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Are you starting a new job? Want to enter a new market?

Probably then those 5 statements I said to myself once, twice or maybe hundreds of times …

  • “It’s me confused about which niches I would decide to start a new internet business. “
  • What products or services do I need to sell? “
  • “How much do I charge?”
  • “I knew how to know what a copy to write or offer a craft!
  • I have money to spend hundreds of dollars a month on expensive competing SAAS tools. “

You can solve these 5 problems with one tool – one of the most powerful research tools on the planet …

Amazon provides a wealth of incredibly insightful competitive intelligence, all for the low and the low cost … Absolutely free!

In this post, explore how you can do the following with

  1. Identify your best competitors and to spy on what we do.
  2. Discover best market or niche within the market for sale.
  3. select best domain name for your site.
  4. Choose the right products or services sell in that market.
  5. Predict what products or services are likely to be the next big thing in your niche.
  6. Choose the winning lead magnets and triple wires for your marketing funnel.
  7. Sneak into Amazon’s brain by choose a super high converted price.
  8. Discover the ideal price points for its products and upsells.
  9. Know which images to use get the most conversions.
  10. See what video you need to do best exhibit and sell your products.
  11. Swipe across highest conversion copy ad for your products and sales letters.
  12. Discover the right amount to collect for shipment.
  13. Find out exactly what your market wants that he is not currently receiving it.

And … I have a challenge for you –but he shared it at the end of the article.

Amazon is kind enough to share with you their information on which Amazon products are best sellers and in which niches. You can find out all this information here.

Where should you see something that looks like this …

Amazon Market-research-img1

This site will give you …

  • The full set of land on Amazon best selling each item,
  • What are the items sells the most.
  • The objects that are Amazon’s most talented customers other people,
  • most wanted items.

Better yet – Amazon provides you with information for each product category and subcategory.

Ready for’s incredible search power to work? Rather get into it.

1. Identify the best market or niche …

within the market for sale.

Take a look at Amazon bestsellers and decide which niche you want to be in.

If you have already chosen your niche, then use the best-selling information to determine which product is most likely to be attractive to your target market and get the most sales.

When you click on an article and open its product page, you can find out where it is in terms of selling other products on Amazon, how many people have received positive reviews about the product, and more.

See an example.

Searching for the bestseller list, I decide that I’m interested in something in the craft market, so I click on the “Arts, Crafts & Sewing” category (see image below).

Amazon Market-research-img2

Which then takes me to the bestselling page, you guessed it, Arts, Crafts and Sewing.

Amazon Market-research-img3

If you take a closer look at this site, we can learn a few interesting things:

First, look at the subcategories on the left. The subcategories section can tell us a few things about our market. For example, if our main niche is sewing, then it will tell us which sub-niches we can consider to narrow the target market.

The main subcategories (as shown in the image below) include:

  • bead making and jewelry making
  • craft supplies
  • drawing
  • cloth
  • fabric dyeing and coloring (is it weird how to draw a spell)
  • knitting and crocheting
  • sewing

… .Enter eight more sub-categories, including… “Sewing.”

Amazon Market-research-img4

So, we can remove non-sewing subcategories and see what’s left.

In this case, it seems like the remaining candidates would include …

  • cloth
  • dyeing and dyeing of fabrics
  • knitting and crocheting
  • sewing
  • organization and storage
  • sewing
  • thread and thread
  • yarn

Now I know absolutely nothing about sewing, so before everyone sews outside, start saying, “Hey, the needle and knitting are completely different than sewing,” just wear me, okay?

There may be no additional subcategory for any niche you are exploring, but it is also possible that there is one. If not, then paying attention to these related but different subcategories can give you a wealth of data on competitive intelligence, including:

  • Discover your best competitors by making a list of companies that offer each of the best-selling products.
  • Ideas for related products or services that you can offer your customers.
  • Possible ideas for expansion into new but connected markets.
  • Available deals, lead magnets, triple wires, bargains and discounts.
  • Help identify niches that can lead you to a joint venture partner to help you get more traffic or expose your offers to other people
  • Suggest content to create and publish on your site that can attract the desired target market
  • Specify demographic targeting for Facebook, Google, and other targeting enabled advertising platforms
  • Discover categories for a super site that are likely to create a good structure of parent / child categories to rank on search engine result pages (SERPs),
  • Identify keywords that may be useful for ad copy, ad targeting, and landing page copy …

Here you have an idea, real, very useful stuff.

