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Complete control of designing your own website

So, you worked more alone, or maybe you just love working with code. With 3dcart you have complete control over all aspects of your design through FTP access to all store theme files. Edit your site’s HTML and CSS yourself and get a really personal touch.

Customer Website Design

Award winning website design for inspiration

Check out some of the best ecommerce website designs from successful 3dcart online stores


Hashwarehub is a retailer of crypto-mining equipment for digging up its own bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Their design uses plain background colors to offset the main banner on the site, which features a large rack of crypto-miners, reflecting the coloration of their navigation menu and other highlights. By scrolling down the page, banners for categories, products and links are displayed on the screen with smooth animation. The design of HASHWAREHUB is suitably modern and “technical” while still presenting itself in a serious way, no nonsense.


GermanSpikes sells custom-made German style helmet newspapers along the Dept. line. helmet for transportation approved engines. Their website designs use strong images of skeletons, eagles, winged skulls and art-like illustrations that evoke heavy metal logos and tattoos. This art fits into the dark color scheme in place to create a subtle background. Navigation links glide subtly to the page as product and banner images appear as user scrolls, with short, fast animations that produce “grow” and fade as they emerge from the dark fog. This gruesome atmosphere directly attracts the target user base of German motorcyclists and GermanSpikes war enthusiasts, while being user friendly and easy to navigate.

star dust

Stardust Memorials sells custom cremation urns, jewelry and other memorabilia to families who have lost a loved one. The entire site is designed based on the company’s awareness that their customers are going through a very difficult period. Light, friendly colors and delicious product photos bring an upbeat atmosphere and the product selection is as simple (and customizable) as it can be. Stardust Memorials also offers a wealth of information to help their desperate customers make a decision.


Mold it manufactures and markets eco-friendly diaper diapers, natural birth products and other baby and hygiene products geared toward Earth-friendly lifestyles. Their designs incorporate large image and animation labels to help customers understand the uses and benefits of their products. The makeup is prominent in the design, as are the bright, friendly colors. The overall effect is to provide a friendly and caring atmosphere for new and expectant mothers to purchase products that will benefit their baby’s health as well as Earth’s health.


Value examiners sells high quality testing and inspection tools needed to measure the efficiency of equipment and appliances such as air conditioners, electrical equipment, cables and more. Their designs heavily use banners to promote the quality of their products and invite customers to learn more. Buyers are immediately informed of the free shipping of selected items, the best deals and prominent categories. Valuable testers also put seasonal products on their cover to help customers get the right products they need during the current year. Their web design is a great combination of well presented information, powerful navigation and promoted products.


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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