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From the height of the coronavirus pandemic the journey began to recruit again. Last week in May 2020, the Transportation Security Administration reported that 2,137,505 passengers passed through the airport last week. This is closer to the number of passengers who would have been checked in one day gilded, but about three times more than the first. week in April.

If demand for travel returns (albeit slowly), what can travelers expect for flights and hotel prices this summer? The Priceline found the cost of airline tickets and the number on their website has dropped by 65% ​​compared to last year in some of the most popular locations.

Here are some conclusions from this data.

Expect big savings on hotels

“Very travelers will see competitive prices this summer, particularly at hotels,” said Devon Nagle, head of communications at Priceline. “Airline prices may recover faster given that planes will not fly at full capacity. But hotels will compete aggressively in these cities and across the country.”

Nagle adds that this competition will benefit travelers. For example, the average daily rate of hotels in Las Vegas – this is the largest hotel rooms in any US city. – decreased from $ 193 per night last year to just $ 80 per night in July 2020. Las Vegas slowly rebuilding hotels on the famous Strip, keeping low occupancy rates and gambling remain far apart.

The average daily rate in July 2019

The average daily rate of weekends in July 2020

Beware of local travel recommendations

However, locals may be the only ones who can take advantage of some of the biggest discounts. For example, in Hawaii there is still a 14-day quarantine for passengers arriving from other states and countries – so for the mainland, it probably makes sense to look for trips there, even if the hotels are inexpensive. The average daily rate in Hawaii in July 2020 is $ 171 per night. It is down 65% from the $ 482 average a year ago.

Hawaii plans to lift restrictions between island quarantines on June 16, so state residents can take advantage of these deep discounts on other islands.

Domestic flights to major cities cost on average about 33%

Priceline compares bookings back and forth to eight U.S.. cities and found that travelers can often save more than $ 100 per ticket compared to last year when they decided to fly this summer. Tickets to New York, Los Angeles and Boston cost about a third more than last year. The biggest discount is for travel to Miami, which is about 50% lower than the average price in 2019.

The average ticket price for July 2019

The average price of domestic tickets in July 2020

Similar savings of dollar flights were manifested in other domestic areas. Airline tickets to Anchorage between July and September are 61% lower than the usual price. On the West Coast, the cost of tickets to Portland for the same period of time is 29% below normal, and flights to San Diego – up to 35% cheaper.

Demand for flights is still up to date

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, flight prices were known to be volatile. You may think that this summer you need to get a lot of flights because few people travel, but things are not that simple. There are several factors.

Unlike other times of economic uncertainty, airlines are simply causing overwhelming demand by lowering prices while passengers continue to worry about safety. No matter how low the prices are, some travelers buy tickets until they need health risks both on the plane and at the destination.

Airlines are also making adjustments to the scheduled flight schedule. U.S. airlines have said they will start stepping up flights in response to increased demand. However, the airline’s total system capacity in July 2020 is approximately 40% of what it was in July 2019. Delta said it will continue to occupy 50% in first class and 60% in the main cabin through September. 30, adding flights or flying large aircraft on routes where demand rises against these restrictions.

The essence

Not surprisingly, travel in July is on average cheaper than last year. You can find savings of 20% to 65% on flights and hotels, but keep in mind that fares and local travel restrictions change frequently. As your appetite for travel, maintaining safety and saving money can coincide with another way of traveling. Nagle said she expects the road trip to increase this summer, possibly a trip on July 4, where vacationers would have previously turned to planes, trains and buses.

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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