In our case, it turns out that there is another sub-type of drilling available, which can be found by clicking on the “Sewing” subcategory. This reveals a subcategory page that looks like the image below:

Amazon Market-research-img5

Ok, now we have somewhere.

Check out these subcategories – They are much more specific and are definitely related to our sewing niche.

Now we learn that selling products on Amazon in the sewing niche generally focuses on:

  1. Embroidery machines
  2. Industrial machinery
  3. quilting
  4. Serger & Overlock machine accessories
  5. Servers and overlock machines
  6. Sewing machine parts and accessories
  7. Sewing machines
  8. Sewing items and accessories
  9. Sewing pattern
  10. Sewing project kits
  11. Storage and furniture
  12. Threads and Threads (hint: this too was a major category, so it could be a big one that deserves more viewing, especially since Amazon thinks it’s also a sewing sub-category!)
  13. Ornaments and ornaments

2. Identify the best competitors and spies for what they have saved

As you look at the best sellers, you also identify your primary niche competition, at least as far as Amazon is concerned.

It’s a good idea to find out who has the best selling products, then go to the internet sites and contact them Google to see their websites and other product offers.

You also want Secret Shop to buy their products to see what they do after the sale. For example, do they use a service like “Genius Feedback” to send you a thank-you email after purchasing a product?

When you receive a product by mail, does it contain additional marketing material or offers? Amazon is pretty strict about allowing retailers on its platform to provide additional goods or services to buyers after sales, so if you receive additional marketing materials, they may be more limited than what you would see when you purchased a product without a product. Amazon.

(Remark: For this reason, I also suggest that you consider buying any of Amazon’s top sellers in your category directly from retailers to see what they’re doing outside of Amazon in terms of sales / sales funnels, email tracking, tracking deals and shipments. You can learn a lot about your competitors by buying their products and going through their marketing funnels.)

3. Choosing the right domain name for your site

We can use these subcategories for all the purposes mentioned in the bullet list with respect to subcategories, but in this case we have much more relevant categories.

If you are considering entering this market, you can use this list of subcategories to identify EMD (Exact Match Domain) or PMD (Partial Match Domain) which will be your main website.

Studies have shown that EMDs and PMDs generally rank much faster with half a BDN connection (branded domain names like “” or something similar). It has been shown that BMD websites need 35,000 more links to be ranked on one Google page and another 40,000 links to succeed in the number one spot.

Not only that, EMDs / PMDs generally begin to rank with half the amount of content, and in some cases have been proven to generate higher sales, increase CTRs and lower ad costs due to dramatically improved clickthrough rates. .

Therefore, you might want to consider whether any of these major subcategories are available as dot com domains or whether one of them can be sold at a great price.

You can continue with this detailed overview until you reach the most embedded list of sub-categories. If you sew, if you click on “Quilting” you will learn that there are 12 more sub-categories for that niche.

4. Choose the right products or services you want to sell to your market

Now that we have some idea of ​​the niche we want to get into, we can see how we can use Amazon to help us decide which products to sell to it. Back to the bestseller page, in the sewing subcategory, we looked at the top selling products.

Amazon Market-research-img6

These are the 9 most sold products in the Sewing subcategory. This is the perfect way to start thinking about your marketing funnel and what to offer in it.

For example, the # 1 selling product is the Brother Sewing Machine, which costs $ 137.99. Now I know if you can reach a wholesale contract with Brother for the sale of their sewing machines, but I still think about it and maybe have it as my primary offer. Or maybe you could search for a shiny similar sewing machine on Alibaba or another manufacturer.

Either way, it could be a good core product.

5. Choose your winning magnets and triple wires for your marketing funnel

Numbers 2, 3, 6 and 7th all the best-selling products could be GREAT three times.

The various topics are only $ 6.49 and there are 70 similar products on the clickable link, just below the one starting at $ 1.99. What’s worse, Bobbins retails for only $ 1.35, and there are 40 similar products that are on sale for a tiny bit of money too!

Product number 6 is safety pins, which may not be right, but look at the cool Seam Ripper which is 8th best-selling product. This is definitely viewed as a potential Tripwire.

Go through each of the best-selling products in the top-selling list for your subcategory like this and make a list of products you think might work well in your marketing funnel.

