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Whether an employer or a job seeker, hiring
the process is often not as simple as we would always like to be. Many of us have been on
on both sides of the table and, to be honest, there were some not so big

Have you ever continued what seemed like a successful job
Should the interview be just a ghost of a hiring supervisor?

Or maybe you had a promising phone call with potential
a candidate who has never appeared for a personal interview?

It has come a long way that can go wrong when it comes to hiring and
mistakes are made all the time. Fortunately, our very director of people
and Culture Sophia Lopez is an expert in this department. And shared
some of her best tips to help you really hone your hiring process.

The biggest mistake of vacancies
Seekers can do interviews

Unlike dating, interviews can be devastating and nervous
awkward for both the employer and the candidate.

First impressions have the power to make or break
potential future relationships, and why it is extremely important to pay
attention to key errors.

There are several artificial companions of Sophia who survived first hand.

For one, the respondent should never never the ghost of them
potential future employer. Not showing up for a scheduled interview and then
Wait a few days to contact the company not only rudely but also disrespectfully
Everyone’s time can be an indicator of poor communication skills. Faster
honestly, no one likes to be a ghost in any capacity.

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Another pretty obvious no-no leaves trash behind
interview. If your interlocutor wants to clean up after himself or take
initiative to ask where the nearest garbage can is, discussing a fairly straightforward figure
about bad habits that can hurt your company down.

The biggest mistakes employers make
Can be done in the hiring process

Of course, they work through no fault of their own. The
The interview process is a two-way street.

Job candidates can say a lot about the company by the way
they are considered during early interactions. Sofia notes that it works
should know about how their respondents perceive the company from the outside
the second they go to the door.

One of the big mistakes he saw at work is not
preparing for the arrival of the candidate – not knowing who enters or not
if. The lack of training doesn’t look good to anyone, but especially
people who need to be professionals who conduct interviews.

Another thing that employers need to watch out for
consistency. If they do not match each respondent (ask the same
questions, etc.), it is very difficult to judge candidates side by side.

How employers can prepare
successful interview

Now that we’ve talked about the mistakes employers can make,
it is better to go through some ways so that companies can better prepare for the next one

Sophia says it’s one of the greatest ways to help yourself
Preparation for the interview should be prepared. Know your workflow from the beginning – which
Group members should attend each level of interview that
questions will be asked. It is also important to attract your candidate. Be
respect your time just as much as yours.

Trivia like congratulating a candidate by name like them
go to the door or ask any of the staff to visit along with the candidate
they expect to be interviewed can change everything.

Remember, try to sell them in your company as much as possible
for they are trying to sell themselves as a potential employee.

As a HR and hiring manager
Can better support each other

The hiring process should never be personal work – constantly
joint efforts. As Sofia says, the HR manager and the hiring manager should be
works in tangent.

It is often sometimes assumed that the World Cup has the whole process
start to the end, but it provides effective organization for your team and can
lead to one department being overloaded and potentially hiring the wrong one

On the other hand, when hiring executives leave their own
devices, they may be the responsibility of the company as they normally know
all the legalities of recruitment that personnel professionals need to know.

Needless to say, open communication and teamwork is
the best ways to make sure everyone is on one page at each stage
the hiring process.

The importance of culture

When it comes to hire the right candidateEmployers don’t have to focus solely on a skill set. Although a set of skills is extremely important, the right approach to personality is also an important component.

Knowing someone’s values ​​and goals and making sure of them
aligning with your company’s focus ensures a profitable relationship in the future.

When Sophia uses the term “fit,” she wants to say:
“Like us,” because it’s important to appreciate diversity and inclusion
at work. Different perspectives can definitely increase your company as a whole.
In that sense, the “approach” simply means that they understand the company’s mission and have
ready to work for the same goals.

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Data-based recruitment

Over the last 10 years, the hiring process has changed
sharply. Now, more than ever, we have freely available data at your fingertips
tips to help us find candidates more effectively.

Do you want to know the diversity of your candidate
a pool or number of repetitive applicants who continue to collaborate with your site,
There is a lot of information here.

Analytics can also be used to validate your methods
recruiting is effective for your environment. Sophia explains that
The recruitment process is essentially marketing to potential candidates. Faster
it’s important to give them the same experience you should expect from your company
immediately with a bat.

Rather, focus on diversity

We all know how important diversity is
checking potential employees, but such a mind should stop when hiring
process. An ongoing strategy for openness and inclusion
your company’s day-to-day operations are vital.

At DigitalMarketer we accept equal terms and
equal opportunities for each employee. We don’t just do this orally,
but we show this in the work we do and in the actions we do to make sure
everyone on our team feels included.

Obstacles to creating diversity

Unfortunately, there are a few obstacles when it comes to this
creating a diverse workplace. Time and cost are 2 of the biggest barriers
recruitment of new employees.

There are many great tips for working there
advertise their diverse candidate pools, but these platforms often come with a
costs and most companies are under budget constraints when it comes to recruitment.

Employers must also weigh investment costs on time
both the interviewer and the candidate. Finding ways to justify these costs is simple
one of the problems a recruiter may face when trying to diversify their workplace.

Hire a DigitalMarketer
The process

At DigitalMarketer we have a pretty thorough hiring process
which helps us find employees who are really suitable for our company.

The prospective candidate is first given a phone survey
Sofia. When they pass this stage, a personal interview is scheduled with
hiring manager and director of that particular department. Depending on the role,
the candidate may also be assigned a small project to complete and return to
hiring manager.

A panel discussion will be held after this tour
the director of the department and 3 other persons who would be candidates
potential for cooperation with. Finally, directors will often have dinner
with the candidate to see how they interact in public.

At every stage of the Sofia hiring process
contacts with people who have not been selected to move forward. We all know
how unpleasant it is to go through the process of multiple interviews
and then never hear from the employer. “We love being recruiters who
We would like to be in it, ”says Sofia.

The most valuable traits for
Job seekers

Here at DigitalMarketer, there are certain values
in our potential employees. The first and most important factor – “give”
damn ”

Everyone who works at DigitalMarketer should be
motivated to be here. They should be delighted with their work, our mission and
our various core values.

Another valuable trait we look for in a candidate is a team
mentality. Everyone in DigitalMarketer is a team player, and it’s “mutually”
useful thinking. It starts just about the individual, about everyone
be successful in what we do.

Finally, hunger is a quality we should see in our employees – hunger
learn and dive headfirst into any challenge that arises in their path.

We hope Sofia’s tips will help you feel at least a little less interrupted by the hiring process and that you feel confident in checking out your potential new team members. Take a deep breath and apply further!

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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