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In the first part, we talked a little about what ecommerce is, getting a domain name and setting up a merchant account. E-commerce is more than that, much more. To have a really good online presence that makes people stop and buy, you need a strategy for success. Your strategy must include your USP or Single Market Position. What sets you apart from other online entrepreneurs who are looking for the same type of customer as you? Can you stand out from the competition based on quality, price or advantage? Once you know your USP, you can begin the monumental task of telling the world about your site. A truly unique sales position will give you an edge over all competitors – well, that and a lot of planning and investment of your time and money.


Emphasize the benefits and results that customers will get from buying from you and using your product or service. You can discover the benefits by listing all the features and then turning them into benefits. List everything your product or service has to offer. For each of the characteristics, state the relative advantage from the customer perspective. You can discover customer perspectives when shopping. Simply ask them, “Why did you order or use our service today?” Be very specific when creating benefits statements. An example of this is: “You will save $ 100.00 better than” you will save money. You will lose 20 pounds in 10 days “sounds better than” you will lose weight. Rank your benefits in order of importance to the customer. If you have enough, use bullet points for emphasis.

Emotion is selling. People make most purchasing decisions by heart, not head. Picture the results a customer will get when they buy from you. “You’ll look 20 years younger.” “You’ll be $ 100 richer.”

Make sure you include a call to action. Want to make a purchase decision today? Give them a reason. Offer a bribe (discount, bonus, something for nothing).

Your website must load quickly and easily. If your site loads slowly, people will become impatient and go somewhere else. Do all your relationships work? Did you test your order page by running sample orders? Have you tested loading times using different connection speeds? You can get Fr * ee analysis by visiting

Make your website easy to view and read. I think a dark background is harder to read than a pale background. The overall look of your site should be clean and professional. When we first created the Women’s Economics Association, International, we did our best. As we are not very skilled at HTML coding, we thought we could just use a simple program to create a professional site. It was fine, but what we have now is much better. Why? Because we hired a professional. You can make a site with a good template program. We use ECommerce templates to create a new look for WUN Publications. It’s easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

When it comes to graphics, be conservative. Websites loaded with graphics and flash tendencies take longer. If your site needs more than 3 seconds, you will lose many visitors and potential customers. If you must use graphics, make sure that the file sizes used are as small as the image editing / compression software allows.

Look at your site using as many different search engines as possible. In addition to Internet Explorer and Netscape, there are Opera, Mozilla, Lynx and these are the only ones running on Microsoft Windows. WebMonkey has a chart of those supported by Macintosh, Unix / Linux and others. Also, many will surf when browser graphics are off. Be sure to know what your site looks like without graphics and that visitors can still surf easily.

One last thought Make sure all your important information is above the fold. If you know that visitors are looking for something specific and you scroll down to find them, chances are they won’t.

Highlights from PMS Principles – Powerful Marketing Strategies for Developing Your Business © 2005 – Heidi Richards

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


by Heidi Richards




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