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Fiverr is a market for professional services.

The name is derived from the original concept of the service – the idea that you could buy the services for only $ 5. As the market evolves and more sophisticated suppliers are drawn to it, higher priced services are now commonplace.

If you want to make extra money or even create what’s called “Fiverr Business,” you need to understand how the system works.

There are a number of “tricks” that most people are unlikely to know about this.

Initial indicators

  • The Fiverro market is huge and diverse – Basically the idea that this is only for cheap products is usually wrong. If you have a great product / service / skill, you will find that many sellers are able to come up with prices of $ 350 + for even fairly vague deals.
  • People want to know who you are – The biggest problem I’ve always seen is that the best people simply share their expertise – they don’t try to wrap it in anything imaginative; they use their real name and are honest.
  • You need to * adjust your supply to match demand – This is the biggest mistake most businesses make; rather than telling people what you are doing, you have to explain it to them in a way that shows how it goes benefit them.

Obviously everyone will have their own experience with the platform; the following is based on my …

Fiverr’s Market

The biggest thing most people don’t really “realize” is the scale of the Fiverr market – it’s huge.

It is estimated that in 2015 alone, 8,000,000 sales were made on the platform – a gig purchased every 5 seconds.

The point is THE BEST people keep to themselves so they are convinced that the “market” is not that big or there are many people from developing countries (capable of working for a fraction of westerners).

While these ideas may have some merit, the simple fact is that most buyers are from the west (though not exclusive), and therefore if you are able to offer quality service, there is definitely an opening.

I have found that if you can offer GOOD service at relatively competitive prices you will usually attract a large number of customers.

A key determinant of success is the ability to make a quote on demand. I’ll explain this to you in a second, but with it, you need it belief that the Fiverr platform is plentiful enough to support any service.

People want to know who you are

In addition to the on-demand offer, I found the most popular “gigs” created by people with a certain talent / skill.

They are usually very personal with their offer (using the face as their profile picture, etc.) and will describe their experience in as real a way as possible.

The reason why this is important is that if you want to offer a platform service, it is by far the most efficient to use “yourself” as a product.

In the “business” world, we believe that people want as cheap a product as possible – provided by impersonal, corporate businesses that provide compliance and rigidity.

While this is true for many people, in the world of “internet services”, it is actually more cost effective to offer YOUR service. Instead of hiding behind an avatar or a fake username, you can now

Customize your offer

Lastly, this is the most important idea I came up with with the system.

The BIG most people’s fault is that they think they’re good [insert skill here]people will automatically attribute this to some basic benefit to their business.

Unfortunately, most people are not very smart and you really have to explain it to them how Your service could benefit them – most happily.

In marketing / sales, this is called “supply” – the way you “product” fit what the market really wants.

In the case of Fiverr concerts, most people will list things like “Portrait Photographer”, “Fitness Trainer” or “Web Designer”.

Although they work, they will not work well. You must deliver reason why anyone should look at what your service can do.

This usually means adopting a “positional” / “niche” – where you will become very experienced with one market and ignore the rest.

For example …

  • “Amazon Product Boosting Photographer”

  • “Increase Business Traffic with WordPress Unique Professional Design Design”

  • “Elite fitness training to remove belly fat within three weeks.”

I cannot stress enough the importance of this.

Most people will state that he is a “content writer”, but they do not claim the right set of knowledge / expertise to benefit the person who buys their service.

You need to be willing and able to “adjust” your supply to meet demand.

My story with Fiverr

To explain why the above is important, I started selling services on Fiverr through a friend of mine.

He has experience in software, computer support, network engineering, financial trading and Bitcoins.

Although he provided his name / information appropriately, his first “gig” was for “Forex” articles. Although he received several orders for them, the real the money came from “Crypto” articles.

Cryptographic articles have been done a million times on Fiverr, so we didn’t create anything crazy. But what about us it is to do this is to give users the ability to * perceive * exactly * why my friend would be the best choice for them as a writer.

Not only did he have real experience in the technology world, but most importantly, he spoke with a London “consortium” for several years.

In the finance world, the “consortium” is basically a group of people / companies / banks working together with a common interest. It doesn’t matter what it is about, everyone has their own agenda.

My friend’s consortium was focused on currency trading … but more importantly, one group was negotiating with BTC. Gambling turns out to become a legitimate Bitcoin millionaire in December 2017.

With that in mind, we refocused my friend’s profile to reflect this unique experience and insight to the Fiverr audience – and started receiving a huge influx of orders.

We made $ 500 in the first week, and about $ 1500 in the first month.

I have set up two Fiverr profiles in my world.

Although both profiles received answers, one of them started to get off pretty well.

This is a computer support profile that I have had a great deal of experience with – it’s not just my profession, it’s a “passion” you can argue with.

The main job with this profile was that I actually knew enough about the market to be very specific in what was being offered.

Instead of posting “I’ll Fix Your Computer for Money,” I actually worked on providing some updates for various software packages they may have used.

For example …

  • I will fix WordPress plugin, theme, page, post, newsletter, WooCommerce code errors

  • I will improve Shopify conversion rates for topics, pages, newsletters, CRM code updates

  • I’ll get cloud VPS servers on Azure, AWS, Rackspace, DigitalOcean and more

After that, I started developing the site I built for this thing and made sure to include my name, face and story there.

Soon people began to come up with questions for our service. “Can you solve this problem with WordPress?”, “How do I add a logo to Shopify?”, “My Shopify site won’t convert – no tips?”

I made sure to go above and beyond in terms of answering any queries, and also that any updates we provided were made on time and with “additional additions”.

The add-ons we included were a complete “series of downsides” of improvements that a customer could make to their infrastructure – either saving money or increasing traffic, conversions or back-end processes.

While talking about the improvements we made, we began to systematize most of our processes; which includes the characters of Trustpilot and other tools.

The net result was that we were able to provide customers with the opportunity to receive the right support and we had reason to constantly update them with more information, etc.

$ 2,500 arrived in the first month and continued to grow.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


Source by Richard Peck




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