’re a parent that loves to share parenting tips on your blog, but you have no intention of ever selling your own products to readers one day… then going the sponsored content and advertising route may actually be your best move.

On the flip side though, if you’re a chef who’s sharing awesome new recipes and you want to build a personal brand for yourself, then ultimately it may be a better goal to start the process of learning how to make money blogging by selling an eBook that’s a simple compilation of all your best recipes with beautiful images & step-by-step tutorials.

Testing out learning how to make money blogging with an easy-to-create digital product can also pave the way for many exciting new opportunities to come.

  • Maybe your eBook catches the eye of your favorite publisher and it leads to a print book deal?
  • Perhaps a television network sees your growing following on YouTube and Instagram & wants to bring you onto a popular show in your niche?
  • The possibilities that can come from first taking the initiative to create your own products and services are endless.

These top blogging books,, blogging tips і blogging courses will all expand upon ways you can more effectively monetize your audience by partnering with them to offer win-win digital products.

Hopefully by now, you have an idea of what you like to do and what you’re skilled at, because from here on out we’re going to talk about how to make money blogging without needing to rely on outside advertisers.

Make Money Blogging by Selling Your Own Products Blog copy

Before we run through the many ways you can make money blogging with your own content, I’d like to caveat this with a quick pricing discussion…

We’ve talked about how to price your sponsored content and blog advertising, but this next section is a little different.

When you’re pricing out anything you’re personally selling, make sure you’re considering your overhead blogging costs, rather than just choosing an arbitrary number that sounds good.

If you’re pricing a digital product like an eBook or online course, you may not think there’s any overhead at all, but it’s important to understand the skill you’re contributing (how long did it take to master?), the time it takes you to create, and what it’s worth to someone who’s going to consume and take action based on your content.

You may need to try a few different prices before you hit the sweet spot.

Definitely look at what your peers are doing to gather inspiration. Diehard followers of yours may buy regardless of the price, but others will certainly price-check before hitting the buy button on your blog.

4. Sell Online Courses

How to Make Money Blogging on the Side and Monetize Your Blog Courses

Do you have a skill you can teach others? Do your readers look to you for your expertise in a particular area?

Monetize that skill by creating an online course and you’ll be on the fast track to learning how to make money blogging.

The best part? Creating an online course can be as easy as filming a series of a few short instructional videos that teach your blog readers how to do something meaningful based on your own skills, experiences and successes. If you’ve excelled at something, there are people out there who would gladly pay to benefit from your expertise and accelerate their learning curves.

Major online course platforms like Udemy,, Skillshare і CreativeLive all feature a wide variety of courses that range in length from 30 minutes up to 30 hours or more—with the longer courses naturally commanding higher prices because they’re often significantly more in-depth.

On the other end of the spectrum, an online course can be as time-consuming as you’ll allow it to be.

Here’s a shot of me filming a course several years ago that turned out to be a very in-depth, 30-day step-by-step process for students to follow along with. Needless to say, it took a while to create all the content, but it was also one of the most impactful courses I’ve ever launched for my students.

Make Money Blogging with Online Courses Ryan Robinson Example

My advice as you’re still learning how to make money blogging with online courses, is to start with creating a short-form course (less than 60 minutes of video content) on a very specific niche topic that can be taught without too much hand holding along the way.

Take it from me… I’ve created 4 online courses over the past 5 years—all of which have been different in size, scope and topics—you’ll want to start with creating a simple course your first time around the block.

How Do You Create Your First Online Course?

First, you’ll have to determine which skill or process you want to teach (and how long it will take someone to learn it).

Then you’ll need to validate that course idea with your readers, or otherwise go out and start conversations with your target customers, to ensure there’s actually a paying audience for the course you want to create.

