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Working as a babysitter at a university is not only an interesting way to earn money – it is also a potential for doing great things and for your career.

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Although babysitting is a popular part-time job for teens, many students forget that it can be a great way to make money at university as well.

When looking for a jobmost likely you have focused your search on retail or hospitality. Making money babysitting is often ignored, but in reality it is the perfect job to replenish your living expenses.

If you need compelling results, we’ve gathered information on how you can make the most of babysitting work for students – how to earn more, learn more and use the opportunity to enhance a graduate’s career.

Why should you become a babysitter?

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First: first: you should think about why a babysitter can be a good option.

The student body has many benefits that come with babysitting, but some benefits are not as obvious as others.

Here are some good reasons to become a babysitter:

  • That’s all well paid work it’s flexible enough fit around your uni schedule.
  • Babysitter gives a great experience yes put your resumewhich means you are a responsible, reliable employee who can be trusted.
  • That’s great opportunity if you are looking in the future work with children.
  • You will probably become bigger punctual and organized individuals. After all, you won’t be able to pick up kids from school or lose your job!
  • Becoming a babysitter can potentially help you establish good contacts with working people (parents of children, obviously) who can vouch for your character. And that means they can be a good guide for your resume list when you start your hunting for a graduate job!!

How to become a babysitter

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Getting your first babysitter concert can be challenging, especially if you’ve moved to a new city for university.

Some families prefer to go with people who at least know uncertainly or who have been recommended to them. If you’ve lived in this region for a few weeks, it can make it a little difficult to set foot in the babysitter’s door.

However, it ends far from impossible! Here are our main ways to get a babysitter job:

  1. Create an online profile either personal website which tells your story. Explain why you enjoy working with children, mention if you have young siblings or babysitting experience and, if possible, include a couple of references. Also attach a resume somewhere on the page.
  2. Make business cards and publish them in schools, parks, playgroups, etc. (with a link to your somewhere else profile somewhere).
  3. Start with people you know. It is much easier to get a babysitter to work with those who already know and trust you, so you should first ask your friends and family. If you have some work for you, take it with both hands and then ask them to glow to get the ball!
  4. Join online communities and add a babysitter to yourself LinkedIn profile for this will make it easier for you to search. Also go to Facebook and join other babysitters for your area.
  5. If you have no experience and contacts, getting a DBS check you can make babysitting work much easier. This will help reassure parents that you can be trusted around their children, but remember that a DBS check can take some time and will also have to be spent (£ 23).
  6. Join the agency. It can be difficult to accept an agency if you have no previous babysitting experience. However, the American agency called Student babysitters was recently launched in the UK and they focus on reconciling families with university students. Part of the deal is that parents also offer career mentoring and play a role in helping babysitters become more busy for the work world.

    This is also worth checking out Care.comwhich lists tons of babysitters working across the UK. Parents who stand after experienced babysitters usually show up in their ads, so if you’re a newbie, you should be relatively easy to determine what job to look for.

Are babysitters babysitters and children the same?

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In short: no, babysitters and childhood are two different works.

Teaching children usually takes place in the child’s own home, whereas a nanny usually goes to the child’s home to look after them.

In fact, there are legal differences. If you want to receive money to regularly care for an eight-year-old child anywhere other than at home, and for any time exceeding two hours, you will need registered with Ofsted.

To become a registered Ofsted pediatrician, you must undergo pediatric first aid training, DBS checks, insurance, security training and be able to provide EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum).

All of this is time consuming, so in part for some reason (unlike babysitting) children’s activities are often considered part-time work rather than a side fuss.

So if you don’t want to break the law, it’s probably best to take care of the kids in your own home (unless, of course, they’re eight or older).

How much do you have to pay for a babysitter?

While babysitting tends to pay pretty well, there are always ways to get your game to make a little more money on it.

Payment can be a bit of a gray area when it comes to babysitting, as it really depends on your zip code (you would charge a fee in London, for example, in the Midlands), your experience and responsibilities related to your role.

