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15, 2020

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Young or old, stable or in transition, starting a new business or trying to find a way out for a sustainable business building a 10-year plan can give you a significant advantage in living a happier and more fulfilling life. Rather, for a business owner, it can be the difference between making a profit and using passion or losing years of life, as success remains steadfast. The main goal should be to take control rather than just being reactive and accepting what life throws at you.

If you had a written and passionate vision of your future in 10 years, what do you do and why? You have indeed think about your activities right now and what will be the long-term consequences?

Writing a plan can change the game in your personal growth and . If you feel insecure about what you want out of life, or are unhappy with what you feel is constantly getting out of this crazy world, make a plan to change that! What will hurt? What do you need to lose? It can make the difference you have been looking for to make you motivated and focused. Here is a five-step approach to getting started.

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Step 1. Start with a picture of the future

The first critical step is to start recording the perfect scene of what you want your personal future to look like in 10 years. If you are worried about grammar or spelling, just write. Let it flow. Not going to publish in a newspaper or newspaper. Persek personal. Let it be an emotional experience if needed.

I also want to just focus on finances or my profession, but maybe on relationships, physically ,, and spiritual growth. Paint yourself in the mountains, on the beach or in a place where you admire. Imagine what has happened in the last 10 years. With whom or with those people are you, what is in your bank account, what education did you graduate, what business or job do you have? Take time to reflect, pray, and be honest with yourself about how you really want this future to look.

Remember that you can always change and modify your plan. Yours. But write it down on paper and give it the attention and attention it deserves. This is your future. Bad is not something that needs to be dictated and bury the “Notes” on your phone or in a dusty magazine on the shelf. You need to carry this with you wherever you go. First of all, I want it to accompany your annual Strategic plan for your education, business, health and personal life.

Finally, be realistic. Okay OK to push yourself with a dream that you think you can achieve some effort, but don’t let go of failure. Perhaps saying you want to be president of the United States or vice president of Fortune 500 may be too much, but who can I say you can and should do? Maybe something like this is within your reach, but just overdo it; you know what I mean.

Step 2. Work back with the landmarks you need to reach

The goal is to reach the perfect scene in 10 years, so it actually becomes pretty easy to work back and identify the practical steps you need to take to get there. Some want to set goals straightforwardly, but I think it’s easier to work with a goal and lay out the steps needed in order to make a dream come true.

In practice, this means creating five-, three- and annual goals that will ultimately lead you to the perfect scene for 10 years. For example, if you see yourself with 10 rental properties in 10 years, then perhaps it would be wise to rent five leases in five years, three in three years and one this year. Avoid buying one property this year is much easier than racing to get 10 rentals as soon as possible.

After all, when we know we have 10 years to get to our stage, we are in such a hurry, or stressed out, if we find ourselves where we want to be. and may be in the future. This type of mind also gives us room to breathe, to make mistakes and adjust our plans along the way.

This is also the state when your plan starts to take shape. Break it down into categories and years, maybe even networks (see below). But remember, the categories you set. Faster own plan!

Of course, the above table for a small serious and detailed plan is small, but it all works when you try to pass. I would suggest considering a spreadsheet that consumes the entire page in landscape format. But if not, everything is fine again. Faster own Plan. Wrong wrong or the right way to do it. It’s just important that you do it.

Step 3. Share

Yes, that’s the scary part. I said your plan was published,, but you have to share it with someone. In fact, I would suggest three to five people. Reason number one: it becomes alive and now someone is accountable.

A significant benefit is what you want and feedback . Useful criticism remembers you. You need oily skin, but no one needs to be you to defeat you. If they are rude, mean, negative or demeaning, collect them from your board. However, they are afraid to ask someone for their opinion and be open and willing to accept it.

Step 4: Review your plan regularly

Leaving your 10-year plan in a drawer. Honestly, I love to carry my bag in my bag and take it with me anywhere. I like to review it on planes or on weekends when I have a free minute and the pressure of the work week continues to be on me.

In fact, I suggest you update your plan annually and at least review it every couple of years. Make sure you take notes in your plan every time you have a “brilliant idea”. Saeed said to himself, “I need to do this next quarter when I reconsider my plan.” Write it down now.

Step 5: Manage statistics

Track your successes or failures. Keep track of the numbers and try to maximize your progress. Your numbers and reports, even if you only track and report yourself, will consistently report whether you are in the right direction. Bad fight. Make changes as needed. Investing and trying to create wealth takes a little math. Fear this fear. Accept it and get used to it.

Finally, either be a dogmatic or a slavish plan, and of course don’t point out your unfortunates and don’t make unwise decisions. For example, to stick to a real estate decision if you plan to have 10 rent payments in 10 years, don’t think you have to buy rent every year, and certainly not in the first year if you’re not ready for it. it is. You may have to take one step back to take three steps forward. So maybe your first year or two is about getting out of debt, getting a higher education and working under teachers. Then, when the third year comes, you will be able to buy two objects a year, and in five years you are right.

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Remember: stay not a race. Perseus is a journey and, most importantly, a delight own travel. Take your time and enjoy the process. Rejoice if you agree to succeed at all. This is your life. Do what you want and say goodbye to be reactive and feel like never to drive. With a 10-year plan you manage no one else.

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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