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Have you thought about turning your car into a taxi so you can earn extra money? We have all the information you need to fully set up as an Uber driver or provider.

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Working for Uber can be perfect for students. It’s well paid, extremely flexible, and you can ride all day doing chats with strangers. Sounds pretty decent, right?

One big trick is to be an Uber driver or vendor can work as many hours – You are your own boss, and you do not have to stick to it if you find that it is not your jam.

However, especially for drivers, getting started can be quite expensive, so it’s important to first have all the facts and think carefully about whether it’s right for you.

We have all the necessary requirements for you, as well as information on how to sign up and additional tips for earning more money while you ride or deliver.

Want to start driving for Uber? You can register an interest here he is.

How to become an Uber driver

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First of all, to become an Uber driver, you need to do the following relevant criteria:

  • It’s over 21 years
  • Have a complete and authentic UK driver’s license (EU license needs to be converted to UK license before becoming an Uber driver)
  • There are the right to work in the UK.

Depending on the city you are in, the required years of driving may vary.

You also need to pass the following checks:

  • Complete medical examination by your doctor
  • Full advanced DBS verification – it examines your full criminal record and verifies that you are safe to work with children and vulnerable adults.

You can wait a while before you can go on the road, but the Uber drivers we spoke to said so. it is worth the initial sting force yourself and run.

Uber driver requirements

Here are the key things you need to become an Uber driver:

  1. Private rental license

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    The process of obtaining a private rental license is fairly painless, and Uber offers you assistance in the application process (for more on Uber’s “ignition sessions” see below).

    The cost of a private rental license varies from board to board, but you can count on £ 300 and you will need to review it every three years.

    Note that after applying, you may actually get a license. It may take a few weeks, but the drivers we spoke to said it was close three to four months. One Uber driver said he had to go six months!

  2. Personal rental and licensed car

    If you already have a car that matches the score, you are ahead of the game. Ch Uber site to check if your car meets their standard.

    If your car didn’t break down, you could also rent a car approved by Uber on a weekly basis. Rental prices can vary from city to city, but they usually offer around £ 200 a week.

    Private rental insurance can be cool, but like any car insuranceThe longer you drive and the safer you are the driver, the cheaper you get.

    For example, the difference between a private rental policy of people who run for three years compared to five can be as much as £ 100 a month!

  3. Meeting with Uber

    Uber offices

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    Before applying for a license, you will need to conduct a brief interview with Uber, and you will need to attend a free master class called Uber Ignition Session.

    It’s basically an information session at noon where you’ll learn about what will work at Uber. Their trained staff will guide you through the entire application process so you can apply for a license from local authorities.

    It will take about four hours to complete the ignition session, and this probably involves the following:

    A Guide on How to Get Health and Check Prey
    Tips for getting insurance
    A guide on how to apply for your private rental license.

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Pros and cons of becoming an Uber driver

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We spoke to several Uber drivers across the UK, and here are these benefits and pitfalls they allegedly came to work:

Pros of working as an Uber driver

  • The beginning paid within two to five business days requests from Flex Pay.
  • You can be your own own boss.
  • Neither minimum nor maximum hours – you work as little or as much as suits you.
  • Flexible watch that can fits around your studies and social life.
  • Relaxing work if you like to drive.
  • Very much friendly workwhich is good if you like to communicate with people.
  • A passenger star rating will help you Avoid passengers who can get you in trouble or leave you waiting for them.
  • Passenger rating also (in theory) encourages passengers to behave properly in your car.
  • More sanctions for bad riderswhich includes the possibility of cancellation (free of charge) two minutes after the request, as well as a fee for the waiting time if the driver waits at the collection point for more than two minutes.
  • Drivers still get it paid in full if a passenger uses any free credit that he has found to be covered by Uber (which is just as good since some people dial as much as £ 1,500 in free travel).

Cons of working as an Uber driver

  • They are currently working in London, addressing TfL’s decision not to renew their license, but if they lose their appeal, they will need to cease operations in the city – this should be kept in mind if you plan to drive Uber in London.
  • Costs are high (Uber take a 25% incision everything you earn), so you need to work hard to earn a decent income (especially if you pay for a car rental).
  • Here can be long wait to obtain your private rental license.
  • You need make their taxes.
  • Car insurance Especially dear youth.
  • Tipping not often.
  • No. The benefits of the company for example, pension, vacation, sick leave, etc. You can pay an extra £ 2 a week for PSE membershipbut it only covers you from illness if you can’t work for two weeks or more.
  • Passenger rating cannot guarantee that they don’t get drunk and don’t rush into the car.

