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You want to look for a sale right in front of the sales funnel.

What makes sales funnels so effective is that they allow you to automatically generate leads with potential customers within days or weeks.

This section will discuss creating an email marketing sequence to build that relationship.

You will build rapport with the leads you generate through your sales funnel by providing value to them.

You’ve seen it before.

Free reports.

White papers.

Video courses via email.

They are called opt-ins.

You are delivering value to people understanding the problems they are trying to reach their goals and helping them to overcome these obstacles.

For the purposes of this draft, we will make a series three valuable pieces of content for you to share.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” maybe you tell yourself “The information has presented work in my industry.”

You went through it fairly.

Joe Polish used a guide create guides for your own the job of cleaning the carpet.

Even beer companies have started the exemption.

“Almost EVERYONE must be in the information business to some extent.” – Jeff Walker, launch

Having a value order is important because of every interaction with your list it’s an opportunity to build your relationship with them.

You want to “build a relationship” with a one-time message, you want to have a few positive interactions before asking someone to buy.

This little draft will contain a total of 4 marketing emails. 3 these are pre-owned content and the fourth is where you are looking for a sale (which will arrive in a second).

The easiest way to write 3 emails is to follow these steps:

  • Decide what the value 3 will be work backwards first
  • Create a personal story or the story of one of your customers that you need to show in each email
  • Write down emails 1, 2, and 3 to add 1, 2, and 3 values

When you start writing your emails, simply start with the story you thought was relevant, then go into explaining the benefits of the valuable information that remains Wedding to them.

Here’s an example of what this looks like from an email I wrote to one of my clients:

See how the benefits are positioned?

At the bottom of each email address, you want it foreshadow next email in a row to build anticipation. Just review what topics they will teach and how it will improve their lives.

For each email address you want:

  • Show your opportunity. Tell them how their life will ultimately change with your solution.
  • Show them or tell them why they should listen to you (authority or social proof like a case study)
  • Learn something valuable about your product
  • Raise and respond to complaints or promise to respond to them in future videos (raise complaints in Email 1 and then promise to resolve it later by creating an open loop, effectively creating expectation)
  • foreshadow what they will learn or share in the next email
  • Ask for a call to action, it’s good to share a landing page with them. You could also have their emails click through to view your content, but sometimes I like to share value within emails. Whatever you decide to be a CTA, make sure you only have one call to action.

There are some special points for Email 3:

  • First, express your gratitude and excitement for everyone’s support
  • Quickly reverse what helps you reach your solution
  • Preferably present a brief case study
  • He gets the answer to the questions above
  • In the last 25% of the copy, he tells them that in the next video he will share the offer in the next video

There are two ways to answer this: by asking questions, or by brainstorming and testing.

Here are 3 questions you can ask a potential list (or previous clients) to help you figure out what they want content for:

1. What is most important to you urgent question In a relationship …?

2. What is yours the worst fear In a relationship …?

3. Which one is yours big dream In a relationship …?

You can use the Google Form Survey to collect answers. Browsing them should give you an idea of ​​a range of topics that your market is most interested in, and give you a solid jump in brainstorming.

If you want to do a survey, you can always just think of different solutions and test them roughly again. You can also send your list of ideas to your potential clients and allow them to rank from most interested to least interested.

Just to show you how my brain approaches this issue, brainstorming some potential ideas from St. Petersbark could be used to create valuable content around:

  • Puppy List (branded with their logo and address)
  • Dog training information
  • A dog training guide
  • How to Treat Your Dog with a Leash |
  • Great guide on a bunch of different toys and what good situations are
  • A Guide to Dangerous Dog Food
  • Non-dog friendly treatment guide (for example, some vets claim that dogs should eat raw hides)
  • Your dog’s nutrition guide, including how to adjust your dog’s diet as he grows up
  • Simple tricks on how to teach your puppy instructions

Read more about content upgrades.

When you ask for a sale, you again want to explain the opportunity, how their life will change for the better after they work with you.

Here’s your ASKing email address to have a copy of the copy:

The task of a landing page is to collect email addresses from people who have landed on it.

The landing page should is not be on their final offer (for this method of structuring a sales funnel), but focus more on their problems and the information needed to solve them.

You want to structure your landing page like this:

  • An issue
  • Fall down
  • Upside down
  • the bridge

You want to paint a vivid picture of their worst fears.

In this case, it will be the narrative of just a horribly behaved dog.

St. Petersbark’s Problem Section may begin how exciting it is to bring a new family member home, but it details the pain the new dog owner is going through.

Have them imagine a listening dog, a dog chewing all the furniture, a dog barking all day, a dog howling at the front door. All great fears they have about their dog.

You can use the answers from the previous 3 questions to understand what your audience fears.

If you want to use the survey method, you can look at forum sites such as Reddit and try to find user content related to their problems.

In the problem you want to set the stage and get them into that scary mindset.

You’re really here twist the knife.

in An issue You may be reminded of their fears of the highest level, the dog being comfortable.

in Fall down St. Petersbark needs to go dark and talk about the worst case scenario.

And while your dog is popping everywhere or listening to you, it can be a problem, and training a dog to train or listen to him is one of many new puppy owners, I would say above fears are that their dog might bite another dog. Or bite someone else.

Asking someone to buy your product is almost the same as asking them to change.

You have never been able to convince someone to change until they are afraid of the consequences is not changing even more than they fear the change itself.

Selling is the same way. You ask for a potential change to not change your product, own it – and never do it unless you explain it to them. what the world looks like without you.

Here you go to talk about the owner’s dream dog. The life they wish they could have with their dog.

Want a friend you can take on vacation with? To be able to take your dog to a dog park without a stressful day? Not to be afraid that your dog might hurt someone?

Here you paint a sunny picture of the world they want in their heads.

Now you position yourself as what can get them Fall down in Upside down.

At this point St. Petersbark would describe the benefits of the value it provides, how the information will help the dog owner raise a great pet.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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