The social media marketing niche is a great example for how you can make money blogging with an online course…

Let’s say you’re killing it on Instagram, and your readers want to know how you do it. You can put together a course that teaches them step-by-step how to be an Instagram pro. Different modules of your course could focus on distinct topics like:

  • The basics of shooting engaging photos
  • How to find your ideal posting schedule for your audience
  • Writing enticing captions and leveraging hashtags
  • Going from 0 to 1,000 followers in 90 days

An online course like this would be a great example of an evergreen how-to guide that students can run through and implement on their own time—meaning it can be a relatively hands off “set it and forget it” style asset, rather than something where students need to tune in for weekly live sessions.

That makes this style of course a very attractive way to make money blogging.

Health and wellness plans are another great example of how you can make money blogging in another niche with an online course.

How to Monetize Your Blog and Make Money Blogging Yoga

If you’re a fitness blogger, bodybuilder, nutritionist, or anything of the sort, consider selling something like a 30-day plan for your specific practice. This could include:

  • Video tutorials of how to do specific workouts
  • Meal prep schedules and nutrition guidelines
  • Shopping pointers and cooking recipes
  • Weekly workout plans
  • Online community support

All of these different components would be designed to work together and get students to a common end goal or transformation.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to selling online courses as a way to make money blogging.

As always thought, make sure the course is actually relevant to your audience before investing tons of time into creating it.

Validating your course concept can be as simple as tweeting about your idea, talking about it on your Instagram story or sharing a short blog post that asks your readers & followers if this course is something they’d be interested in.

Feel out their feedback, ask the most engaged readers to put their money where their mouth is by pre-ordering the course at a steep discount (the only true validation is whether or not people are willing to pay for your course) and then you can confidently create your course based on the feedback you receive.

I’ll soon be compiling my own guide to creating (and selling) online courses as a way to make money blogging. For now though, here are a few more of the best resources I’ve found when it comes to learning how to create your first online course:

Again, focus on keeping it simple for your first online course.

As you get more courses out to your audience, you’ll fine tune your process and learn how to perfect this way to make money blogging over time.

5. Physical Products

Make Money Blogging and Monetize Your Blog with Physical Products

Right, right… I know you probably started a blog because you’re thinking, “I don’t want to be in the physical product space, Ryan. I just want to write and make money blogging without building products and shipping packages all day every day.”

And I get that. I personally don’t sell physical on my website (anymore), but hear me out on this one because a lot has changed over the past few years.

You no longer need to stock your own inventory—you can dropship your products without ever having to print a shipping label or stock up on cardboard boxes yourself. This relatively hands-off approach makes selling products a pretty attractive way to make money blogging today.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model you can use to run an online store without ever holding any inventory yourself.

Once you’ve made a sale from your blog, your supplier (a warehouse that packs and ships orders for sellers) will ship your products straight to your customer’s doorstep—for a fee of course. But, you’ll never have to worry about storing, packaging, or shipping your products.

If you want to make money blogging by selling physical products, let’s take this a step further… you don’t even need to actually create your own products anymore.

You can find an existing product category on the market today (with proven demand and paying customers), then find a supplier on a site like Alibaba that’ll create a private-label a version of that product, so you can start selling it yourself.

Examples of just a few private-label products you could sell include things like:

  • Vitamins, protein powder and nutrition supplements
  • Yoga pants and women’s activewear
  • Backpacks, speakers, chargers and other travel accessories (if you’re a travel blogger)
  • Makeup and cosmetic products
  • Check out even more ideas right here

And remember that you’ll also need to quick set up an online store that’s closely connected to your blog in order to collect orders, gather customer information, collect payments and update your orders along the way.

Oh! Now let’s take this real-life example from my own former business into account.

Today, my friend Matt still runs the private-label phone case business we launched together after college.

Start Phone Case Business on the Side with Case Escape ryrob

After finding a few online suppliers that could make us high-quality phone cases with the kinds of designs we saw trending on sites like Etsy and Amazon, we launched the business and grew it to a $160,000 side project within our first year by being good at marketing through Facebook and other online channels.

Plus, I’d started a company blog that was teaching other people behind-the-scenes of how they too could build a phone case business.