How to become an Uber Eats provider

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Unlike driving Ubers, you don’t need to drive a car to deliver Uber Eats. You can also use a scooter / motorcycle or bicycle.

If you are hoping to deliver by car or scooter / motorcycle, you will need driver’s license and Car insurance (including lids for food supplies). You will need a bike driver’s license either National Certificate.

Many of the benefits of Uber Eats shipping coincide with Ubers management, as does the Flex Pay option – as a provider you will be able to receive payment within 48 hours. excellent if you hope so make money fast.

To get started you need to register, consent to secure verification and download the required documents. Once you are approved as a lifeguard, you can log in if you are comfortable, start making deliveries and watch your bank’s balance sheets grow.

How many years do you need to work for Uber Eats?

If you are under 21, you may be too young to take an Uber taxi, but the good news is you can sign up to deliver Uber Eats if you 18 and over.

So far you are fine with getting a little food envysuch an opportunity is ideal for students.

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How much money can you earn to work at Uber

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Salary of Uber drivers

At Uber, your income is based on how much you work – and at times when demand is higher than usual, you earn more. Uber takes a 25% service charge from the fare and you can expect to pay about 20% of your salary towards the fuel in addition to this.

Prices will vary from city to city, so you should contact Uber to find out how much you can earn in your part of the country.

It is also important to note that as you would work for yourself, you would be protected by nothing Minimum Wage Act. You need to make sure you pick up enough passengers to keep your income above the minimum wage (or the subsistence minimum if you’re 25 or older).

If you work with Uber, you will have to defer your own 20% income tax and announce it in self-assessment tax return in April every year.

Do you need more information about the UK? Look at ours a guide to tax facts.

How to make even more money in an Uber driver

Many Uber drivers say they will work as little 10 hours a weekBut keep in mind that you will need to work a little more than money to be worth it.

According to one of the drivers we spoke to, splashing out extra money for a billionaire car (qualify you as an Uber Exec driver) It should be ultimately.

Ahmet, the London driver of Uber Exec, said “Save the student”:

While you take the initial blow by having to buy a more expensive car to join Uber Exec, you take home more money per trip than UberX, which means it works better in the end.

Earnings Uber There are suppliers

London Birmingham or Manchester Vacation UK
Selection of order £ 1.40 £ 1.40 £ 1.90
Out of order £ 1.10 £ 1.10 0.65 lbs
Distance traveled to order (per mile) 1.50 pounds 1.50 pounds 1.50 pounds
Minimum fee before Uber service fee * 3.50 pounds 3.50 pounds £ 4

* If you receive less than the minimum shipping fee in your area, the up-to-date service will be increased to the minimum amount.

Fee for Uber Eats delivery services

London Vacation UK
Bicycle 25% 30%
Motorcycle / scooter 20% 25%
The car 25% 25%

Should I work with Uber?

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Uber is a great option part-time for students.

But from what we see (and from what we’ve heard from drivers), if you don’t already have a suitable car, you should think about whether the option is right for you.

The extra cost of getting your own wheels as a driver means you finish the first few years of your driving in an Uber car to just pay for the car!

When we asked Ahmet if he would recommend being an Uber driver to other students, he was really positive. He told us:

I would highly, highly recommend going for Uber … it’s a great way to make pocket money on the side.

Every time we go to my friend’s house in Harrow, we always get out of the way on the road when we go to the outskirts of London. We just chilled out and played FIFA on the PlayStation, then before you leave, just open the app and be able to make money on the way home.

Sounds pretty perfect!

And since we talked to Ahmet, Uber has introduced a system to make it easier for drivers to find passengers heading in the same direction as them.

Drivers can choose up to two directions a day. This means that they are paired with riders who are traveling in the same direction as they are (if they are heading home or demanding to make an appointment).

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Not sure if Uber is right for you? See ours main business ideas more ways to become your own boss …

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