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Collecting seasonal stories is a great way to get regular exposure in the media.

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14, 2020

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Seasonal stories are events that are celebrated annually around the world, such as Valentine’s Day, , Black Friday, Easter, July 4, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, Halloween, Mother ‘s Day and Father’ s Day. Seasonal stories also include 4 seasons: spring, summer, fall / fall and winter.

Highlighting seasonal stories is a great way to get regular exposure in the media, and because the event takes place every time at the same time as the business owner, you can prepare for them in advance and use the same or similar angle from year to year.

How to link your business to a seasonal event and create a seasonal story

Journalists Modern ideas that make seasonal stories very appealing to them and good linking your business to seasonal events and coming up with a seasonal story can be easy. Take for example Christmas, a dentist can come up with a story idea, for example: “All I want for Christmas – light, white teeth – 3 Christmas drinks that you should avoid.” Otherwise the idea of ​​a carpet cleaning company might be. ”How to remove the top 5 Christmas stains on a rug.“ If you’re a nutritionist for weight loss, perhaps the idea might be, “7 easy to avoid foods that cause bloating at Christmas.” All these ideas of history would be an interesting affair. journalists around Christmas as it would be educational content in order to share with their audience.

Let’s consider another seasonal event, Valentine’s Day. Suppose you are a florist. You can come up with a story idea, for example, “Amazing statistics on how many roses were sent on Valentine’s Day”. Inform TV channels about the big delivery and invite them to come and take pictures and tell the story. TV stories are loved visually, so it really gives a great opportunity to get exposure on national television, but equally this idea of ​​history will be attractive to local media, and to publications, and to radio stations.

Let’s look at another example. Suppose you are an expert on relationships, you can come up with a story idea, such as, “How to find out if your partner is single before proposing this Valentine’s Day.” Or a jeweler can come up with an idea of ​​a story, such as, “A Man’s Guide to Buying the Right Wedding Ring on Valentine’s Day Without Breaking the Bank.”

It also works for less obvious businesses

Let’s see how less obvious businesses can be exposed to media exposure before Valentine’s Day, such as real estate agents and real estate agents. These people always see that home buyers are falling in love with their dream homes. They play a cupid who fits the right people and home. Otherwise, they could come up with a story idea, such as, “How to find the perfect home for you and your loved one on Valentine’s Day.” Do you see how the theme of love and Valentine’s Day is used? and is it related to finding the perfect home?

Seasonal activities

Let’s move on to examples of seasonal events.

Let’s say you’re a cleaner, the idea of ​​a spring story might be “10 simple spring cleaning tips that will make your home shiny fast”. Or for an IT professional, for example, you can cite “How to spring clean a computer that is booting slowly.”

For summer camps for dogs, a summer example might be “How to stop dog deaths this summer” or “Did you know that dogs sunbathe too much? Here’s what to do.”

An example of fall / fall for an image consultant might be “5 little-known ways to stand out this fall” or “How to look chic this fall without spending a fortune”.

If you’re a dermatologist, the idea of ​​a winter story might be, “7 lines to your feet – skin care tips that will give you a radiant light this winter”. Or for a health expert: “Prepare for winter: 5 rare herbs that will instantly boost your immune system.”

Leading times

Keep in mind when you tell your story either before publication or before the show – it takes into account the time of their preparation. Deadline is the amount of time that the media works on story ideas before publishing or broadcasting them. Many media outlets are starting to plan their content at least a month in advance. Magazine runtime can be three to six months ahead, meaning that if you’ve been collecting a Christmas story idea into a magazine that has a 3-month deadline, then you’ll need to direct your Christmas story around August / September. to make it timely for publication.

So we are waiting for your turn …

What seasonal event arises that you can use as a hook to tie your business?

Once you get it, contact a journalist who is interested in your topic and has an audience similar to yours, and see what happens … you won’t lose anything and win everything!


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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