And for those that were serious about getting started, we sold them equipment and training on how to launch their own version of the business we’d perfected—creating a new revenue stream and leading to one of the first ways I learned how to make money blogging.

Choosing to sell physical products as a way to make money blogging is a personal choice that you need to decide for yourself based on the niche you’re in and the kind of business you want to start.

Physical products are great when you’ve got a diehard group of readers—or the product aligns very naturally with your niche and there’s proven demand for it.

If you’ve got followers that’d be excited to wear your brand, then you can even go the swag route. I’m talking t-shirts, mugs, prints and other branded gear you can host online & have dropshipped by a printer.

If the product fits your audience naturally, then start testing out this way to make money blogging.

6. Release a Software Tool

Make Money Blogging Software Tool to Monetize a Blog

Are you a software developer by trade? If not, maybe you’ve got a good friend or former co-worker who is.

In its most simple form, a software tool is something that people (your blog readers or even freelance clients) can use to automate a process—or series of processes—and avoid doing the task in more manual ways.

To give you a rather meta example of this in action right here, my blog runs on a theme called OptimizePress (for my CMS, WordPress). That WordPress theme is a software product I purchased, and because they release regular updates, they charge an annual subscription in order to receive updates & premium support.

It’s possible to run a blog without using WordPress or a theme like OptimizePress, but the very visual nature of how this theme works, means I never have to touch a line of code or learn any coding languages in order to operate my blog on a daily basis.

When OptimizePress first launched, they created a software product that dramatically simplified the process of running a visually appealing WordPress blog. That’s worth paying for, and I’ve been a customer for going on six years now.

Software and other digital products in this vein aren’t confined solely to things like WordPress themes. Other examples of software that can help you make money blogging include things like:

  • Mobile applications
  • Productivity tools
  • Email marketing service providers
  • Customer relationship management tools (CRMs)
  • Even video games

If there’s a process or series of tasks people do on a regular basis, software can be built to help automate or streamline those activities—and if you have an audience of readers that share in this same challenge, you can quite easily make money blogging by solving their needs through software.

The fun part will be working hands on with a handful of readers to create and perfect your software before releasing it out into the world.

7. Selling Your Own Services

How to Make Money Blogging and Monetize Your Blog Selling Services

Selling your time, skills and expertise as a service aligns pretty closely with selling online courses (and freelancing, which we’ll expand upon later).

However when it comes to selling your services, there’s one major difference from selling courses—you’re working either one-on-one or in a small group with a client to give individualized help or deliverables.

The common theme though, is that you’re once again finding a clear skill you already have, and using it to make money blogging.

Services you can sell (amongst many, many other ways to make money online) include things like:

  • Consulting with companies on an hourly basis
  • Designing logos on sites like 99 Designs or Dribbble
  • Coaching individuals on a monthly retainer
  • Writing copy or blog content for brands
  • Editing podcasts and using your audio engineering skills
  • Doing search engine optimization projects for online brands
  • Making websites or software tools for established companies
  • If you’ve got a skill, it can be offered as a service…

As services are often performed on a more one-on-one basis, and include working closely with one client at a time, that means choosing this way to make money blogging won’t scale in the same way that affiliate income or course sales will.

However, it can still be very lucrative if you’re charging premium rates to established clients—making it well worth your time.

For example, let’s say you’re a business coach…

You can sell a course on how to market your business that’s priced at $150. If you’ve got a large audience, this could be a phenomenal way to make money blogging.

If your audience isn’t huge yet though, you can take the approach of instead offering a smaller group of people a one-on-one coaching package for $500, or even a done-for-you service where you charge a monthly fee of $3,000 to manage all of their social media channels and grow their following.

It’s a number’s game, and it’s up to your to determine your worth and your time. That being said, here’s my guide to pricing your freelance services in a way that allows you to actually make money blogging & still put away some savings at the end of the year.

