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Looking to build a highly converting e-commerce sales funnel using ClickFunnels? The template on this page has been used to deliver tens of thousands of physical products to several different markets. It works great for any ecommerce offer – so it matters if it sells at full retail price, promotes discount packages / offers, or runs a free shipping campaign. This shared flow template has been used successfully in all these situations.

Check out the demo of the funnel template here, and if you want to copy it to your ClickFunnels account for free:

Get e-commerce sharing flow

Below we have left the video instructions to explain the details of how the flow works and whether it turns on, but the basic structure looks like this …

Step 1 – Email Optin

The landing page collects the user’s email address so they can go to the next page, which is a shopping cart. You can easily disable optin emails and allow people to just click through the cart, but we recommend keeping it in place. This step lets you put together a huge list, whether or not people are buying.

Step 2 – Shopping Cart

On this page, people choose how many products they want to buy. We ALWAYS recommend multiple discounted prices if people are buying more. This increases the average order value for each ecommerce stream … allowing you to spend more per customer on ads and aggressively increase your campaigns. This basket of pages is well tried out. We can see that in some markets it is up to 40%. The way we set things up in the demo also means that most people will actually buy more products.

Step 3 – First Sale

You can sell more people here just what they just bought on the cart page (this works great!) Or offer a free product. One-click shopping means that conversion rates at this step can be fantastic if the product is attractive.

Step 4 – Second Sale

By this point, people are in the mood to shop, so why not give them more stuff? Keep the product relevant here to already purchased and used ones sees good success.

Step 5 – Third sale

Last chance to get maximum customer review and really fill in those average order values ​​*

* Note: Resale steps can be added or removed as you wish. You may decide to have more or fewer sales steps than we include in the funnel.

Step 6 – Order confirmation page

A nice summary of what the customer bought during the funnel phases. On this page, also set expectations about delivery times and customer service contact points.

You can copy the exact ecommerce stream to your ClickFunnels account or view the live demo using this link:

Get e-commerce sharing flow

If you already have a CF account, the link will allow you to create a free 14-day trial so you can play around with it, customize it and start selling right away.

Check out the video below to see the flow in action with some fake products and see how easy it is to customize your brand.

Now for the video stream …

Download the stream for free here:

Get e-commerce sharing flow

We also create workflow templates for other industries based on the fact that we are working for our clients right now. Take a look at ours ClickFunnels shares a collection of funnels on this link, We hope you enjoy.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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