The prospect of developing an ecommerce store is at least tempting. Advertised for the proverbial effect of money, the e-commerce platform is fast becoming an integral part of our shopping experience. According to reports, in 2013, about 40-41% of people purchased the internet. The figure is well poised to reach 46% in 2017.

A few words about ecommerce development

Developing e-commerce platforms is not a walk in the park. Mistakes along the way can significantly affect your entrepreneurial wealth. Even the amount of discounts or sales can help you if you do not have a user friendly website or if it is not your contact information. Here are some of the major ecommerce development mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

A few mistakes about ecommerce web development are ruining your ROI

Efficient eCommerce web development company will not commit these mistakes at any cost.

Mistake 1: You do not pay attention to the factors to consider when choosing an ecommerce platform.

Do you realize that even the most popular e-commerce platform like Shopify cannot be chosen arbitrarily? Choosing an ecommerce platform is the most important decision that affects the future of your ecommerce store. And, what specifically are the factors to consider? Your inventory size, payment method, and projected customer count are just a few of the attributes that should ideally manage your choice of ecommerce platform.

Mistake 2: Coming up with a lack of confidence

It happens and happens often. Your website layout is crucial to growing your business. You simply cannot forget that users trust you with their personal information (such as name, address and credit information). Now, the digital world is no stranger to data breaches and information hacking. Customers have become more alert than ever when it comes to providing personal information. They will simply love to ignore …

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