Where to Find Clients That Need Your Services (and Expertise)

Later on in this guide about how to make money blogging, we dive much deeper into freelancing (working with companies) as a specific way to monetize your blog. But for now, here are my picks for the best places to find ready and able customers for your service offerings.

While selling your services won’t scale as beautifully as many of our other ways to make money blogging here, it’s a very easy place to start.

8. Writing (and Selling) eBooks

How to Make Money Blogging with eBook to Monetize Your Blog

We already touched briefly on why writing and selling eBooks (your own digital product) is another great way to make money blogging—largely because of how scaleable your income can be without the need to put in any additional expenses after the book is written.

With each new sale you generate, the vast majority (if not all) of the profit comes straight to you, when selling an eBook from directly on your blog and collecting payments via Stripe or PayPal.

No middlemen. No publishers. No distributors. No retail stores.

This means that when you learn how to write an eBook and sell it, you’ll keep the absolute maximum possible profit margin on your eBook sales.

eBooks have been one of my dependable sources of passive income over the past few years, and they’ve been crucial to my own personal journey in learning how to make money blogging—in a way that benefits my readers as much (or more) than myself.

Here’s a snapshot of a sales report showing how much I’ve made from just one of my eBooks (The Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers) since releasing it:

How to Write an eBook (Sales Screenshot of Habits eBook) by Ryan Robinson on ryrob

That’s $9,296.00 in eBook sales that took next to zero effort from me.

This eBook is an asset I created almost a year ago. Aside from updating it a few times a year, it’s a pretty autopilot way of monetizing my blog just from the readers that discover it after reading one of my blogging-related articles.

Not a bad way to make money blogging, right?

I’ve got one major disclaimer for you though… it’s because I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into creating high quality, long-form articles (like this one you’re reading right now) that drive traffic to my blog from search engines, notable publications and social channels that I have an engaged audience regularly buying my eBooks.

Lastly, it’s important to clarify that when I’m talking about eBooks, I mean digital books in the form of downloadable PDFs. This eBook format is so simple to make and sell these days.

That being said, you can go the extra mile and take the Amazon eBook route which also allows you to sell Kindle formatted eBooks and audiobooks both on your own blog and to the hundreds of millions of Amazon customers out there.

Cookbooks, fiction, self-help, weight-loss, non-fiction: you name it, there’s a market for an eBook on it.

If you’re confident that you have the knowledge to share, and can write well, then an eBook could be one of your best ways to make money blogging given your skills and experience. Just be sure to begin with writing an outline.

The fact that you already have a blog with existing readers should give you the confidence that you have something worth reading—maybe it’s time to put that content into the form of an eBook to make money blogging.

If you haven’t yet gotten your blog off the ground, then head over to my ultimate guide to starting a blog.

Still Need to Start Your Blog First?

Check out my ultimate guide How to Start a Blog (on the Side) Today.

9. Launch a Virtual Summit

Make Money Blogging with Virtual Summits to Monetize Your Blog

Yep, you saw that right. Little old me in the corner of each of these video interviews 👆

In 2017, I was hired by Close to single-handedly plan, produce, launch and orchestrate a virtual summit—their Inside Sales Summit. Over the course of three months, I recorded 55 video interviews with some of the world’s most recognizable entrepreneurs and salespeople.

I built a complete website using one of the best website builders around (WordPress), to host the virtual summit, created every page, edited the videos, designed the graphics, established our promotional partnerships and wrote the launch email sequences both Close and all of the partners used to promote the event.

It was a lot of work. But, this side project netted me $30,000.

And it’s only because of my blog that Steli and the Close team originally decided to work with me.

Getting paid to interview 55 of my business heroes?

Now THAT is a pretty amazing way to make money blogging.

But just getting paid to produce a virtual summit for another company isn’t the only way to make money blogging with this monetization channel. You can host your own virtual summit.

Like I said, virtual summits are a lot of work, but with that work can come wild profitability.

A virtual summit is a live (or pre-recorded) event covering a specific subject with multiple guest speakers in tow. This is why I’m consistently harping on the importance of finding your tribe.

