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12, 2020

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Over the last few months, COVID-19 transformed and global and him hiring landscape. The rapid onset of a pandemic has been used to rethink recruitment priorities as they adapt to ever-evolving home living and self-removal practices.

At one end of the spectrum, like Amazon there is a huge increase in the need for workers. On the other hand, companies like and make the difficult decision to lay off workers. My company has seen customers from all over the spectrum, and most of them fit into four main categories – companies either hire more than usual and work at normal speeds, impose hiring measures, or force employees to fire.

There are basic ways for all of these scenarios can help companies adapt their workforce strategy.

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The demand for rent has increased

Broken sectors, such as pharmaceuticals and food products, feel the need for highly developed employees. They need a large number of new employees as soon as possible. To enable this rapid flow of talent, they need a vital streamlining of the application process.

The process we found successful for quick hiring is sending text messages or applications for chat work. With a few quick texts, potential candidates can express their interests and discuss the conversation, or you can post a link to the application site. By using text messages, candidates can respond more quickly, leading to a faster and more successful overall hiring process. This solution gives companies new employees as soon as possible.

As usual

Some companies continue to hire at a standard price. These are often businesses that are considered necessary but not in demand. Due to the nationwide rise in unemployment, the number of entrants that these companies receive is staggering. They found it necessary to filter out candidates using automation to reduce the burden on their hiring teams.

Through a round-the-clock survey of chat candidates, candidates who do not qualify for placement will be redirected to more suitable vacancies, or cautiously rejected by personal notice. Some chatbots may interact directly with your calendar to show who is undergoing your screening when you are available for an interview. Another option is to get candidates to record a video interview.

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Stagnant hiring

Many companies love it Microsoft have stopped working in other positions, but they will most likely want to fill them immediately if they feel the time has come. These bands often want to continue to spread their talent community without promising future offers and without trying to discover.

Widgets used on company career pages or on landing sites can capture information about the applicant. Automated processes can take the information contained in these pop-ups and transmit it directly to the applicant’s tracking system (ATS). Thanks to this registered information, the hiring team can immediately contact any qualified person by posting a new position.

Temporary layoffs

It is heartfelt for some companies to have to lay off a significant portion of their workforce to overcome an uncertain economy. According to some estimates, the job loss is striking 47 million people. Many of these companies lose the way they regain their talent as soon as they try to return to normal performance.

Hiring previous employees can be ideal as they do not require orientation and are already used to the position. It will also help these companies start working faster than if they had to relearn all the lost positions. Fortunately, companies already have information about former employees and can use them technology Integrated within the ATS to contact them as soon as they are ready to start training.

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Automation allows large-scale companies to send text messages to these previous employees. Using pre-informed information, you can keep in touch with previous employees. These updates may include informing them of your recovery plans or simply notifying them when their position is reopened. You can send a link to schedule an appointment as soon as your company resumes the previous role to find out if they have an interest in filling it out.

We are now facing unprecedented changes in our lives. I hope that by sharing your experiences, you will be able to make your future more sustainable. In particular, XOR would like to provide additional assistance to healthcare and basic services by providing access to staff during this time. three months platform free. Read more about our COVID-19 employee communication suggestions here.


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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