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12, 2020

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American you move, otherwise headline after headline would believe you.

Unemployment at its highest has not been observed since the Great Depression. More than 40 million Americans have applied for unemployment as of 2020, and this figure represents only those who have applied. There may be millions more who can fall but live for a variety of reasons.

While the “official” unemployment rate sit on 13%the real value is most likely in Range 20-25%because the standard metrics for collecting such data cannot take into account the closure of the entire industry.

Some economists unemployment is projected to remain until 1521 by 2021 and almost 13% by 2022 and large corporations closed forever. With even decades, household names such as JCPenney, Gold’s Gym and Hertz Having declared bankruptcy, it is clear that COVID-19 will leave a permanent scar on the US economy.

And yet this is not another edition of the end of the day.

“So the silver lining?” you ask.

Good news, at least for startups, business managers and others entrepreneurs needs instant creative support, it’s …

Now the talent is everywhere, sitting idle, just waiting to be given the green light.

While the retail, transportation and travel sectors Economists who have suffered the most from COVID-related downtime, many professionals in the creative industry have also been let go, seen cut projects either reduced.

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Thousands of writers, cadres, web developers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, project managers and other skills-based professionals are happy to be interested …what next? And it is more than ready to gather in an elite team for a new endeavor, even if it is only for a one-time project or repeated part-time work.

But wait – faster, more. Now the creative talent is not only ready, but …

It’s time to rethink how talent works.

Think, for a moment, of the current paradigm of Americans’ working lives, “nine or five.” Where did he come from?

Just like the modern curriculum, it has standardized curricula and series of desks for students. back in the 1800s which are largely obsolete and not studied, so the modern workplace owes its form and structure and historical circumstances, which are hardly relevant today.

The first wave of x were held at UK textile factories in the 18thha century. Workers, especially young women, had to manipulate looms that would massively spin cotton, linen, or wool into yarn used to make clothing, carpets, upholstery, and other items.

Performance depended on assembling people under one roof and considering equipment. Working days were long, and a 70- to 100-hour workday was not uncommon until Henry Ford popularized a 40-hour work week in the 1910s, and Congress made it a regular workplace with the Fair Work Act of 1938.

Nowadays, the script is flipping. Outside the manufacturing sector most workers no longer need to gather in four walls to visit large and bulky machinery. In fact, modern digital devices, rather than the requirement to visit, largely eliminate the need to be kept under one roof. Welcome to the scattered workplace.

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What’s more, the standard 40-hour work week, divided into five eight-hour workdays, is largely a farce. According to a survey in the UK, the average office worker is only productive less than 3 hours a day. The rest of the workday is devoted to distractions and counterfeiting performance. (Interestingly, in the work of Thomas More Utopia, who imagined life in a perfect society, each working day was limited to four hours of physical labor – the rest was for leisure and mental pursuits.)

If employees no longer need to visit machines or be closer to be productive, and if an eight-hour workday is clearly unnecessary for most employees to do their job properly, then it’s time to reconsider how we go to work. If only anything would give us the opportunity to do it …

COVID-19 could long usher in a new era of business assembly.

Prior to COVID-19, about 5% of employed Americans worked from home or worked remotely. In the midst of a pandemic stay at home, it is the percentage jumped to 62%.

Many found that they liked it. According to one poll, the vast majority of the WFH crowd said they are more productive, they like to meet family more often, are less likely to take breaks from colleagues and even put during business hours outside the typical 9 -5 slot without requiring it. Three out of five said they want to continue working if possible.

And why not?

Working from home, or away from a place of choice, is in many ways a big step towards one very American dream: to be your own boss. Dreaming of a dream is shared by 70% of Americans, and yet only 10% of Americans actually work for hire.

However, with the help of modern digital tools, skilled workers can connect to work on a project easier and faster than ever before, and essentially become a “one-person” without the need for expensive and time-consuming kits such as an office building. marketing budget and so on.

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Of course, there are risks. But the reward includes many freedoms: the freedom to choose who works for, and when, and for how long, and for what projects; freedom from unnecessary travel, which is the basis of the existence of many large urban workers and a leading constraint on overall life satisfaction; freedom from a predetermined salary; freedom to establish one’s own working life balance; the freedom to be authentic to you, not to play the roles of bosses, supervisors and other bosses; and freedom is proud of the words “homemade”.

Sure, hard work is still given, but is there an American way more than daring to do it yourself? Digital tools are here. Consider downloading them.


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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