If you have a group of like-minded readers on your email list, each with their own communities that align with your messaging, then you’ve got the audience a virtual summit just waiting to be invited.

How to Make Money Blogging Virtual Summits to Monetize Blog

A virtual summit is the culmination of all the above ways to make money blogging.

You’re teaching, you’re coaching, you’re selling. Think about your audience and what drives them.

  • What do they want to learn?
  • How can you help them?
  • Do you have enough content to create a summit?

When you’re feeling confident in how you answered these questions, then start planning the event.

  • How many speakers do you want?
  • Is this going to be a live webinar-based summit or in-person?
  • Who would attend and when should it be?

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to put your summit together.

Then promote, promote, promote.

How Do You Make Money Blogging with a Virtual Summit?

Well, there are a few different ways to monetize a summit.

The most straightforward way (and easiest to execute your first go-round) is selling tickets for admission. Anywhere from $20 to $200 is common depending upon your industry.

You can discount pricing for early birds. Ask all of your speakers to promote the event to their audiences as well.

Another way to monetize your summit, is by making admission to watch “live” free and then selling an all-access pass to anyone who wants the ability to watch the speakers they missed (or watch again).

With both approaches, you can further make money blogging with your summit audience by selling them another product after the event wraps up—maybe an online course, eBook or coaching package that expands upon the concepts covered during the live summit.

At any rate, creating a virtual summit will probably be your main focus for the quarter.

If you’re going the summit route, you’ll also want to make sure you have other monetization in place while your attention is focused solely on this project.

Use Your Own Talent to Make Money Blogging

You’re skilled. You’re experienced. Your audience believes in you.

If you’ve made it this far learning how to make money blogging—and you have a blog with real readership, you’re golden, my friend. You’ve got talent and now you’re just learning how to monetize your blog.

Maybe the monetization channels we’ve discussed so far weren’t the best fit… or maybe you’re already using them and want some more ideas on how to make money blogging.

Well, in this next section, we’re going to talk all about selling yourself (in a good way that monetizes your blog).

10. Business Partnerships

Make Money Blog with Partnerships Monetize a Blog

When you have a growing blog, you have an audience.

And when you have an audience that’s regularly coming back for more of what you’re giving them—you’ll create opportunities for unique business partnerships as a way to make money blogging and further monetize your audience.

Business partnerships can shake out in a lot of different ways, so it’s difficult to explain just one.

A business partnership can be as easy as an affiliate relationship like we’ve already covered above.

However, it could also mean…

The point is, I keep talking about the importance of building your audience (long before you focus on learning how to make money blogging).

This applies just as much to establishing win-win business partnerships.

Find other companies or individuals that align with your audience, your goals, and most importantly—your plans for how you want to make money blogging.

From there, all that’s left is finding a way to work together so that all parties benefit.

11. Podcast Sponsorships

If you’ve been telling yourself just how much you need to start a podcast…

Well, now is your chance. It’ll be a lot of fun, plus it can significantly help you make money blogging.

My podcast is typically an annual source of anywhere from four to five-figures in sponsorship revenue, with sponsorships from brands like Freshbooks, and Skillshare coming in at around $500/episode to get in front of my 30,000 monthly listeners.

Sure, when you’re just getting started you probably won’t be able to command similar sponsorship rates because your show likely won’t immediately have thousands of listeners tuning in to hear what the show’s all about.

It’ll take time to build up your listenership. However, if you’ve already done a good job of creating content and attracting regular readers to your blog—you can launch your podcast with a bang by promoting it heavily to your existing readers.

How to Make Money Blogging and Monetize Your Blog Podcast Sponsorships

The best part about choosing to start a podcast as way to make money blogging, is that it can be relatively low effort once you’ve got the tools and process down (compared to writing massively epic blog posts all day every day).

Start Small with Podcast Sponsorships and Set Yourself Up for Success.

