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Did you know that in 2018, Canadian e-commerce retail sales are expected to reach $ 40 billion and are expected to increase 4 percent each year by 2022 ?! According to, it is calculated that the number of digital shoppers in Canada should reach 22.5 million this year. As a fast-growing trend, we know that e-commerce is more important than ever and has significantly increased the need for corrugated (cardboard) packaging.

Companies send simple packaged boxes daily to avoid theft. Although plain packaging can ensure that the box provides their rightful owner, it lacks the “Wow!” Factor for the customer at the end of receipt.

Learn some tips and tricks on how Great Little Box Company (GLBC) can help you entertain your customers when they open their online suite.

Overall customer experience

Packaging can significantly affect a customer’s online experience. Buying something online is the first part of the experience, but opening that package and holding the product is where the physical experience begins.

After purchasing online, factors that affect the customer experience include: how easy the package was to open, how much secondary content the package contains, cost-effective shipping methods and directions can easily be found in the box.

Remember, in-store customer needs are different than online needs!

Online packaging solutions

To meet your customer’s online needs, be sure to follow these steps:

Intelligent packaging

  • This pack contains 2 levels of interaction to increase customer engagement. Generally, this type of packaging involves the ability to sense or measure the attributes of a product or the inner atmosphere of the packaging.

Active packaging

  • This type of packaging includes active functions beyond inert passive and product protection.

Rigid packaging

  • This may include plastic injections, a blow mold, thermoform and / or compression molding.

Remember to always differentiate your product!

Understanding client needs

One of the biggest consumer needs today is that products are shipped in smaller packages without reducing the order quantity.

Depending on the client’s needs, compression methods that can damage the product may be used. Just remember that you have lost your brand identity while reducing the size of your packaging!

Make your product memorable

To encourage repeat orders, make your product memorable! Some ways to highlight packaging include:

  • Printing on the inner box affects the “unpacking” experience
  • Beautiful folding cartons and retail boxes can create a luxury feel
  • Paper fabric and custom label cases add brand elements
  • A custom message in your package with useful information.
  • Additional information, such as adding a recipe to a food product.
  • Thank you, notes, coupons and samples also add value to your package.
  • Reward customer loyalty by adding a little something extra to your packaging.

Remember, what you put in your package is important and gives you the opportunity to interact with customers!

Protective packaging

To ensure that your product reaches your customer intact, always include protective packaging. After all, the main job of the package is to protect the product! The package must be durable enough to compensate for the entire supply chain, ending at the doorstep of the customer.

At GLBC, we have 20 years of experience in protecting our customers with protective packaging. Our specialized protective packaging materials include:

  • Pillow pack including protective foam packaging
  • Honeycomb packaging on paper
  • Corrugated cardboard packaging
  • Biodegradable peanuts for packaging
  • Antistatic and recycled foam contained
  • Antistatic and recycled bubble content

We can provide you with a protective packaging solution for the best value that looks great and works better!

If you are interested in learning more about GLBC’s ecommerce solutions, click the link provided! Or call one of our packaging experts today.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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