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Here is a list of product releases and end-December updates from companies offering services to online marketers. There are updates on shipping, digital currencies, peer-to-peer payments, growth financing, chatbots, cybersecurity and supply chain innovations.

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Ecommerce Releases

Volusion debuts SMB financing with Volusion Capital. Volusion, an e-commerce platform for SMEs, has introduced Volusion Capital, a financing option for small businesses that lack capital for growth. Powered by New York-based fintech company Payability, Volusion Capital enables e-commerce merchants to leverage their online sales data and performance metrics to be eligible for up to $ 250,000 in funding. Traders typically repay advances within 8 to 24 weeks. Merchants are eligible for refinancing after paying 50 percent of the down payment.

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Volusion Capital

Ware2Go joins Point A to drive innovation in the supply chain. Ware2Go, an on-demand storage network to help retailers streamline their fulfillment processes, has joined Point A’s Supply Chain Innovation Network. Point A is a collaborative supply chain service formed in 2018 to bring together leading companies, startups and academic institutions at the heart of innovation . Through this partnership, Ware2Go can leverage the expertise of supply chain professionals worldwide.

Mastercard acquires the launch of the RiskRecon security assessment. Mastercard has announced an agreement to acquire RiskRecon, a provider of artificial intelligence and data analytics services, to help companies protect their cyber systems and infrastructure. Using RiskRecon’s scanning and rating technologies, organizations can proactively manage cyber risks to protect critical intellectual and consumer information and payment. With the support of Mastercard products, RiskRecon will continue to provide cyber security services across a broad range of industries, including healthcare and manufacturing. exits stealth mode., an early-stage technology startup that aims to transform the way people track and deliver packages, has come out of hidden mode as the first application to track, ship and share packages. socializes peer-to-peer shipments – much like Venmo streamlining and socializing peer-to-peer payments. centralizes all retail tracking and shipping notifications in one app and offers package delivery from an unaddressed phone. The launch provides users with an application to centralize tracking and shipping notifications of all merchants, including Amazon and Walmart, and to share shipping information from USPS, UPS or FedEx with friends and family.

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F5 buys Shape Security for $ 1 billion. F5 Networks and Shape Security have announced a deal for F5 to buy Private Shape, with a total cash value of about $ 1 billion in cash. The form protects banks, airlines, merchants and government agencies with sophisticated robots, fraud and defense abuse. The form defends against credential attacks, where cybercriminals use stolen passwords from third-party data breaches to download other online accounts.

MeWe Subscription Social Network MeWe launches premium features for businesses. MeWe, a subscription-based social network that emphasizes privacy (and claims to be anti-Facebook), is launching the top tier of its service to compete with business networking and communications tools like Slack. The company operates on a freemium model. Its news, custom camera, ephemeral content, 8 gigabytes of storage, life voice and video, and custom labels are free. Businesses can pay extra for $ 1.99 per month.

ChatBook raises $ 1 million in funding. Startup chatbook from Tokyo raised $ 1 million in funding. The startup partnered with Facebook, Salesforce and Market, integrating its chatbots with B2B businesses, processing over a million customer data records. The new round of investment will enable ChatBook to compete for its position in social media automation and drive product innovation and sales growth.

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PayPal signs an agreement with MercadoLibre. Earlier in 2019, PayPal made a strategic investment in MercadoLibre, one of the largest online stores and payment systems in Latin America. The two companies have now signed a broad contract. PayPal will be available as a payment option at the Mercado Pago online cash register for consumers in Brazil and Mexico. PayPal will also be accepted in the MercadoLiber market in Brazil and Mexico for cross-border purchases. PalPal will in turn offer Mercado Pago as a payment method for PayPal merchants worldwide. In addition, PayPal will expand Xoom’s presence by allowing Mercado Paga customers in Mexico and Brazil to receive remittances into their Mercado Pago wallet.

Worldwide Asset eXchange and CurrencyWorks Partner for Digital Goods Sales. Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) has entered into a contract with CurrencyWorks, which helps brands provide digital currencies and wallets. CurrencyWorks and WAX will provide a turnkey offering for brands to develop, sell and facilitate secondary trading of digital collector assets in the WAX ​​blockchain protocol system. CurrencyWorks will act as a partner partner for the launch and development of digital currencies. The partnership enables brands of all sizes to nurture new communities of digital marketers.

Curve Banking Platform launches ‘Curve Send’ for peer-to-peer payments in 25 currencies. Curve, a banking platform that integrates multiple cards and accounts into one smart card and app, has launched Curve Send, allowing consumers to send and receive money to any account at no charge and free of charge for currency conversion. After the money has been sent, the recipients, if Curve clients, choose a bank card to receive them. Non-Curve recipients enter their bank card information or photo of their card to share with the sender via a secure connection. Once completed, Curve will send the money directly to that bank account.


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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