(Remark: On each of them, in a funnel that you think might be best, such as lead magnet, triple wiring, basic offer or upgrade or down sale.)

6. Delve into the brain of Amazon to choose an excessively high subscription manual

This is a super cool trick to discover what you should use in your marketing funnel.

Remember, Amazon does a ridiculous amount of testing, so whatever they do given the product offerings on their sites, you can bet they tested hell and it will work.

So, check out our bestseller page for our product.

In our case, we look at sewing products, and we think we probably ate like we were using a Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper for travel. It is currently priced at $ 3.99, so it corresponds to a cost below $ 20.

Click on a product in the best seller list and you will be taken to a product listing page, as shown below …

Amazon Market-research-img7

Here’s the cool part. Take a look at the product photo below in the three sections that follow and you will see:

  • Often purchased together
  • Customers who bought this item also bought
  • Sponsored products related to this item

Each of these three sections provides us with invaluable data on competitive intelligence.

First, the Often purchased together The section gives ideas on how to merge our product with other products for additional sales products to increase the average order value. It also tells us that these are the most likely suspects to sell, sell or bid extra that should convert the most, based on an incredibly huge amount of customer data.

Below, we can see that if we had multi-colored pins for the glass head and pad for tomato Dritz tomatoes in our offer, we were given a great chance to increase the immediate average order size from $ 3.99 to $ 10.47.

262% increase in immediate average order value!

Can you see how valuable this information is?

Amazon Market-research-img8

You can do the same with Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought section of this page. Check out the picture below where we find out there are 20 pages of fantastic complementary items we can offer our customers.

Amazon Market-research-img9

And again, you can do that with Sponsored products related to this item section. The picture below shows that there are two product pages that other retailers believe are so compatible and complementary to the product on the list that they are willing to make money in the form of advertising dollars to offer on the same page.

Amazon Market-research-img10

So, using these three datasets, you can use ideas for the following:

  • Product packages to increase the average value of an immediate order
  • selling more expensive product
  • Downsells
  • Cross-selling
  • Product ideas to use when redirecting customers with smart retargeting
  • Product ideas that you can offer in subsequent return and return campaigns
  • Content ideas about things to write about in your blog and other content marketing
  • Join in on investing and venture ideas

(REMARK: Want to learn how to research outside of Amazon to create the perfect deal for your ideal audience? Take a look at the Market Research Draft so you can discover what your market really wants and be sure your product will sell ago you create it! Get your market research plan now.)

Get a Market Research Draft so you can come up with the perfect deal for your audience

7. Discover the ideal points for the prices of your products and upgrades

Speaking of triple wires and core products, have you noticed that you can also help determine the best price to sell your products across the entire marketing funnel by recording the various prices at which bestseller products are sold?

Our general rule of thumb is that tripwire should sell for less than $ 20, though most of our trocars sell for between $ 4.95 and $ 7. Take a look at each of the products in the bestseller list and put them into potential funnel categories based on the prices you see.

For example, Products Nos. 1, 5, and 9 on the Sewing Subcategory page cost more than $ 20, so they’re probably great candidates for a main magnet or triple cord. But the remaining 6 products may be, because everyone on Amazon sells for just under $ 20.

What I like to do is make a list of different potential funnel sites (Lead Magnet, Tripwire, Core Offer, Upsell, etc.) and then write down product links, quotes, and short descriptions below into each category.

I’m starting to get a visual listing of potential products for my funnel and have incorporated prices, tested by consumers and sales. If you use this method to determine the price of a product, you will never have to guess what you should sell your products for!

8. Predict which products are likely to be the next big thing in your niche

Now look at the far right of the top selling pages for your category and you’ll see the “Latest News” section.

If you want to know what’s hot in your market and it’s also selling well, this is the place to check out. This is a great place to get to know what your market may want, and it’s new and different, and there’s a good chance your competition won’t be on the ball like you, so this is a great place to get the ball before the system.

Amazon Market-research-img11

In the picture above, you can see that the top three new issues are 5 ”thick scissors with a blunt tip and the sameNorth Dakota top new edition bestseller. Since these are priced at just $ 2.13, they can be a great expense for your marketing funnel.

Clicking on the “See Top 100” link to the right of the “Hot New Releases” title will pull you another page from all the 100 best-selling Hot New Releases pages in your subcategory. Browse those to find out if you can find any market trends or new new products you might want to consider.

