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Sarah and David Tripp Shop, husband and wife, Sarah set up to treat and treasure, if they have got a unique opportunity to inventory: hand hairpin made directly to the United States. An original clay forms studs cast in sows and lead-free (or pazalochvali).

“They are so beautiful, it is not difficult to sell something that has such a variety when it comes to it,” David recalls.

How to find the perfect item for sale? Check. Selling? Well, we ate there, where everything was a bit unclear.

“Thus, it was:” How can we get it to the people? “None of us did not have time to have a real physical store Thus, it looks like:.” Well, let me start an online store, “So, I look like.” OK, let’s start first with Amazon’s “.”

That was before Sarah created a Shopify store; in fact, there is even a website. Instead, they got all their listings on Amazon and have been accepted into the category of Jewelry.

With some Amazon lists a thriving brand, we look at how Sarah and David won the Amazon (and then mashtabavali Shopify). And, of course, so you can learn from them, so that you too can prevail on the Amazon channel.

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Step 1: Plan, plan and zaplaniruytse few.

Sarah and David spent almost the whole year in the pre-start. Not because of perfectionism or fear, but because they are busy planning their success.

David explained: “It’s been almost a year inventory, photographing, writing descriptions, inventing keywords, programming data sheets and a variety of things.”

His biggest piece of advice for new entrepreneurs who are thinking to deal with Amazon? Learn how really use Excel.

“You can have Excel to automate a lot of things for you. So, just get a SKU and name, and then you can have Excel add anything else.”

David claims that five to ten minutes of experimenting in Excel usually will find you what you want. Time spent researching and questioning? Definitely worth:

“Copy and paste the 1600 lines? Saved themselves many, many hours of work. I do not care if you have Amazon, Shopify or eBay. Learn Excel.”

This is one of the best educational videos that are looking to get more value from Excel, so consider investing an hour of your time to save many more:

David recommends taking the time before you start to organize your inventory, take pictures of your products, write a convincing description of the product, do a little keyword research, etc. Those that come prepared will be You notice the difference.

Assign skull with heretics and treasures Sarah

These resources will help you in the following tasks:

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Find me on Amazon

By the end of 2016, “Just find me in the Amazon” re-worked for Sarah and David. They decided to look into the Shopify store, and a few months later launched their branded website using Amazon channel.

Shop pleasures and treasures Sarah shops Shop

Today, 76.8% ordered Sarah treats and treasures come from the Amazon channel each month. The channel brings in an average 72.7% of their monthly gross volume of goods (GMV).

So why enlargement Shopify?

“The biggest selling point was serious by the fact that you had the best application for connection to the Amazon. BigCommerce, they have a good version. You guys are not just like that. It was definitely a lot of concrete in the rear” – says David.

Amazon takes a percentage of each sale (8-20%), depending on your product category. Sarah and David this cut of 20% in the jewelry category.

Ideally, these customers would buy at the company store, where they were to hand over 20%. But Amazon has strict rules on branding:

“We do not really allowed so much brendovat themselves on Amazon and eBay. They say you are, but if you ask the” go to my site “in the chat, you are actually breaking the Amazon policy.”

To work around this usual rule, Sarah and David sacrificed a discount of 10% with reference to their Shopify store bills. 10% – is much less than 20%.

10% discount code

The presence of only one place (for Amazon, and for your brand store) in the management of thousands of SKU, such as Sarah and David, this is a huge plus:

“I use custom printer Shopify, because I can set up their accounts. I can give discount codes, I can dare things I can put a little material on Facebook at the bottom. So it’s really neat that you actually can do a lot of orders from the printer to the invoice look right.

Then on I created a batch import (for Shopify), so eventually we can make it through Shopify, but through stamps. Thus, we buy all through the brand, when we print all the labels, it removes all tracking codes in Shopify, which perfectly discourages Shopify Amazon, which connects directly to the shooting Amazon “.

Thus, a lot of applications that work together, allows you to get more freedom and control, but also holding back, if the initial investment is increased.

After starting the Shopify store opened the floodgates for advertising and promotion. According to David, the opportunities are everywhere:

“I put the website address at the bottom of the label,” Marks “, so long as it passes through the mail, people are like,” What is this? “Everywhere you can advertise your brand or your site. That’s why I said, [Sarah]”You have to find a site.” “

Exposition of the Amazon is too good to pass it.

Thus, why put up with the 20 per cent reduction? Why not follow the branded shops Shopify? David attributes the achievement and goodwill Amazon:

“If you just look at how many people visit the Amazon every day on the statistical site, as well as on any web site, you will see that soon, if your list in the Amazon increases your exposure to thousands of percentage points.

