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Building a business should be similar to creating a destination, not building a fortress.

Grow your business, Not your mailbox

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12, 2020

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To succeed, your startup needs a “line of attack”, a strategy of “dominance” in the market. The first step? The lawsuit your “beach head”. After a successful “conquest” build a “fortification” to protect it from “invasion”. This stronghold also serves as a base from which to conduct further attacks to gain more territory.

Military jargon is common in . But, this rhetorical label is the mouth is a fortress surrounded by a moat – it is misleading and counterproductive. Selling is not about “winning” customers. Lies, your business is not your kingdom. And your competitors are not your sworn enemies to fight death.

As any experienced entrepreneur knows, there is no such thing as “their” market. You can’t win customers, and you probably don’t own them. You also can’t protect them from competitors.

The customer is sovereign. Your role is to serve.

Starting and running a successful business is not about avoiding everyone, but rather inviting customers.

Your business – not a moat fortress, it’s an island. The island is a refuge from the insidious ocean, which is not affected by depth and waves. When seen from afar, the island provides direction and promises a safe harbor. He meets travelers and people in trouble.

An island is something you should strive to be a business, something that attracts and comforts.

How is business becoming an island? Specialize.

More specifically, using division of labor to create value that exceeds what other businesses can.

Here are four ways to build your island.

1. The goal is to please.

The beach part is taken by force. This bad metaphor invites you to set up your business by making all the important first sales. But entrepreneurs cannot capture or occupy customers and they do not have to fight competitors. Instead, they need to focus on serving their customers. The one who serves customers better will be a more successful entrepreneur. Structure your business to please customers. The better your offer, the better your business idea.

2. Do not copy. Come on.

it is not a matter of repeating what others are doing. Such “red ocean“The strategy is unwise because it is expensive and has little chance of success – even if you catch up, you are unlikely to exceed it. Instead, take inspiration from what competitors are doing and then add your strength to go higher and further. It includes how you structure your business internally. It makes no sense to use an organizational chart or apply standard processes. Design and customize them to fit your business and goals.

3. Rely on your strengths.

Every business is unique. Therefore, businesses need to be uniquely organized and optimized based on their strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case teach. But Entrepreneurship professor Saras Saraswati has made this core for what he calls performance theory entrepreneurship. Its to adopt a bird is that you have to start with who you are, what you know and who you know. Where did that put you?

4. Maximum value, not output.

Entrepreneurship is about providing customers with valuable experience. While it’s important to restrain costs, it’s even more important to maintain a price increase – a value according to the customer, not one you define. Price someone is willing to pay for what you offer based on the price they think they can get for it. This way, the more valuable customers consider your offer, the easier it will be to cover your costs. And they do core value for your business!!

Businesses need to be located, structured and focused on doing their best – in the eyes of the customer. If you do this and pave the way for the weary tracks that have gone through everything, you will discover new specialties and new work units. It may seem abstract and theoretical, but it’s really about doing different things and doing them differently. And that will separate you.


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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