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Upsells i Cross-sell have been a very effective sales strategy that has been in use since these terms began. Brick and mortar sellers use this all the time, and the strategy is even more effective in online stores. Why? Because of all the data and analytics about your visitor, you can create robust algorithms that track user activity as soon as a visitor arrives at your ecommerce site.

However, what many marketers rarely forget is the fact that these strategies are as well as how well they are implemented.

Read this post to the end to find out what are the best Upsell and Cross-selling extensions available for the top 5 CMS ecommerce solutions.

Let’s start with understanding the basics

What are upsells and cross-sells?

An upgrade is a case where the seller promotes the buyer to buy a better version of the product that the buyer is reviewing or shortlisting, while in cross-selling, the seller invites the buyer to look at additional products along with the intended purchase of the product – trying to make a batch purchase, in turn increasing the value of the customer’s shopping cart .

Why sales and cross-selling are important for ecommerce business

The hard answer is to increase sales.

What one really needs to understand is that these strategies are not meant to clear their stock and get countless orders. They are most effective when used to help customers help them maximize their value for money.

If done properly, it can:

  1. Increase customer retention.
  2. Increase average order and customer value over time.
  3. Increase customer repeat.
  4. Increase Oral Trading Marketing.
  5. And most importantly, increase sales

According to Metrics Marketing, existing customers are 50% easier to sell than new ones.

It’s all about impressing your existing customers, retaining them, and selling them as new customers transform into this loop.

5 tips on how to do it right
Whether you decide on Upsell, Cross-sell or both, what matters is that you do it the right way. Do not use it as a tool that can generate sales, but use it to provide a superior user experience.

Customers will only cheer up if you increase the number of steps required to buy a product unnecessarily by throwing innumerable alternatives or combinations. Although you will really be impressed if you analyze their patterns / interests and recommend something that they may lack.

Graham Norton, the editor-in-chief of consulting, effectively summarized in a blog post how Godaddy and VistaPrint spoiled their Upsells and Cross-sell orders, introducing 10 steps of upselling and cross-selling, before the customer actually unsubscribed.

Follow these 5 rules before setting up upsells or cross-sells:

  1. Offer bargains or cross sales that are original and make sense when they occur. For example, if a customer is looking to buy a new mobile phone, a crisis sale of a screen protector / holster might be a good idea. On the other hand, if a customer searched for mobile phones at a price range of $ 500 and added a phone that has outdated hardware configuration to the cart, then you can better sell the phone. The idea should be to provide a better customer experience than the cheap referrals a customer can see.
  2. Have customer staff provide relevant suggestions. This allows you to categorize your audience into different categories of persona and then push suggestions based on that. Upgrading and cross-selling without facts before analysis will never succeed.
  3. Always add some context during an upgrade or cross-sell by adding a short description in 1-2 lines of reason for your proposal. This establishes in the customer a sense of recognition that you have made your website understand what the customer wants and help them make a better purchase.
  4. Cross-sell techniques mostly on the checkout checkout page for bulk purchases. This allows you to take advantage of impulse buying. On the other hand, suggest additional sales before the customer chooses a product, as this will not spoil the customer’s experience of removing the product from the cart and then adding a new one.
  5. Always keep the final price below 25% of the customer’s original value. Studies suggest that if the final value of the basket, including the product of reimbursement or sale, exceeds 25% of the original value of the basket, the buyer will either ignore the proposals or simply leave his basket.

Download these extensions for the top 4 CMS ecommerce solutions:

  1. Magento – Automatically Linked Products by MagePlaza (199-license)

While Magento (one of the best e-commerce CMSs on the market) already has the ability to manually adjust sales numbers and cross-sells, the Mageplaza product extension Automatically Connected takes it a step further by setting predefined rules to establish the relationship between products displayed and related items . The ability to set unlimited rules for each product makes this a must-have extension for your store if you are looking for an auto-recommendation product recommendation mechanism.

  1. Shopify – Upsell products from BOLD APPS ($ 9.99 – $ 59.99 per month)

Upsell Product is one of the most successful Shopify applications to place Upsells on the Shopify website. With over 500 reviews, this app is loaded with features and lets you set up relevant upsell offers and extras based on customer content, total cart value, or even a combination.

  1. WooCommerce – Beetting Automated marketing outfit (free)

With 3000+ active downloads and over 238 positive reviews, Beekting is a complete marketing automation package that lets you set up relevant upsells and cross-sell items for each product. On top of all that, the plugin lets you set up sales gamification, the latest upgrade step, and the functionality of smart auto recommendations to deliver a superior user experience.

  1. BigCommerce – Unlimited Sale Unlimited Upsell (Free – $ 59.95)

8Upsells is a team that is dedicated to delivering cross-selling and cross-selling solutions. Their BigCommerce addition is a gem for retailers. It’s a simple setup, it provides unlimited upsells including different promotions based on different conditions. With over 60+ positive reviews, no doubt this expansion is a huge hit among the BigCommerce community.


Ecommerce shopping is always focused on increasing sales and orders. With personalized recommendations that keep clients in perspective, you can increase your revenue and generate more customers and deliver a better experience. Beside it, set a strong technological backlog to effectively manage your customers and sales with the help of the best e-commerce development websites in India.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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