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The global rise in e-commerce is truly astounding, to say the least … According to a report from Statista – in 2017, global e-commerce reaches approximately $ 2.3 trillion and is expected to reach a new high of $ 4.5 trillion by 2021.

In the United States alone, eCommerce businesses account for about 10 percent of retail sales. That figure is increasing by about fifteen percent each year.

About eleven percent of people who shop online regularly make purchases and transactions on their smartphone. Some say a 35% smartphone will make it their main tool for all purchases. About 39% of people who shop online use social media platforms to find inspiration for some of their purchases.

e-commerce is developing at an accelerated pace. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you stay in the loop with the most current online shopping trends – this way you will be able to continue to increase sales while staying ahead of your competition.

Below you will find 3 ecommerce trends that will define the future of online stores:

1. Animation. “Catt Small” – Senior product designer for Etsy, who also makes games believe that motion animation will excel at eCommerce and tips for eCommerce companies to start learning how to design games …

You see, in games, certain suggestions are appealing to players and give them invaluable feedback, such as things to pay attention to, telling players when they are doing well, and also giving them tips on how to improve their game.

With e-commerce, this movement can translate into signals of urgency and / or satisfaction. For example, Etsy uses images and movement on her emails to showcase her brand live and share the excitement. Instead, they also use iconography, which is animated to send notifications of products that are almost sold out.

In short, moving simply makes users feel like they have a more vibrant experience and an experience that is also fun.

You can now easily create animated iconography and the like using tools such as – Spirit and Principle.

2. Cool & Pictures. One good way to add higher quality content to your ecommerce site is to add a 360-degree model image of your product. Furthermore, you can add an animated GIF that can illuminate all the great features of different products.

Certainly, this is a format that is increasingly sought after by people, and if that is not enough, you have added the benefit of such content to your YouTube channel and increased traffic.

The original photos are still great, but often challenging. However, stay away from weak, picture-by-image images as they can make your brand look cheap.

3. Voice searches. This year (2018) – Voice Search will definitely launch with Alexa and Google Assistant becoming more relevant and used by people. Recently, Google and Walmart announced their new partnership so Walmart online shoppers can use Google’s Voice Assistant.

So far, about twenty percent of Google searches done on mobile voice devices use Voice. In recent years, progress has been stepped up in the deployment of voice-activated devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo, a clear indication that voice search is hitting the top of the e-commerce world seamlessly.

When you think about boosting mobile ecommerce – optimizing your online store for voice search will become a must this year. Take the time to get acquainted with the person of your key customer; notice how they interact on Social Media platforms and mimic their language and / or tone.

There are many other ecommerce trends already, but we think these are the first three we should focus on to keep the eCommerce online store relevant and offer customers the latest features during the shopping experience.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


by Rosario Berry




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