Undoubtedly, over the years, the introduction of seamless eCommerce platforms and CMS has improved the speed of downloading shopping websites. However, the best always remains. So until you offer the fastest speed, you won’t keep customers. The moment they see that your website needs too much time to load, they go and move to an alternative site for a better experience.

While it is widely stated that an ecommerce site must have every page load within 2-3 seconds, speed is also an important aspect for SEO rankings. The following tips explain some proven tricks for improving the speed of your ecommerce website and maximizing its potential.

Resize pages

Page size, measured in kilobytes, consists of all elements, including images, CSS and JavaScript. So, the smaller the page size, the higher the loading speed. The first step is to avoid placing too many objects or content and using only light graphics.

Tempering technology is required

Try using an eCommerce platform or CMS that is accompanied by memory technology or common cache names to avoid unnecessary access to the database. Store stores in memory product catalogs, customer details, and other information such as place search indexes. It actually stores data using RAM space on the storage server.

Use a CDN

A content development network, or CDN, is a group of highly optimized servers that distribute content delivery load through the server closest to the customer’s position. Using CDN, site content is copied to each of the location servers, making the user experience faster and smoother.

Compress images to improve loading time

Optimized JPEGs are a high priority if you want to dramatically shorten loading times. Many e-commerce platforms help merchants with Image Optimizer to reduce or compress the size of images without compromising quality. So look for web-optimized images, because they are the most efficient, size, and browser-based and don’t make a visible loss in quality …

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