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Have you ever bought something online, only to find out that it doesn’t work after you receive it? This is called DOA or dead on arrival. DOAs are defective products that are broken and unusable, such as electronics, a device, or even a broken piece of furniture.

The DOA frustrates customers

When a customer purchases something online, they expect to receive it in the near future, in a new condition. Many customers urgently need to use their new product immediately. For example, Kevin orders a digital camera that he wants to use on his trip to Florida.

If Kevin’s camera comes to the DOA, his vacation plans are immediately sunk. Although the return process is fine, unless Kevin is pre-ordered, there is a good chance that the camera replacement may not arrive in time for his trip.

Needless to say, a customer who comes across a DOA product is frustrated. Not only is this not annoying, but now they have to take the time to get it back. If this is something urgent they need to come up with an alternative solution to their plan.

How DOA Affects Dropshippers and Resellers

For a drug supplier, a DOA product may indicate that its employees have mismanaged the inventory. Discipline and training may be required to ensure that this does not happen. If too many DOA goods are shipped, Dropshipper may lose the reseller as a customer. The seller in turn looks bad for an accident that is not their fault.

They will most likely have to deal with a dissatisfied customer and convince them that another product will deliver or receive a refund.

The DOA is not a good thing for Dropshippers or resellers, especially small ones. If not handled properly, it can threaten the reputation and gain of any business. I pray that shipping companies must check that the goods shipped from the supplier do not show any visible damage from shipping (as broken boxes). Their warehouses must be organized and employees must handle all products carefully.

Sellers are advised to research the hood background before setting up an account. If possible, the reseller should visit the Dropshipper site and speak with them, finding out their DOA degree. A DOA rate of less than 3% is excellent.

Handling DOAs

DOAs are usually addressed in the following steps:

1. The buyer contacts the seller to get RMA #.

2. The customer returns the DOA with the written RMA # on the packaging

3.The seller receives it and informs the dropshipper to send the buyer a duplicate.

4.The reseller and the captain decide how the defective item should be handled. It will either return to the manufacturer on credit or a claim will be made to the carrier (UPS, Fed Ex, etc.) if it is clearly damaged in shipping.

For better business, the reseller should provide each customer with a choice of refund or refund, by returning the DOA product.

Overall, this article describes how to treat DOA products. Any reseller should be aware of the potential of the DOA, but should not be discouraged from using drugs.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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