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Hypergiant founder and CEO Ben Lam describes the role of AI in creating a more flexible infrastructure for future space exploration.

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12, 2020

6 minutes of reading

In this solid series, we share tips, advice and opinions from real entrepreneurs who do there business fight daily. (Answers edited and abbreviated for clarity.)

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Ben Lam, TV series technology an entrepreneur who builds intelligent and transformative enterprises. I am currently the founder and CEO of Hypergiant, a new generation AI company and defense company.

The Air Force will use your new HIVE AI software to allow them to control satellites from a mobile phone. What led you to this innovation?

Satellite infrastructure is outdated. There are old systems that make it extremely vulnerable to attacks, and it is difficult to maintain the continuity of operations in a ground struggle similar to a pandemic. When we created HIVE, we did it to help the U.S. Air Force and others create internal resilience, especially in times like a pandemic or a natural disaster where there are restrictions on people moving to safe facilities. Now, by enhancing mobility, satellite operators can better monitor and control their satellites from anywhere in the world at any time. About the technology we need now and where we need it.

What do you think the pandemic will have on our approach to business in space?

The pandemic emphasizes the need for more flexible infrastructure in space. Currently, most things are in a centralized room. However, to ensure future sustainability we need to be able to work outdoors. As a result, we are seeing increased demand for mobile technology and remote software that allows operations to continue to run.

SpaceX‘The launch during the pandemic underscored the sequel in space advancement, watching a private company launch someone into space for the first time. It’s good and exciting, and Elon is behind years of fantasy. However, we also need to look at space from the lens to see the world today. We have common solutions for a pandemic, and we have global solutions for everything in space. To make the space more sustainable in the future, we need to figure out the problems on earth.

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You have developed a proponent of “space resilience”. Can you explain what that means?

Space around the Earth is a limited resource, and when we destroy it, we destroy the ability to do further space exploration and research. In the category of space resilience, there are several major problems: cosmic undesirability, which is a major problem, but then the issue of resilience is the increasing complexity of space operations, the emergence of large constellations, and the increased risk of collisions and interference. operation of space objects.

We are doing a number of things to consider and address space sustainability issues. The key will be to use space assets for multiple use cases and increase service life. For example, our Slingshot deployer uses the Cygnus spacecraft before its launch to conduct scientific experiments and launch satellites over the International Space Station. It is an asset that just burns in the atmosphere. We don’t prolong life and use a spaceship to get more out of it to the end. We are also actively exploring other technologies on Earth that will have applications in space to help create a more sustainable planet and solar system. Our EOS bioreactor has come up with the use of algae, robotics and AI to combat climate change on Earth is being considered for use on the International Space Station and in future space missions to carbon sequestration and conduct CO2 leaching.

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You’ve created interactive simulations to show the impact of a pandemic on climate change – what have you discovered and what does this tell us about the future?

Our ACES simulator helps people understand how current quarantine really affects cumulative carbon emissions. There has been deceptive news about the impact of the shutdown on climate change and the world. Although we observe a large impact, it solves the cumulative carbon problem. We wanted to make people understand this fact and also understand what is needed in the future to combat climate change and make a long-term impact. A tool is a visualization that helps to present what is possible if we make various changes. As we continue to integrate other data sources into our simulations, we can gain a much clearer idea of ​​what we do in the future, and help others understand as well. It will help both legislators and ordinary people. I think it also shows the way for entrepreneurs: investing in Cleantech and other fossil fuel alternatives is just right for people. Applying AI and other new technologies to the equation makes understanding and evaluating data even faster and potentially efficient.

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What should space entrepreneurs know about how to stand out in the market now?

There are many opportunities for innovation, especially when the government increases funding and focuses on geographic, lunar, and Martian capabilities. This means more opportunities for space, more opportunities for business and more opportunities for innovation and invention. These include opportunities for both software and hardware technologies, but for everyone: food in space, garbage disposal in space, fabrics for space, medicine designed in space, tourism in space and more. The more we work in space, the more business opportunities there are to help us do it. Just join the market and try to find subcategories that are just opening up. As a friend and advisor to hypergiant Bill Nye likes to say, “Space is our best.”


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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