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The concept of service

He is currently engaged in marketing e-commerce services. It highlights the essential steps of marketing a brand new company that offers web site design, design, programming, development and promotion services. The service should be provided exclusively online through the company website. Online business includes ordering, requesting requirements, designing and providing ongoing customer support.

The service implementation process should include the following stages:

– Defining page goals. This may include either a physical meeting or a discussion of the product in question online.

– Develop website structure. This phase is aimed at exhausting the technical aspects of the site. It should contain a description of the technology, type and specifications of site navigation required.

– Website Design and Construction. Develop the layout and graphics of the page. This may include elaborating the original creative approach of the company in developing the graphic layout of the order or meeting the requirements presented by the customer as a general layout of the project.

– Website programming and development. This phase depends on the details of each particular project and the definitive requirements that are set regarding the quality and level of the site. Also, this process varies depending on the type of customer and the destination of the site’s destination. All features of the site are subject to examination and examination by the company’s experts and customers.

– Technical Page Edition. After completing the technical aspects of the project, the customer should be provided with free consultations, along with further marketing and promotional services, techniques and practical advice.

– Continuous site maintenance. This is the phase when the job of creating a customer page is complete. But the company guarantees that all of its websites will be up-to-date in terms of graphics, technology, navigation and usability. Following the publication of the website, the company continues to work with customers, as well as establishing a schedule for regular review and maintenance of websites to meet customer requirements, customizing customer feedback, incorporating new system updates and new technologies.

The fact is that the idea of ​​an online store of this type is not completely new, and in order for a new company to enter the market and profit from its business, it is necessary to invent some new elements in the service offer. . The innovative elements contained in this project compared to the large number of competitors operating in the e-commerce IT market are based on a combination of cost leadership and generic differentiation strategies (according to M. Porter, [1]). Otherwise, the project is being introduced in B2C format, although customer differentiation may occur, and thus a difference in the level and variety of services offered to each customer, and the project is a winning case for small businesses.

This new business is intended to compete with both large site development providers and small business representatives dealing with this issue.

Another unique feature of the project is the wide range of services included in one business offering. These include: web design, redesign of an existing website, ability to work with many programming languages, site management, search engine scheduling, animation, free hosting offer, email registration, webmail access and POP3, ftp access, web statistics tools domain name registration, other services such as web site entirety consulting, flash animation, graphic and logo design, e-commerce and shopping carts, site management, administration and maintenance, banner ads, marketing, engine placement and promotions, search engine optimization, software testing and even online training.

Industry Overview

The e-commerce industry is one of the fastest and most dynamic industries in the world. Today, it is quite difficult to accurately define the impact of the Internet on commerce, but by 2000, there were an estimated 260 million internet users worldwide, and in mid-2003 their number had more than doubled, reaching 580 million. By 2005, their number is estimated to reach more than 770 million.

These figures show that the Internet has become a very important and important business medium through which buyers and sellers not only conduct transactions that were previously conducted live, but also conduct online business buying and selling operations. Three years ago, in the first three quarters of 2002, according to data from the Commerce Department [3], Ecommerce transactions totaled more than $ 20 billion. It should be borne in mind that these numbers are significantly less than the amount of actual actual transactions.

E-commerce is booming today. The e-commerce market size has reached huge volumes. Instead, this growth tends to accelerate. While in 2002, total US e-commerce retail volume was fixed at $ 44 billion, a year later it increased to $ 56 billion. Then, in 2003, network sales accounted for only 1.6 of total sales, providing the basis for suggesting that there was a very high growth potential. Internet sales are projected to increase to 2.9% by 2007. Thus, the power of the Internet economy will become a more integral part of the entire US economy than ever before. Cisco Systems Research (Available at [2]) shows that the Internet is changing the way people work and revenue from Internet transactions is growing by more than 50 percent annually.

Jupiter Research [4] Reports indicate that US B2B e-commerce rates have increased significantly over the past 5 years, ranging from $ 336 billion in 2000 to $ 6.3 billion in 2005. Jupiter mentions five industries that have more than half of all buy and sell operations on network. These are: the aerospace and defense industries, chemicals, electronics, motor vehicles and parts, and computer and communications equipment and software. Among these industries, computer and communications equipment and software is the leading one with an estimated number of online sales this year reaching $ 1 trillion.

This is very important for the current study, as the project in question will be launched in the computer and communications industry. Otherwise, based on the trends mentioned in the e-commerce industry, one can assume that the direction of one’s business related to Internet services and e-commerce, despite the intense competition, has all the potential for further development and success in this market sector. it is subject to improvement, development and transformation.

As the number of internet users grows and the number of companies ready to be represented on the web grows with the number of companies launching an online business, there is a growing and increasing demand for program delivery, design, site development and marketing. services. Otherwise, a new company in the industry theoretically has a solid opportunity to enter the market, however saturated, and successfully developed. Based on the above, the sketches of the relevant business target market become clearly visible.

Target market

The target market for the project is very large. It varies from individuals with minimal requirements regarding the functionality, layout and programming capabilities of a website, to large companies with solid and expensive orders. As there are very different types of customers with different needs and needs, and each of them requires a different approach and professional level of performance, they should be divided into different groups. By segmenting customers, companies increase their chances of success.

Customers are divided according to the degree of product complexity desired. Following such a criterion, three levels can be distinguished: those that need basic site development; medium level and sophisticated. The basic level implies a relatively low cost of services and is good for individual customers, non-professional companies specializing in, for example, the online sale of a small range of products. By its name, this solution provides limited functionality, simple design and fast order implementation.

The second group of customers are those with mid-level orders. Such sites should include …

The full version of the International Ecommerce Marketing Plan is available here []

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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