Effective e-commerce websites need to be easy to use, attractive and quickly process requests; offering consumers what they want. Good ecommerce design combines the three most important elements of a website: layout, organization and functionality. The attractive design, with its solid function, uses modern technologies to enhance the customer’s shopping experience. Back office functions should be performed behind the scenes.

An effective ecommerce site combines industry goals with specific store goals. General business goals include advertising the best products in the store, communicating important information (contact phone numbers), and strategically setting search engine optimization (SEO) keywords. The specific goals of the companies emphasize the product store.

A wise businessman knows that e-commerce is an online business – take advantage of online advantages with traditional business advantages. Customer satisfaction should be an important goal. The most successful ecommerce sites understand how their customers think and know what they want; answering questions before they are asked.

The first page should be professional looking, interesting and attractive – it takes care of the customer. The layout of the website should use color, font and graphics (within industry standards) to communicate with the visitor. Fresh, custom ecommerce web designs help with individualizing your store website. The text must keep your interest: short captions, short paragraphs and beautiful photographs.

Most web surfers have a very short attention span. An effective front page loads the most important information and best products to the front page. Shops and supermarkets put out sweets for the kids to see; An effective eCommerce website highlights products through optimal placement in multiple, easy-to-find locations.

A good website provides new product information. Product information should be short, sweet and descriptive. Positive customer testimony helps.

An effective eCommerce website leads the visitor to the best sites …

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