In addition, you can do on the site, after all, what you can do on eBay, they became the biggest market of online sales. I would say that anyone who does not use the Amazon channel. “

And he said that it is wrong. Check the data that support it:

  • 90% of consumers check Amazon, even if they have found the product elsewhere.
  • 50% of buyers of mobile phones, first try Amazon. Search engines are the second most common place for buyers of mobile phones (34%).
  • If buyers know what gift they wanted, 59% will start on Amazon.

Jumping through hoops goes with the territory.

David warns that you will be puzzled while navigating through the confusing world of the Amazon:

“All the trust Amazon you zbyantezhytsesya because Amazon will come to you, and they will look like:.” You have a client who wants to return an item because it is they do not like, “And you like”. Well, that’s cool, but now they want me to pay for shipping, and I offer free shipping “.”

He suggests a deep breath, take a small loss, to make the customer happy and knowing that to win the long game. In the end, you are going to return the product, right? You can always resell, so you definitely need to lose all your income.

Reviews on Amazon products

These types of situations can occur periodically. Unfortunately, according to David, we just need to bring the storm.

For example, Amazon carries a strict limit leaf products.

If your sales or supplies are not supported customer reviews or sales history, your account may be considered. If your merchant account will be considered temporary owner will be located on the cash in your account, and your lists may be suspended.

“So many thousands of listings at the same time and they begin to be very careful about your account My suggestion is to make a couple of hundred at a time Do 50 to 60 at a time Do not try to load the entire database at once…” – warns David.

Sarah and David have also learned a few hard lessons about how Amazon handles search engine optimization (SEO):

“I do not like the options in the Amazon, because they simply do not get the right search engine optimization. You do not get all three lists close together. If you find a list that says” Other Settings “.

As our material (gold, copper or tin), it has a very different kind, so it is difficult to imagine, and if Amazon simply choose the one that, in his opinion, should be the most prominent in their search. You can set the default image that you want to look, but I noticed that they change it depending on the individual search habits. “

Instead of using options, David proposes to create separate lists where possible to ensure maximum exposure for individual products.

Options listed separately on Amazon

A little test, a little patience.

Sarah and David spent months on testing and refinement along with Amazon. For them, you call the infinite product testing process, test patterns, test product descriptions.

According to Amazon opinion, the testing process requires a lot of patience, said David:

“. Experiment Let them work a month or two before you are discouraged or change anything because a lot of the time the search engines feed the Amazon People can go to Amazon and look for themselves, but a lot of the time people work at Google and they like:”. Oh, look, Amazon is this … “But if you do not give a list of enough time, you really can not to get caught up by these search engines to find a real-life example of what is happening.”

Medicines and Sarah treasures are in a constant state tests. For example, they experienced a price increase gold pin for $ 2:

“Do not sell yourself short,” – says David. “I say it all the time. It sounds strange, but if you increase the price of what nominally, [you’ll increase the perceived value]. So we took a gold pin from $ 14.99 to $ 16.99, and our sales increased. This is how the marketing. They are of great value in the manufacture of higher value. “

The increased price of pins

Price testing is vital when selling on the Amazon, David explains. If you sell the pin in the Amazon to $ 4, you will have to pay a 20% fee for Amazon areas, because they are sold in jewelry category. But as payment for referrals of 20% is less than $ 2, Amazon requests instead of $ 2, which is actually 50%.

Thin the field, right? Thus Sarah and David began to engage in creative activities and start selling wholesale hairpin (eg, buy two, get one free) in order to avoid payment of $ 2 and get 20% of the fee.

Bulk discount on Amazon

Even with the expert advice of David, all this may seem a little intimidating. Of course, you want to Amazon exposure can bring, but you can profit from all of these hoops and fees for referrals?

Well, it turned out. If you pay a 20 percent fee for the Amazon (the highest possible fee) and a monthly fee of 39.99 dollar (USD), you’ll break even every month, if sold only $ 67 (USD). Surprisingly achievable, is not it?

to you

Medicines and treasures Sarah wins the Amazon through Shopify. Armed with expert advice and lessons learned in David, you can also.

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In addition, today we are announcing the ability to create lists for jewelry, shoes, handbags and sunglasses. You will find these options in the category “Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry”, which was previously called the ‘apparel and accessories’.

You can create lists from all eight categories of products right from Shopify:

  • Clothing, shoes, jewelry (UPDATED)
  • Healthcare and household economy
  • Beauty and Personal Care
  • Home and kitchen
  • Patio and Garden
  • Sewing, arts and crafts
  • Sports and outdoor recreation
  • Toys and games

This means more US and Canadian owners Shopify stores can sell to the mass market Amazon is greater than ever before. You can create lists of Amazon, manage inventory and fulfill orders, all comfortably by Shopify.

Add Amazon channel

In the words of David, “Think. Where do you go to the store?”

There is still time to set up your store front BFCM!

Start a free 14-day trial Shopify – no credit card is required.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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