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Physical products present tremendous challenges and opportunities created for first-time hackers.

It’s bad to easily sabotage results if your physical funnel is adjusted for conversions.

Fortunately, five elements are highlighted that make it likely that each funnel will convert without completely overhauling the site.

The beauty of sales funnels comes in the fact that it does show simply sell almost anything.

Then why did he come? e veryone on board when it comes to selling physical products?

Probably because physical products are a bit of an enigma in the digital age.

Given the popularity of information products (eBooks, webinars and courses) with traditionally lower overhead and lower cost, it is natural to gravitate to digital products if it introduces the adventist into the chopping area.

Consider also some of the mental barriers that customers face when buying physical products such as…

  • Dealing with unexpected shipping costs (which is a huge cart leaving factor)
  • Overcoming the trust barrier for a brand they knew (think: giving your address and credit card information to a relatively unknown company)
  • Bouncing on a competing affiliate or big box websites (like Amazon) looking for a cheaper alternative

However, each of these obstacles is easy to overcome when you figure out how to implement some key elements into your sales funnel (which is a saved review later).

Great benefits of selling physical products

Secretary and manual worker

So, why would you hop into the bar of selling physical products through ironing? For starters, consider the following:

  • Physical products are “what you see is what you get”, not selling people on the “promises” of change through your marketing
  • You can easily create frequent, repetitive jobs through physical products (think: a slimming supplement that sells a bottle for $ 30, provided it ships monthly)
  • Unlike informational products, your competitors’ physical products cannot be pirated (as easily) or repackaged

You prefer to sit on the fence when it comes to selling physical products: Instead, take a proactive approach and start making your physical funnel sooner rather than later.

Bad opinion, your website will need to be flawless, especially if you are building a funnel for the first time.

In fact, it could be argued that it is good to make a few initial mistakes the first time so you can correct them when you compose the next one.

One aspect any the flow that newborns struggle with is the most conversion, which makes perfect sense.

Turning traffic into dollars and cents is a dream come true each network seller; however, many fail because they do not have a conversion optimization strategy.

Think about it.

You can have a killer product that is for sale (I think: highly recommended through ClickBank).

You have a wonderful website and a sexy sales funnel.

You can have multiple traffic sources, ranging from organic search to paid ads.

And you can more don’t make drugs either, because no one turns them once they’ve found them in a funnel.

In addition to making the purchase process as smooth and painless as possible, you must ensure that your funnel contains secure elements that will convert clicks into conversions.

Conversion optimization often requires us to do some footwork, but it doesn’t show worth it in the end.

Creating bait that confuses people is one thing, but persuading them to hand over their hard-earned money is key to becoming a full-time funnel hacker.

Fortunately, there are actionable steps you can take to turn your traffic into sales with the following elements without error.

Whether to start at the beginning or transition to selling physical products, consider any of the following tactics a fair game.

Ejecting from photos and videos

Visual content is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal when it comes to customer questions or concerns.

This is especially true when selling physical products.

From YouTube videos to photos of your products in action, you need to give your traffic something sexy if you want to increase engagement and improve conversion rates.

As it is written, the content is great for targeting keywords and engaging readers, giving them something to review while the icing on the cake ensures your products pop.

For starters, be sure to implement the following visuals:

  • Clean up photos and videos on your landing page (think: high resolution images and professional video on your VSL)
  • Real Life Photos versus Stock Photos (This may require you to buy the product firsthand, but this initial investment will pay off in the long run)
  • photos and videos to separate your blog posts and written content (think: just paste a wall of text in front of traffic and expect them to respond)


Easily add photos and videos to streams using the image and video elements in the ClickFunnels Editor. Simply log in to your ClickFunnels account> Go to Funnel> Select the step you want to add your picture and video to> drag and drop video or image elements> Save your progress.

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Hit them with headlines

Copy and killer titles are often secret sauce that can take any level of your funnel to the next level.

For example, consider the importance of copy and title in relation to the following:

  • Send email lines, fighting for the attention of your list, in front of an incredibly crowded inbox
  • Landing pages, trying to catch the eye of your traffic at a glance to prevent them from bouncing
  • Content pages, with show Lots of content out there, ask yourself: How long will it take your readers to get their call to action?

If you’re not sure if the titles are hitting you, consider the following angles such as …

  • Highlight the customer by using the word “you”, creating an emotional connection that helps create a sense of empathy around your product
  • Crazy claims and insightful statistics, whether it’s saving your potential customers hundreds dollars or helping them lose dozens pounds in flat weather
  • Describing the incredible discovery, creating a sense of exclusivity because your guides found themselves on the ground floor of something great

Although there are many approaches, you can keep the following rules in mind with your copy each New title creation time:

  • Shorter is better about length (just let your words count)
  • Personalized copy always successful: the more options you can use the guide name or “you”, the better
  • Let them guess: use headlines to ask questions and be curious, instead of giving too much to the front of your tone.

From watching your competition to understanding the principles of killer copy, there is a lot of inspiration to draw as you create and test titles to make sure they are converted.


Make a killer copy without breaking a sweat and you need to be a professional author! Flow scripts do just that. Create strong headlines to improve conversions!

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Strong social proof

Owning testimonials on behalf of your product and brand is absolutely mandatory.

In an age where customers trust reviews as much as they die orally dead in the water if you sell social proof to your traffic.

This is especially true for first-time buyers of physical products.

If you make a statement, try exploring the following curation paths, such as:

  • Satisfied pre-sale or interaction buyers (Facebook email only)
  • Check out social comments and hashtags to see if anyone has left positive feedback about your product or brand
  • Use reviews pulled from other affiliates (who can provide them by themselves)

After all, you should do everything in your power to encourage future feedback (such as discounts and benefits) from your existing list.

The more testimony you have, the more likely you are to secure a job along the way.

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Not only say them, Show them off

You can talk about how good your product is all day; however, it absolutely does nothing until you can provide concrete proof.

It is for this reason that content and educational content are combined with visuals huge game changers related to conversions.

For example, consider implementing the following into funnels:

  • Videos with guides presenting your product in a real environment, including how-to content for your product
  • Before / After Photos and Videos that Showcase Your Product’s Positive Results (Incredibly Popular in the Weight Loss and Fitness Niche)
  • Preview or “opposite” videos, pointing your product toward another and explaining why yours is superior

Such content not only helps to diversify the funnel, but also the targeted keywords and position yourself as a useful resource for your traffic.

depositphotos_46301303_m 2015.

Elements of trust

Remember: Selling physical products means creating a sense of confidence.

Even the most subtle elements of your flow, such as a solid cashback policy and a receipt, can go a long way toward building trust.

For starters, these elements make your brand feel like a big deal as incredibly confident in what it sells.

In addition, you provide a refund if you wish really you believe in your product, right?

Although the return rules can come in many shapes and sizes, you should emphasize the fact that satisfaction is truly guaranteed with every purchase.

You can carry out your guarantee throughout the funnel to direct it to your traffic: for example, implement it on your landing page and through the exit pop while leaving.

Diseases, check stamps are a simple visual cue that signals confidence and helps customers understand what they are looking for in their best interests.

How to convert physical products?

Selling physical products in the digital age can be a big challenge for malicious people.

Instead of leaving money on the table, make sure your website and stream have the right tools for converting optimization.

How do you conclude business with physical funnel products?

Any advice for first-timers looking to soak their feet in physical products?

You can also check out our NEW Fun Cookbook to learn more.

Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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