You can do the same with all the major categories on the best-selling sub-categories page. You can look at which products get the most ratings by scrolling into the “Top Rated” section, find the products most people want to buy by breaking into the “Most Wanted” category and see what people donate the most by clicking on the “Gift Ideas” section.

9. Know which images you should use to get the highest conversions

Return to the bestseller page for your category or subcategory right away and learn a little more about the actual products that make the bestseller list. On the Sewing Subcategory page, the number one seller, as we have seen, is the Brother Sewing Machine, which retails for $ 137.99

Click on a product image and you will be taken to a product listing page. Lots of great information on the product listing page that can give you additional competitive intelligence, so take a closer look.

At this point, you should see something similar to the product listing page shown in the image below:

Amazon Market-research-img12

When you get to the product listing page, look at the primary image the seller uses to represent the product. Visuals sell, either books or products, and you can bet the image used for this best-selling product has a lot to do with how well it sells on Amazon.

Consider the images used for any product you research and try to emulate it as much as possible when creating images for marketing and selling your own product.

Keep in mind that we use Amazon for competitive intelligence, so it’s important whether you plan to sell your product or service on Amazon or not. Top-selling products and the types of images they use can be used to create images for ads, landing pages, and product descriptions pages.

Now, the landing image is probably the one that has the most impact on product exposure and sales, but forget to check and see if the seller is using additional images as well. Just look at the left side of the entry and note if the image bar appears. If this is the case, click each image to see additional ways the seller is displaying their product and consider using similar images for their own product.

10. Learn in the video how to best present your product or service

Take a look at the ribbon of the image (check at the bottom) and see if the freeze frame of the video with the arrow inside is presented. Some, but not all, of the product listing pages, in addition to the pictures, also include a video of the product. In our case, it exists, as shown in the image below …

Amazon Market-research-img13

Click the video box to download a demo video for the product and check it out.

Remember the copy of the ad (video script) and the pictures used to highlight the product in the video and use this to get ideas for your own product explainer or demo video.

Video is one of the most powerful ways of displaying and selling products, and we have had tremendous success using videos on Facebook and other media.

With this research method, you can come up with the best way to create videos for your product that you can then use to sell on Facebook and other platforms.

11. Swipe the largest converting ad copy for your products and sales letters

On Amazon itself, you can check the title of each best-selling product and a description.

With books they say titles are everything, and they mean quite a bit in comparison to the best-selling products and on Amazon. You already know how to find the best selling products on Amazon by category.

If you look at the product titles you are interested in selling and which are also the best selling ones on Amazon, it will help you to name your product and create a product list for Amazon. See a copy of the ad your competitors use to describe their best-selling products, features, benefits, and overall voice, length, etc.

You can do the same for books, and it’s actually a great idea to look at which books sell best in Amazon bestsellers to get ideas for ad copy for ads, landing pages, sales letters, and more – Here’s how:

Just click the “Shop By Department” drop-down button on the homepage.

Amazon Market-research-img14

Then click on “Books and Audio Data” as shown in # 2 in the image above and then on “Books” in the expanded popup. This should be taken to the “Books on Amazon” homepage …

Amazon Market-research-img15

Now click on the “Best Sellers” tab …

Amazon Market-research-img16

This will take you to the bestseller book page …

Amazon Market-research-img17

You may need to cut yourself a bit here to find the right category for your niche. In this case, I first had to click on “Crafts, hobbies and home,” then “crafts and hobbies,” then “handicrafts and textile crafts,” and then finally saw “sewing” as an option. Clicked to see the “Best Sellers in Sewing” page as shown below …

Amazon Market-research-img18

From here, I can click on each of the best-selling books, especially those with the Look Inside logo. Notice that in Sewing Widths # 1 to 3, books have Inside View, and so does No. 5. Click on these lists and you’ll see something like the image below …

Amazon Market-research-img19

Click on the “Inside View” link as shown by arrow 1 in the image above. This will allow you to see each of the 5 images shown in the mini images below by arrow 3. Arrow # 2 shows that you can rotate the book to see its back cover, which is often a treasure trove of great ideas for copying.

Remember that the front and back covers of books are basically what drives them to sell, so by having access (for free to yourself) to Amazon Best-Seller books and their font and back cover, you have free access to one of the best files with your finger on Earth!

Arrow # 4 shows the title of the book.