If you’re short on time, you can start by taking your existing blog posts, turning them into spoken word and starting to regularly post them as podcast episodes that talk through all of the most popular content from your blog (and share previews of what you’re working on right now).

Over the course of your first few months podcasting, you’ll likely attract more listeners very steadily if your show is entertaining and you discuss interesting topics or bring on exciting guests. Promote your blog and podcast by doing thoughtful blogger outreach to pitch yourself as a guest on other podcasts, offer up guest blogging and building a social community to regularly share new content with.

Once you’ve got a podcast with some regular listenership—then you can add podcasting to your media kit and start charging sponsors for podcast ad placements like 30-second pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post-rolls that plug your sponsored products and services.

12. Freelancing

Make Money Blogging How to Monetize a Blog Freelancing

Freelancing isn’t for everyone, but it’s certainly a good option when you’re still in the process of deciding how to make money blogging.

In fact, up until just two years ago, freelancing made up nearly 90% of my blog income. And moreover, the relationships I built with freelance clients during my first few years of blogging, are what positioned me to make money blogging from other (more passive) sources today.

As we’ve already touched upon, if you’re a skilled writer (or at least enjoy it enough to improve over time), then perhaps you could start freelancing on the side to share your expertise with clients who are willing to pay.

👋 Want to learn how to start a freelance business on the side of your day job? Read my ultimate guide on how to start freelancing.

Especially if you’ve already grown your own blog to a respectable level and can demonstrate to clients that your content attracts & engages readers.

Now, becoming a freelance writer could be your shot at helping other brands, startups and bloggers to do the same thing. That’s exactly where freelancing comes in to play. It doesn’t need to just be writing though.

You can sell your services by:

  • Consulting with marketing teams at established companies and teaching them how to create content
  • Becoming a hired gun that re-writes website copy and suggests improvements to better attract customers
  • Coaching other writers and bloggers who want to achieve the same results you have

Never forget that you have a skill that can be used to make money blogging—even if that’s simply from trading your time for a little extra side income today.

If you’re not ready to dive into some of the more time-intensive ways to make money blogging, or if just want to make some extra revenue while you chip away at those larger projects, then freelancing may be your best call. Just be sure you have a smart blog layout that’s designed to route potential clients to your services page where they can learn more and hire you quickly.

How Will You Make Money Blogging This Year? Action Items

How are you feeling about your blog? Are you ready to take action and monetize your blog?

Your speed to action will be the largest determining factor in just how successful you become with learning to make money blogging. All the perfect blog business planning in the world won’t make things happen.

So my call-to-actions for you today are this…

  1. If you haven’t already, launch your blog right now (follow my step-by-step guide to starting a blog)
  2. Decide whether or not you’ll pursue a longer-term route to make money blogging (with a higher return)
  3. Begin taking small steps toward creating that asset, pitching yourself or otherwise bringing it to life today

Still Need to Start Your Blog First?

Check out my ultimate guide How to Start a Blog (on the Side) Today.

I highly recommend making a list of your personal picks for the best ways you can make money blogging, based on time and effort, as well as viewing these through the lens of activating your own skills & interests.

It’ll take time (months) to go from launching a brand new blog—to learning how to make money blogging, but the effort is well worth the payoff.

Once you have an idea of the time it’ll take to bring your preferred route of making money blogging to fruition—and an estimate of just how much money you could potentially make from that channel—then it’s pretty easy to decide what you should focus on.

For many new bloggers, as you just get started—it’s common to focus on low-effort, mid-profit ways to make money blogging in the early days. It’s a good way to dip your toes into monetizing your blog, just don’t make the common blogging mistake of trying to monetize your content too early at the expense of not building strong connections with your readers.

Then once the first dollar (or $100, $1,000 and even $10,000+) hits your account, you’ll have a better understanding of the work it takes to make money blogging in your niche—and what it’ll take to accelerate to the next level. Just be mindful of how to deal with your taxes, too—I recommend bookmarking my guide about taxes for bloggers.

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