You cooking,, house cleaning or are you just relaxing and playing? Your hourly rate should reflect what is expected of you. lists a typical babysitter rate of 7 pounds to 10 pounds per hour, but says that in some areas, such as London, the movement speed is more similar to 12 pounds per hour. So, the best option would be to do your own research and decide on your own hourly rate – this is a regional comparison tool this is a good place to start.

How to make more money on babysitting

Here are the best ways to make more money as a babysitter:

  1. Offer to stay overnight or on the weekend

    At night with the kids or even for the whole weekend – a great way to make big money.

    If mom and dad want to go away for the night and they hope you will take care of your kids for so long, jump on the bandwagon!

    Charging an hourly rate is probably not appropriate in this case, so agree in advance with a fixed amount, which is a fair return on your time.

  2. Breaks in work and holidays

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    Make yourself available on holidays not only to save parents, but it also allows you to increase the cost.

    For the New Year the charge is double your hourly rate – and on holidays time and a half is acceptable.

  3. Be flexible in stock

    The key to making the most money as a babysitter is to make yourself available to take care of children, especially difficult for parents.

    If they know they can call you unconscious and ask you to take care of a little one who woke up to the flu so he can work, they won’t forget (and they might even advise you for being so useful).

  4. We offer babysitters at parties and events

    birthday cake at a party

    How to inform the family that you can take care of more children for such events dinner it’s also a great way make more money.

    For example, if they have a big meeting or party at home, you can offer to entertain all the children (including the children of the guests) so that they don’t start rioting.

    You can even make yourself available for weddings or parties at other homes with them.

    Note that this will also help impress other families with your babysitting skills, so remember take these business cards with you.

  5. Ask for travel expenses

    If you work in the evenings, make sure you ask for a taxi fare for the trip home. Taxis can be expensive, and parents should respect that this is an additional cost associated with hiring you in the evenings.

    If they agree to pay the fare, compromise by asking for just over an hourly rate for night shifts.

  6. Tutoring children during babysitting

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    One of the biggest benefits of being a student nanny is that your university education makes you the perfect candidate become a tutor too.

    If you are particularly strong in a particular topic used for them, you may suggest doing an extra couple of hours of classes each week. If you speak a second language, this is a great opportunity make money on it – Parents always try to get their children to learn a foreign language.

    But whatever you teach, remember that you always have to pay more for this extra service.

How to be a babysitter babysitter

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  1. Engage with children Ask questions, take an interest and remember the things they tell you. Kids are used to fighting phones for human attention, and when they feel busy, they can get humped or act. Plus you get paid to meet with them – so hang out with them.
  2. Clarify the rules of the house before you begin Remember that children will think you don’t know the rules, and will encourage you to bend them – that’s how children work! Make sure you know all sides of what is and what is not allowed before you stay in charge.
  3. Action plan Sitting on the front of the TV with kids is equally fun, and when they’re bored, they’ll let parents know one way or another. Try to come up with interesting things you can do with them to make them looking forward to seeing you as their babysitter (it will look great!). Board games, art, walking in the park with friends – it’s all about the points of the house.
  4. Let the parents tidy up the house to come home He is responsible for overseeing the house. You can’t underestimate how important it is for parents to return home after a hard day to find a quiet, clean and tidy home.
  5. Report When parents come back, let them know what you have to do with your children – parents will love getting an idea of ​​how you communicate with your children. Plus, telling them the little details of what happened shows attention and doesn’t leave them in front of the TV all the time!
  6. Be reliable and stick to your word You’ll even dare to imagine what a big nightmare it is for parents if the babysitter cancels at the last minute. If you want to continue working for a particular family, always try to give as much notice as possible if you are not going to do so.
  7. Don’t do anything you don’t like – If you don’t feel confident about anything (whether it’s kids who have friends, drive them somewhere, or are responsible for them in a busy place), just say no. You need to be comfortable and confident that children are as safe as possible.

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