Remember, titles sell books more than anything else, so consider the title of every best seller. Use them to create titles for your product, lead magnets, triple wires, and other funnel components. Also consider using these headlines or something similar to the headline in your ad copy, landing page copy, and sales letters.

Arrow no. 5 lists some of the major selling points for the book. This can be a great copy of the bullets and benefits for your ads, lander, sales letters and VSLs.

Amazon Market-research-img20

The image above shows what you see when you click the “Look Inside” logo.

Arrow # 1 indicates that you can select the different sections of the book you want to see. Arrow # 2 indicates that in this case we have selected a table of contents. I find Content doing a great job of providing ideas for everything from lead magnets to titles, to titles and benefits.

In this case, I see that there is probably a lot of interest in making and using templates, cutting blocks, rotary cutting of individual pieces, etc. One good magnet for a pen could be “Tips for sewing flying goose units” or “How to calculate your slave needs” using a calculator.

12. Find the right amount of shipping fee

Apart from the price, see what the sellers do best in terms of shipping. We’ve found that in our split tests, different delivery options can dramatically affect conversions.

For example, sometimes the lower price of a free sale product is a better delivery than a gift where the buyer just has to pay for the shipping.

Amazon also offers free shipping to Amazon Prime members, so when retailers offer certain products to let Amazon fulfill their FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) fulfillment, they will also be able to effectively offer Amazon Prime customers free shipping, which can affect conversion rates and finally for sale.

13. Learn exactly what your market wants it to not currently receive

One of the cool things you can also do with your competitive intelligence research is look at the competitions of the best-selling products that have the most positive reviews and then see what they do to get them.

Pay particular attention to the following:

  1. Are they asking their customers to join and share their product purchases on social networks like your Facebook fan page, Twitter and LinkedIn?
  2. Do they ask their customers to review their products?
  3. Do they send thank you email?
  4. Do they have any community forums
  5. Do they offer any further offers

All of this is valuable information, but even more valuable is the positive and negative feedback that product buyers give the retailer about the products themselves.

If you’ve ever wanted a highly skilled focus group to tell you what to include and what not to include in a product, what to change about how to improve it, and what opportunities you might have to sell that product, the reviews section is this!

Amazon Market-research-img21

The arrow in the image above shows that the Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper we are considering using as a tripod in our funnel has 393 customer reviews and an average rating of 4½ stars, not bad. Customers look at what customers are really saying and see what we can learn.

Clicking on the review line of the above product takes us to the next page …

Amazon Market-research-img22

We see that this product has 77% 5-star reviews and only 2% 1-star rating.

I’ve seen other authors suggest you ignore 1 and 5 star reviews and focus primarily on three star reviews. However, I disagree that I find it useful to see what enchanting 5-star fans like the product, and although 1-star reviewers are usually not that helpful, it’s good to see which group the least happy customers have to say about the product.

So here’s what they ate:

Amazon Market-research-img23Amazon Market-research-img24Amazon Market-research-img25

Ok, so the crux of the bad reviews is that it is of poor quality and not sharp enough.

So, one thing we can take from this for use in our copy of ads, land and sales letter / vsl is that we should inform people about how sharp our tool is. If we are making a video, we should show him how to cut something that is difficult to cut. Of course, we can only say and show these things if our version of the product is actually sharp or of higher quality.

Using feedback based on “Verified customers” reviews on 2 of the reviews above, can give us a great competitive advantage in differentiating our product from others as well as improving conversions by discovering what’s important to potential customers and where they are. disappointed in the past.

You can use the information you find in positive reviews the same way. Identify what people like about the product, see what they think could be improved, and then include it in your copy and your own product.

There you have it!

Although you can learn a lot from paid 3rd party competitive intelligence tool like FreshKey, TeraPeak and Merchant Words, you can also get an incredible amount of intelligence completely free by using data freely available on

Or wait, I have challenge for you….

I’ve come up with a nice trick to discover if I see someone else sharing it in the comments over the next few days.

Go outside and use that to drive sales and increase conversions. Please leave feedback and your own tips on Amazon research below.

(REMARK: Want to learn how to research outside of Amazon to create the perfect deal for your ideal audience? Take a look at the Market Research Draft so you can discover what the market really wants and be sure your product will sell ago you create it! Get a draft of your market research right now.)

Get a Market Research Draft so you can come up with the perfect deal for your audience

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