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When you feel like Facebook and Instagram are constantly changing, they do as they are.

Sometimes these updates force you to reconsider your marketing strategy.

But at other times, like now, the changes will better ensure you make the most of these platforms.

Log in to Facebook Creator Studio. This tool may not be brand new, but a recent update to its Instagram capabilities has caused me a very troubling social media manager, Shannon Goodell (actually, but don’t tell her what I said…), and she took it personally to give you a scoop of what’s good – and bad – about this update.

Check out her update video on Instagram’s new features at Facebook’s Creator studio (full transcript also included below).

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NEW Instagram features on Facebook in the Creator studio

Full video transcript

Creators of Instagram, listen. I think would love this update.

You may be familiar with Creator Studio from Facebook. It was launched last fall as a way for creators to more easily manage their content, but it was only Facebook. But now you have the ability to schedule posts about IGTV on video and on Instagram, posts in Creator Studio.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, it started first with an IGTV video. Using the app was awful for scheduling videos on IGTV. First of all, it is very difficult to find a small plus sign to add your video; the lie is just awkward. So worked using the desktop, and worked well. You can even add your own image, but you can’t schedule it. You just had to do it on the go and take time off from your day.

Now in the Creator studio you can schedule your videos from IGTV. You upload your video from IGTV, you add a caption, a description, you choose a custom image, so you have to be cut off and you can either publish right away or schedule.

We started testing IGTV videos and getting good results. This will help make IGTV a bigger part of our strategy, as we can still easily plan and plan content in advance.

Now, to post this update, I think everyone will be most excited. So now you can schedule your videos, images and carousel messages in Creator Studio. Now you may be thinking, “Oh, I’m using a third-party scheduling tool for this, and it works great.” Of course.

But I knew you had to have that experience. You upload your video with them, this third-party tool, and you post it to Instagram. Then go to your channel and notice that the video cover is all confused. Bad is not what you meant.

So I did it and I just handled it. It just ended up looking right. He went to show what the video is about when people scroll. So we actually go into the Instagram app, download the video and choose the cover there. Well, a huge waste of time. But now, with Creator Studio, you can upload your video and choose either as a cover image or upload your own cover.

This is huge. This is probably the update that excited me the most as it really picks up our videos and Instagram and it will be a great time saver for me. Now you can upload your video, add a caption, add a place (which is great if you own a local business or do conference marketing), and then choose a cover image for your video image. And then you can either publish now or schedule a schedule.

Thanks, we definitely need to schedule all of our videos on Instagram using Creator Studio instead of the third tool we used before.

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So now the second important update you need to know about channel message scheduling is the carousel changes.

You may already be using carousels; a great way to engage your audience. Some people learn better on video, some learn better on text. Some prefer infographics. But before you use another tool, you’ll try to make dynamic carousels, that is, you’ve eaten, say, posted videos and quoted images and tips within a single scroll.

Creator Studio solves this problem. Now you can create dynamic carousel messages and schedule them as well as they post to Instagram and look beautiful.

Love loving these new Instagram updates, but there are a few drawbacks that I think you should keep in mind.

First, you cannot edit a scheduled post, which is the main volume. You can with Facebook, always a member of Studio Creator. But on Instagram, if you’ve scheduled this post, you really have the option to view it, post it right away, or delete it and eat it. So if you’re usually planning posts on Instagram on, say, a month in advance and then want to go back and make edits, this will be a major limitation for you.

The second limitation is that you create previously published messages. I like doing this with our Facebook videos. Take a bad look at our top performers and create a new post with this video. But you are still rearranging other posts on Facebook, such as links, text or images, just videos. And you rejected some of the previously posted posts on Instagram. So came a little bummer. But I think the main problem is not being able to edit scheduled messages. But hopefully, since you had that ability with Facebook, it will soon appear on Instagram.

And last, some ideas about the level I want to delve into that has preserved love.

You can see your posted posts on Instagram and can sort them by time. Instead of saying you want to do the whole of July, you can set that deadline and see all your published posts. You can also sort by video, image, carousel or even story. And you can quickly see how many comments and how many likes each post has created.

And then real magic happens when you actually click on a post. You get amazing level-level statistics, including the number of website visits from this post.

This is an amazing new tool that I definitely want to dive into. An opportunity to look back at your posts and see, “Why did this particular post do so well? And what was the real profitability of this post? How much traffic did it provide? How many visits to this profile were generated?”

And I knew about you, but with some other tools, analytics on Instagram is great, and it’s really hard to get an overview of how each post is made. So I think it definitely uses moving forward. I know I will.

As for the analytical limitations, on the Insight tab in Instagram at Creator Studio, but it will just give you an extensive overview of the last 7 days; just a very basic statistic. It’s something incredibly new, but given Facebook’s focus on Instagram, I have to think that this tab will become more sophisticated and better be able to get more data over a longer period of time.

Disappointed with the limitations, I’m very excited about these latest updates in Creator Studio, especially the ability to schedule videos on IGTV, upload videos from the channel and change the cover to make it more appealing and visual, and the ability to create dynamic carousel messages, mix videos and images.

Have you checked out Instagram and Studio Creator yet? If not, I suggest you dive in, play with it, start scheduling some posts and look at message level analytics, which I find very powerful. Let me know what you think of the new Instagram updates in Creator Studio.

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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