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You should now add your products, customize your store template, set up payment and shipping, and sort your store settings.

You’re almost there …

But there is one important step before you can complete your online shop: testing.

Ecommerce website builders make it easy to test and review your web store before posting.

Store testing is the best way to make sure you meet the needs of your customers.

When reviewing and testing the store, here it is key things to check:

Does your cash register work?

When testing a store, pay special attention to the purchase process. Be sure:

  • Orders work on all sides all Payment Methods
  • Your delivery options are correct and visible
  • Items and price in your cart are correct
  • Discounts / promotions apply
  • Taxes are shown after the buyer arrives at their place

The simplest way to test the cashier is to place an order and then make a refund immediately. This is also a good opportunity to test the refund process as well as email notifications.

Do your store functions work?

Next is securing a store actually works.

Make sure that any clickable button or link works. Checking their mouse without reward will annoy your customers.

Your navigation bar should be easy to manage. It should feel like sailing around a quiet lake rather than turning on paved roads with lots of dead ends!

Ask your friends and family to test your site and get some feedback.

Have you checked the contents of your store?

Many marketers make the mistake of running an online store that is full of content errors. This makes your shop look amateurish.

Go through your store with a finely serrated comb and check for spelling and grammar. This is also a good opportunity to check all your images – make sure they are all optimized for website speed and accurately promote the product.

Does your mobile shop work?

By 2021, mobile commerce is expected to account for 54% of all ecommerce sales. In short, it is vital that your website works perfectly no matter what device your customer is using.

This is one of the biggest benefits of using an online store maker. They do easy to check what your store is look as on different devices as well how functions.

Your store must answer on mobile phones and tablets and desktop. You can test this in your builder’s browser preview mode and switch to the mobile icon to start the experiment.

Have you tested your store on different browsers?

Your customers will not only use different devices – they will also use different browsers. Online store builders support most major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, so that should be fine.

Five minutes is enough to check and check!

Schedule store settings

Before you get on the post, the last thing you need to do is double check your store settings! Without the right settings, your store will not be able to run properly.

Go to the Store Settings section of your platform and complete your settings for the following:

  • Language: Choose the language your customers will see on the spot
  • Currency: select the desired currency
  • time zone: Setting the right timezone helps keep track of your orders
  • Address: View contact information
  • Store Name: as will appear in emails, homepage, and in-store online searches
  • Contact information: Public telephone number and email address for users
  • Order settings: Set whether or not to add a product price tax
  • Product settings: You can decide what information to show to customers, such as product weight or rating

If you are not sure what these and other obscure settings mean, ask your web store manufacturer’s support team.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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